Mato seihei no slave

School chapter, god is unstopable

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Eat the chicken.


>not making the chicken goddess' toes curl in exchange for info

Yuuki you massive idiot.

Best part of the bonus were the first two pages. Chicken is becoming the Lightning of Mato.

Doing a reread from chapter 1. Man what an awesome series

>impregnate the chicken while she has no physical body
>Yuuki wakes up with a baby in him

Why does aoba exist to suffer? Everyone talks about how kyouka is a cuckqueen but Aoba has it far worse…

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Translation seems a bit rougher this chapter.

I don't understand her deal. Is she going to become Yuukey's ally?

If Aoba gets the lending, the reward will be some saucy shit I'll tell you


She’s dead physically but her spirit is now fused with Yuuki, which created an inner world where he can enter or exist. She was also very attracted to him before death.

He’s the most handsome man in the world after all

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He did.

I still think her "attraction" is a remnant of Naon and Koko's personalities mixing with her base form. Theey had intimate contact with Yuuki, so it's entirely possible for that to have been "carried over".

I think the chicken became curious after seeing sex and “imprinted” on him. He is an attractive man according to a lot of the girls. The other god is infatuated with him as well, so I think it’s more natural then because of those two

How long is the special chapter supposed to be? I hate golden week so much

10 pages at best

Naon and Koko are attracted to him?

Well they did let him eat the peach and meat buns.

More like the didnt wanted to deal with aoba

How so? She succeeded in her goals of raising him to be perfect and no matter who he picks she gets to live with him anyways. See Tenkas dream for reference.

>in your fucking dream world
>literally no one to chide you
>get to imagine any kinky shit you want
>the chicken god gave you her consent and more
>noped out like a faggot
I hate ecchi manga so fucking much

Didn't Nei wake him up?

got the whole extra translated?

No user, just those 2 pages.

uzen being such a cuck makes her hotter

He doesn’t wanna get lured into her clutches. He’s being smart, she is evil after all

Well they were also rescued by him. And he is the most handsome man around.

>she is evil after all
I can fix her

does she have a cloaca down there?

He's not

Multiple female characters have said he is.

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Why he's so beta?

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he probably is

why is it so hard to draw the bulge? are artists that afraid?

he is japanese thats regular sized over there

Huh, so TLbro saw my thread and translated the extra.

>My body is moving on it's own again.
Now Yuuki is giving rewards.

It’s canon that he is physically attractive not to mention his housework skills and heroism. There actually is a reason for girls to fall for him, surprisingly enough for an ecchi harem protag


He wasnt popular on high schoom tho

Aoba can leverage her brother to get the best sister in law.


And? Tenka, himari, kyouka, shushu, aoba, (naon&koko), chicken, fubuki and a bunch of others have all commented on his physical attractiveness. And that’s not to mention his many skills at cleaning, cooking and his work ethic. The slave power is partially his own, he’s gotten stronger through his constant training.

She doesn’t want a sister in law she wants a brother-husband

Not really, Kyouka only didn't mind to give him rewards, she never specified on why.
Himari, Chicken, Shushu never said anything related to his looks ( besides Shushu admiring his penis )
Naon and Koko never mentioned anything, pic related sounded more good mannered if anything.
Fubuki called him cute, Aoba ( siscon ) called him handsome and Tenka just said that he's her type.

Overall Yuukis look could be anything from "niche" to average.

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Tenka is the most diplomatic chief

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And yet all these girls are falling for him. Cope

Meanwhile there's "fuck my daughters and granddaughters to continue the bloodline" granny

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We were talking about his look and physical attractiveness. Girls could fall for him for many different reasons.

>actually arguing with haremniggers
harem protagonists are made for retarded self-inserters if you imply their mcs aren't attractive or try to find genuine faults within their characters they'll chimp out and start claiming how perfect their bland protagonist is since you're by proxy insulting self-inserter as well

She's a fucking evil goddess who is part of the group that murders people's families all the time might be part of the hesitation. Just saying.

Aoba is a woman of extremely rarefied tastes

Pretty sure TLbro buys the volumes himself.

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His classmate said he would be in high demand in the future

She is his sister.

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Marrying your sister was a proud Japanese tradition.