Shikimori's not just a cutie!

Could you protect Shiki?

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stop staling it with the same image though

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If you watch the ED, you'll see Izumi protecting Shiki from a soccer ball. So yeah I totally could

This has got to be one of the worst examples of: "Worthless guy with no redeeming features besides being "nice" gets a 10/10 ubergirlfriend."

OP the real threat had been me all along

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Is this real?

The real threat is Izumi's mom.

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clearly best waifu, ppl hate her because she happens to not be theirs

I love her because Izumi is literally me.

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Yes if you let me grope your tits

I don't think Momzumi can protect her.

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She is the threat that Izumi can't protect Shikimori from.

she can take care of herself pretty well

Hello Shikimori :)

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She has very pretty eyes so I will probably watch her anime.



Best user ITT

Shikimori will have to protect Izumi's bussy from me.

Yup, best girl, woman, mom, wife, etc

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>"god i want to just pounce on her and cover her ovaries in my obscene awful disgusting dyke fluids from my filthy long tongue"

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Insta loss 2koma

Would Motoko give Yuu a handjob if he asked?


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Got a problem with pink?

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She gives him one every night. Mother and son bonding. But the real question is: Would Yea Forums like the show if Yuu was a girl?

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Tell me there's a cross dressing chapter!

Shikimori should've been taller, change my mind

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There needs to be a femdom doujin NOW!

Butler Shikimori x maid Izumi, please be real. Or a genderbend episode

No one replies because it just...should have been that way, you're absolutely correct. Shikimori should be princess carrying Izumi everywhere.

Izumi's mom will win DA Shikimori BOWL

She wins everyone's bowl. Even the fabled Hachibowl


>Would Yea Forums like the show if Yuu was a girl?
I wouldnt mind, but its going to make the story more generic than it is, and the ecchi stuff would go up too, a lot of skirts going up, Yuu falling showing her panties, etc.

>putting women on a pedestal
>"only chads deserve girlfriends" mentality

Of course a filthy flatminofag would think that way.

This is such a comfy anime bros. It's perfect for me.

This, it's coombait for losers. There's been a lot of it recently
>pic rel
>missing the point this badly

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>sperging about mental fortitude
>pots a pic of a psycho who killed himself
Checks out.

Are you implying that doesn't take mental fortitude?

>samurai larper who took the cowards way out to avoid detention after his plan failed

Since fucking when is suicide a sign of mental strenght? The dude was going to jail after the failed coup so he decided to check out of life instead, he didn't have much choice.

Also he got an adjutant ready to cut of his head to not squirm in pain too much for his sense of easthetics.

>missing the point
What point, user is seething that couples are not portrayed he wants them to be portrayed, he can't cope with the fact that someone he looks down upon has a girl that likes him.

it's so fucking boring, so good luck

I hope Izumi's mother gets more screentime to try and seduce Shikamori more often.

Of what?

Seething losers, your imaginary waifu will never like you for "who you are" kek

I think that's the last we see of her for a while, at least until she meets shikimori's mom, then she falls in love with her

Yes, after all you have to be an athletic, 6'4 10/10 chad with charisma for girls to like you back, it's not that you are single because you are a pussy who doesn't shoot his shot, you are single because you don't meet the genetic lottery requirements so there is no point in trying right?

>you are single because you don't meet the genetic lottery requirements so there is no point in trying right?
Yes? This is 100% true.

I love Micchon and I'm tired of pretending I don't

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I am a fuminofag but i am a shikifag and a sachifag too

Just found and izumi lookalike in a literal yaoi manga

Most unique romcom in a while, people always asking for something new and when they get it they complain.

I always carry a gun. You never know when a nigger is gonna go ape.

She can protect me with her penis

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Not even. This is literally just a not-married Tonikaku Kawaii, there's nothing interesting about it