Made in Abyss

New PV soon, are we excited? I hope they’ll show something more than volume 8.

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It's over Bondorudo-san!

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Yes user, very hyped. 2.5 hours left for the event.

nanachi looks more female after transforming and thats because he is partially merged with mitty

1 hour left.

They better show my wife

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she's trying her best.

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Your wife has a cloaca


Every time you have sex it's both anal and babymaking at the same time.
It's breathtaking efficiency.


Moogie bros…

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CG Kayja? Seems strange considering the speedform was seemingly traditionally animated.

>cgi Kayja
Oh no no no


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Animating a character design as complex as Kayja traditionally is not within the limited approach of TV anime.

I didn't notice it before, but did they fuse her shoulder joints?

Right, but his speedform is anyway.

Also loaf

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>dark skinned character
>poor impulse control
>obsessed with sex
>obsessed with righting historical injustice
>can barely speak coherently
I don't know man, seems pretty spot on

sounds like you're describing certain fandoms here on Yea Forums

Can we be sure they aren't dark skinned characters as well?

The smelljew is too powerful.

A shame about Cgkaja but the ost still sounds good.

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>ED isnt the characters singing
I hate it.

To be honest i expected Kajya to be cgi, but the cg Belaf surprised me

Neither is the OP going off of the interview they had.

I expected the sixth layer to be darker everything looks too colorful

Animating all his segments would have required a barter much like the one he did for Mitty.

Doesn't it look exactly like the volume covers?

>CGI gabarune


>Doesn't it look exactly like the volume covers?
It does? I haven't read the manga I was just expecting the layer itself to be darker after how the 5th layer was but good to hear its faithful to the source.

Looks good, but could look better. I suppose it is what the village arc deserves.

It seems Faputa stole all the budget.

It's pretty safe to say it's tonally darker, but the layer itself is actually pretty light and colourful.

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It one of the latest chapters, I think it was mentioned how the 6th layer is brighter because of sunlight being magnified through the layers or some shit. But for the vegetation and rocks I was also expecting darker colors. Same with in the village, darker colors.

What are you talking about?

Its rape and gore time bros

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His arms are CGI

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So are Reg's by that logic.

Look at those meaty claws and tell me its the same thing

Look at how tiny she is

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They are? Like it's the exact same technique seemingly.
Big daddy is just a lot meatier.

I think the PV spoiled too much.

>They showed Mitty in the PV
What the fuck were they thinking?

The idea is to create suspense without giving any of the payoffs. Which is exactly what they did.
I generally dislike that kind of marketing as well, but it seems to work to great effect in Japanistan

I don't think the apparition of Prushka appearing is that big of a deal because if you were paying attention you should realize that Prushka really isn't dead.

But Mitty appearing again is quite a big reveal that probably going to be a few episodes in.

She's got a dude voice.

she sounds like an old lady which is what she is.

What were you even expecting? Kajya was way too complex and mechanical to animate in 2D. Anyone who was expecting it to be animated with traditional animation was delusional.

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Well they are going to use cgi for the huge monsters so that battle is going to be mostly cgi but I hope to god its at least decent cgi and not the same stuff they did for the turtle in shield hero.

The 5th layer is a dark frozen hell but the 6th layer has always been depicted a vibrant hellish wonderland looking place.

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I agree. I think that it's a bad choice in direction to reveal it now. Though I can also see how it's going to drum up a lot of interest in animeonlies.
Too be fair, I'm of the opinion that the entire Mitty debacle is a mistake, so maybe I'm just a little coloured by how I don't really care about it.

pot Mitty was fine it was a good way to show how the village traps people.

Hard disagree on that one. It was just the most convenient way to take off the spot light from Nanachi for a while to explore Riko and Reg a little.

I'm happy with how Kajya looks. I would've liked having him hand drawn, but dude's mechanical design being CG is fine. It wasn't that jarring at all. Faputa was also fluffier than before, and they didn't shy away from Maa-kun's dick hand. They nerfed his fat ass though.

That is almost certainly correct. Nanachi was so popular she saved the manga from cancellation but after two volumes he needed to sideline her to let Reg and Riko shine.