Please wish the Quints a happy birthday

Please wish the Quints a happy birthday
You did get them a present right Yea Forumsnon?

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>wanting all of these women to be madly in love with you specifically so you can reject them and scar them for life because they're unfit to be his highness's consort.

Actual sociopath power fantasy

Are you alright user? He falls in love with one and marries that one, at no point does he want all of them to be in a harem?

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Take your meds.

Happy birthday you lovable idiots!

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Why lead them on though? These are still stories about passing judgement on losers and spitting in their faces, proving that your precious waifu is the only girl in the world who isn't a worthless piece of shit whore. None of the other girls are good enough, none of them deserve happiness.

He never did? Seriously what are you talking about?
It kind of seems like you have never read the actual manga or watched the anime but are just making comments on heresay that you have heard?

Happy birthday, morons.

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Happy birthday to the quints, especially Itsu-best

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Did we ever find out who this character was? Mai-San still remains a mystery

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Personally, I think she's Raiha time-traveling from the future

>Yesterday's thread died early
Why bros...I thought we loved quints...

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Nino will win in the film. Happy birthday Nino

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I actually have birthday today as well

I'm 24

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Happy birthday Itsuki!

I can't wait for Itsuki's special day!

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W-we still have the Doujins, right Itsubros

Itsuki was robbed of her shining moment!

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Reminder that one of them doesn't share the same birthday with others

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Happy Birthday Nino

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Lies and slander

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Happy Birthday, especially to Itsuki, my Ideal.

nigga it's just a teenage breakup and they're women they're just gonna forget about it in a week lmao

read the last timeskip chapter

Which one gives the best blowjobs?

First love is always unforgettable


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Happy birthday to the best quint Itsuki!

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It's Nino's birthday and I'm the one receiving a present? Lucky!

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This is my favorite Nino picture.

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We love Yotsubest.

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Sex with Ichicute


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Happy Birthday to everyone except Nino.

Me on the right.

new ichicute just dropped

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Lurk more faggot

smug sassy Yotsuba

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Happy birthdy Quintupolets, Quinmtupleys it's your birthday

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Worst boy.


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Fuck Yotsuba

Ok Fuutarou

Nino should've won.
If you disagree you're a faggot.

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Condom is disgusting

There should have been routes

She won though? A well-deserved rejection five year later on the day of her sister's wedding who she challenged like a sore loser to no avail, that is.

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Happy birthday, Ichika, Nino, Miku and Itsuki!

>Why lead them on though?
Bro, he was specifically prepared to reject 2 of them immediately after their confessions, but both when "no wait, I don't want to hear it yet, so don't give me an answer for now".

I really hope they cut or replace this arc in the movie.


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daily reminder that while mindless attacking may impress retards, it's defense and strategy that wins the game!

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Yes Fuutarou, go put a Yotsubaby in her.

Imagine if Yotsuba had quints that mostly resembled Futaro.

>Nino should've won
Nino was the only quint that deserved to lose.

Happy Yotsu-day

Itsuki is acceptable too

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Can we talk about the film? Does anyone still believe they'll change the ending?

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>Does anyone still believe they'll change the ending?

The new PV killed any hopes of a different ending.

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Where did all the mikufags go?