Soulless gacha garbage got more anime adaption

>Soulless gacha garbage got more anime adaption
Is Japanese anime industry finished when they keep pumping out only trash lately?

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ナイスネイチャ, my wife.
Fuck you OP, umamusume has soul. Beating is needed.

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It's gonna have 10 seasons and you will cry about it.

I love this franchise and I love that me loving this franchise makes people upset

I'm going to draw futa art of the horses and post it all over Japanese websites

Wish me luck

The Yakuza wants to know your location.

Not a TV series so at least we wont have to deal with the fanbase shitting the board for a season


Where is she...

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anime hasn't been good since 2013, the only people still watching it are retarded zoomers

A lot of the best anime are gacha ads, although it's the ones that have little to do with the actual game like magatsu wahrheit zuerst or seemingly this seasons estab life

The season should have been about her and Opera O.
NTR's story better be interesting.

>estab life
>CGI furry shit
>best anime

Stop posting this trash here, gacha and gacha commercials belong on /vg/

Wrong, anything horseshit belongs to /mlp/.

You're not fooling anyone kid.

The Uma Musume anime is actually pretty good because they figured out the trick to making a good sports anime all sports anime should use - just take an actual really impressive story from the real-world sport, then adapt it with cute anime girls.

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>Day 2
>Oguri Cap seiyuu
>One of the Sponsor is Young Jump

>Double anime announcement

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It's just embarrassing to still be crying about the existence and influence of mobile games at this point.

I want to believe

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the furry is a dead though, and he's barely a character compared to the girls anyway

Really beating the dead horse.

that's what this franchise is all about though
Live 2nd day.


bless Junko

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>Yaeno Muteki solo song
CG bros...maybe we will also get an anime announcement...

It's embarrassing to be influensed by a shitty mobile game

Which studio would do CG justice?

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Umamusume has the most soul ever, retard



and backed your asspull bullshitery impossible win by claiming it's a true story

They hate him because he said the truth.


>Susumu Fujita, representative of the company, commented at the press conference: «Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is a very large intellectual property of our company, so we want to manage it carefully so that it will be loved for many years». He recalled that the success of the company’s intellectual property was one of the main drivers of the operating profit figures.

>stop making money nips

Why is Yea Forums like this?

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Because they would flood the market with trashes like this and Spy x Family.

Why don't you fund the production of something you like then?

UFO, but they are busy animating KnY.
What should they make then? Also, post your favorite anime, user.

>dango and fang

>it's impossible
>but it actually happened, it's a true story
>it's impossible

It'll stop when there are no more whales giving $1,000 a month to roll for PNGs

Retake English. Holy fucking shit.

>nu-Yea Forums(forma reddit) is still seething about Uma Musume

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You can just make a normal thread if you want to talk about Uma Musume, user.

>*Crash your stream*
>*Shill BOSS coffee*
>*Refuse to elaborate*

What are you talking about?


I don't want a franchise that bans porn to be successful.

Pic related

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BOSS is good, but it's kind of expensive.

that's what makes it so good though
appreciating art in spite of its contrary political leanings. the taste of a woman's vagina in spite of the seven cocks that have used it up beforehand

i don't want successful series to be successful

That makes sense though...
>I don't want that red car to be red. I want it to be blue.

that is a scary amount of work

From VNs to LNs to gacha for easy IPs to adapt and mine. Things haven't changed much.

yeah, it's insane

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New short series Umayuru

2 (TWO) new anime projects in the pipeline
Lmao uma can't stop winning


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uh oh, another choco uma

>More brown cuties

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Jump Plus and Young Jump

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There's unironically no more epic sports anime than Uma Musume S2.
Teio and Raisu are just too good. their real life counterpart even more. It's like watching OG and Team Spirit win TI.

Geez Uma how come you get to have TWO manga published in the same magazine...

Vodka's dad is here.

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Nice legs would be a shame if something happened to them.

Imagine the sex...

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looks more like a wolf girl

>Shilling Top Gun

>another Top Gun ad


does Japan love Tom Cruise or something?

You WILL watch her dad's movie.

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place looks packed