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i hope people will read this, considering the hour is rather unactive

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or is it an active hour? regardless, i want people to enjoy.

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source is "Miu no Chotto Kowai Hanashi" btw

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Americans are asleep, but i'm here.

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emmm whot

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Well that's bullshit. The sister didn't do anything. She even tried to good. Saki was a bitch.

Fucking women.


Got them.

I have insomnia and only sleep 3 hours a day, im always here

If you kill your enemies... They win

Reading OP.

Well that's a hell of a a long con...
I don't even think she even cared if the bush saved her, since she's was planning to repeat it across reincarnations anyway.

the whole point is that she lives in happiness while her enemy dies.

That's was good OP, I'll volunteer dumping of another chapter.

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>Beating a homeless man to death for his last five bux

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Consider everything that happened until this point a prologue.

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>Look how cute it is
Nothing bad could possibly result from this.

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Oh here we go.

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Not a truck for once

Thanks for sharing. Weird but engaging stuff.

No isekai here. I'm sure this story was a means to satirize the Tamagotchi craze of the time, but I found it as more of a cautionary tale about the perils of raising children or pets and being made vulnerable to destructive suggestion. It reminded me of that one story from Pet Shop of Horrors with the rabbits, you know which one I'm talking about.