Office wife onahole

office wife onahole

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>make manga about working adults
>they blush around each other like middleschoolers
retarded mangaka

it's japan no one there has sex and they all act like that


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Well, that's what the government wants you to think anyway. I wonder if this particular manga was secretly funded by the feds.

>Be me
>work IT
>Get oogled by milf secretaries and nurses
>Never do anything because they're all single moms

Why aren't there any OL's around me without kids? Am I cursed anons?

Damn she has some pretty wide hips. Guess even though she looks like an elementary schooler she's ready to breed.

Post the shota stuff

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>Shiromanta's latest stuff has been uploaded on Kemono
This is some lewd stuff.

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>those hips
jesus they're wider than her shoulders, thats hot

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>that Splatoon pic
Jesus fucking christ

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it's japan they don't have feds in japan idiot their government is unitary

she ready

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it's just bad luck
combination of
>meet decent person
>also available

No they don't.
They sure are autistic as fuck in other aspects, but most working, adult japs do not act like toddlers when faced with the opposite sex

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Dude needs to make some porn doujins STAT, he's building up too much pressure

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>fucking a goblin

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>I get all my knowledge of Japan from anime
Based retard

I find it amazing how Terasu can have even a guy who was designed from the start to be a chad still get cucked

which way western man

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forgot the pic

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360 and walk away

Dating someone from work is an awful idea anyways
Get a hobby where you might meet new people or do online dating. Everything else is a crapshoot and most people's friend circles are too closed off.

>design ultimate tanned tomboy semen demon
>make her a shotacon, the worst trope in fiction

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This way

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Series name? Saucenao have nothing


Not as bad as lesbian.


They simply do not think about it or sublimate it elsewhere (Host/Hostess clubs, soaplands, anime merch, gachas)

Because the artist is drawing their fetishes, not yours. Bitch about it in the tomboy threads.

They were clients anyway not same company employees. However I think meeting OL's in person is more reliable, and they actively seek out young men because they're way more lonely than teen thots.

How is he getting away with this?

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Jfc, imagine it. Reading the manga and it's pretty family friendly then going online and search up the artist and find legit lewds of the characters from the original author. Japan is really something else.

Authors lewding their own characters should not be the rarity it is. More authors should grow some balls like this guy.


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>tanned tomboy slim/thicc
yeah nah

Did the shota got raped yet?

she's so hot it's not fair
I have to breed her without breaking her in half

You'll find a way Takeda

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I'm surprised no new doujin was made for this series


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>NTRfags have so much of a brainrot they physically cannot stop seeing their fetish in any situation no matter how detached or nonsensical it would be
What else is new?

How come the man artist is not arrested yet? She looks like a toddler for fuck's sake.

Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh monke brain go AAAAAAA

I want to impregnate Igarashi

>make douji about middleschoolers
>they fuck day and night like crazy

Why is she such a pedo and why do people find it cute?
If she ever manages to squeeze enough shota cum in her womb, she will 100% rape her own children