Mangaka work stations

Here's Shimimaru's crack head setup
Animators and stuff are fine too

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Probably for back issues or some shit

Here's Ikegami hard at work. It looks like his setup is just old books taped together

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How do you see the monitor?

thats why there are holes in the stands

I'm guessing that she stands up to work? It doesn't look very comfortable, but I guess it combats golem posture.

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What is he playing?

Death Stranding

Rooks comfy.

Looks like Super Mario World

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This is peak efficiency

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Prevention. It's a ghetto standing desk setup, the idea is that you can stand up when sitting gets uncomfortable and sit down when standing gets uncomfortable.

Too much luxury, Diogenes.

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Is that the dude with the chair autism?

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Tsugumomo author, I think?


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Like 90% of them use macs

It makes sense. Macs are marketed as being better for artists.

I expected Pedo in the abyss guy setup to be a lot neater than this...

They are better for artists.
Just one glance and you see how much more vivid the images on the screen is compared to pc.

looks soulless

>on the screen
What does the monitor display have to do with it?

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theres like 5 more but i dont think i saved them

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this is the a latest iteration from his twitter

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Looks more like a fucking operating table.

>all this autism
>all this money
>using a $10 alibaba bag weight tripod

>inside 26.6C
>outside 15C

i think one of his earliest youtube videos was a how to on making his OG setup

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This thread though gives a good lesson, comfort is personal

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It's weird he asked to hide his face here when he has already shown his face a ton. You can find it by googling. Also nigga is in his 70s and still drawing kudos to him. He's doing a bi weekly manga right now I hope he lives long enough to finish it. He even still draws on paper guess he's too old to figure out digital

Working with pen and paper is not a bad thing.

who is the owner of all this soul?

I get the feeling that drawing on paper is less exhausting in the long run than drawing on a tablet. The guys who draw their whole life on a tablet will have difficulties with their hand when they become very old while the guy who only drew on paper will have less difficulties drawing in his 70s or 80s.

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drawing on a tablet is exactly the same as drawing on paper

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His reference roast chicken is probably still rotting away in that room to this day.

Is this guy surprisingly tall, or did he buy a surprisingly short drafting table?


No it's not retard.

you have never used an actual drawing tablet
your ipad is not a drawing tablet
retarded nigger

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get a real drawing tablet and learn to draw
dumb nigger

Looks like shit compared to digital

You are both right and both wrong in different ways.

First, the user's claim that "drawing on paper is less exhausting" is mostly bogus if you are using a proper large built-in-screen tablet (i.e. Wacom Cintiq). Using one of those, the ergonomics are mostly the same - your pen grip is identical and you are able to use your whole arm properly.

Now, if you are using a small screenless table (i.e. Wacom Intuous/Bamboo), you are setting yourself up for trouble. The lack of screen and the small drawing space limits you to only minute wrist and finger movements. This will almost certainly lead to RSIs and CTS if you are drawing full-time. There is also the mental disconnect between your computer screen and your tablet which you have to train yourself to do properly.

But in another sense, these are fundamental differences between paper and tablet simply in the experience. There are major differences in paper texture vs tablet texture that influence the way the pen imparts ink to paper vs line to digital canvas. Texture resistence, pen sizes, pen tib and nib styles, pen pressure, etc. are all factors in drawing - you cannot claim that drawing digital is "exactly the same" as paper. Two other factors are the easy undo button and ability to apply tones available in digital. These alone are enormous productivity boosters and are the reason why you'd have to be insane or an out-of-touch old man who will die at 55 to still be a paper-based mangaka.

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Why do most new mangaka hide their faces? Zoomers are such cowards

Because you can get cancelled pretty fast today. Back in the day people needed to actually go to placed to fuck up your life. Now, you only need a smartphone, which every single newfag owns, and post a tweet.