What the actual fuck is his problem?

What the actual fuck is his problem?
>kills a shitton of misaka clones and does it in the most over the top ways imaginable while cackling edgily like a retard
>n-nani these clones had feelingz!!!!?!?!??!?!

Acceleratorfags suck him off and act like this walking power level is a deep nuanced character but I cringe every time he's on screen and almost turn the episode off whenever he does his cringey-ass laugh

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I thought he had no problem trying to kill Touma?

This whole series is fucking cringe, what you expected?

his cruelty is a mask for the guilt he felt, but everyone told him it was worth hitting lvl 6. getting his ass kicked by touMAN proved that wrong.

>on screen
>turn the ep off
Yeah, this is gonna be a fun thread

He is an edgy incel bait power fantasy character

>What the actual fuck is his problem?
He likes lolis but is surrounded by older busty professional women.
His arch-rival is into older busty professional women, but is surrounded by short & flat lolis.

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>he acts cur-ayy-zee and evil cuz he feels bad about killing
this is some 14-year old levels of edge

He felt guilty from the beginning, which is why he tries 10,031 times to scare off or otherwise get each one to say she doesn't want to go through with it.

I mean, he's a 14 year old edgelord.

How old do you think accelerator is

>I-its meant to be shit!
Ok then

he's a pretty retarded, yes

>doomfaggots crawling out of the woodworks again
This again?

>doomfag falseflagging
This early?

He's retarded and a non-obvious tsundere, which makes him fun to watch.
His peak character moment still is jobbing to Touma though.

> so mad he got bfto in the last thread he has to make another one

>his cruelty is a mask for the guilt he felt
That's not it he was probing the clones for some sort of human like reaction beacause subconciously he still had some doubts

I always thought he was annoying and never really liked him, but appearently he was popular enough.
I don't get it, he isn't really a cool villain during his first appeareance. He behaves, laughs and, when killing people, acts like some stereotypical anime street thug who gets quickly killed by the MC.

The "Accelerator is trans/a reverse trap" meme is surreal, you'd think it would come from tumblr but it seems to be an Yea Forums thing. They do this with Kurapika too but at least he's more understandable. Accel theory really feels like Yea Forums being closet homos

>I thought he had no problem trying to kill Touma?
Nah he tried to let Touma go at first

>on screen
>the episode
Theres your problem. Read the light novels instead of the scuffed-ass animes

its not a meme, the author himself doesnt even considers Accel a male in the OT8 afterword

He better get over his guilt trip soon.

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Know your bait thread.
They will start with one or more of several reddit templates:

>Is it weird-
>Now that the dust has settled-
>Can we all just agree-
>What the fuck is his/her problem-

Don't quote.
Don't reply.
Let him rot.

>says while replying

The stupid part about this is that he could've just killed them quickly but nah the edgy retard thought that torture was somehow a good idea and he also killed other people. And then the even more retarded author gave all the suffering Accelerator deserved to Touma for some dumbass

b-but he did nothing wrong and the sisters attacked him first

>he also killed other people
Everyone else he killed deserved it.

Reminder that the anti Accelerator schizo believes that acknowledging the existence of a law means enshrining it as moral.

>The stupid part about this is that he could've just killed them quickly but nah the edgy retard thought that torture was somehow a good idea
Because no matter what he did they never really reacted it didn't seem like they truly felt pain the same way you and I do. It seemed like they were just unfeeling fleshy machines. This really isn't hard to understand.


Accel has the most retarded fans I swear, after railgun only fags. One of them still post that watch out for Accel in every Index thread. Their retardation is something else.

there are no railgunonly on the threads, even MP has watched some of Index

>there are no railgunonly on the threads
Skimming through the Index anime does not count as watching it, but whatever.

>one of them still post that watch out for Accel in every Index thread

I wonder how many retards said this when the schizo is impenetrable

Exactly, I wonder how long that retard will stop posting it, but since he’s an Accelfag, probably never.

I'm pretty sure some were screaming at some point so the retard should've noticed

>I'm pretty sure some were screaming at some point
They weren't even the anime shows they were pretty quiet about it


Dude is 15.


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Is this the railgun manga? Well even in this it doesn't really look like a scream

>it doesn't [headcanon]

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Exactly the point a bit of a quick gaah from having your fricking leg ripped off is a pretty underwhelming reaction and more just an automatic bodily reaction.

It's actually from trying to electrocute him, which is actually worse for getting the idea that you aren't a killbot out there.

thats still a scream retard
>nooooo how dares she attack my ebin edgy self insert that cant be damaged, she deserves to die

>thats still a scream retard
no I don't think you know what a scream is

even in the anime she still screamed, just not like a fucking banshee

So you're using the broadest interpretation of the word to be pedantic, huh?

>its not a scream unless you are using MY definition
average accelfag intelligence

> just not like a fucking banshee
Screams are by definition loud she wasn't all that loud, screams are also a long cry and hers wasn't very long

when is touma gonna die

>the screams doesnt fits my parameters so Accel did nothing wrong
based retard

Like I said, Accel has the most retarded fans.

Yes, you fucking schizo. They do need to be significant screams and not technical ones for Accelerator to notice them because the pain/reaction ratio is extremely low and the clone immediately launched another attack at him.

After Accel of course.

>why does the manufactured clone to be a soldier has a high pain tolerance, accel should just kill her
based retard

Hopefully in GT7, and for good

So what you're saying is he is seeing that these clones are manufactured to not all be like a normal human and therefore should conclude they're normal humans. Yeah great logic there.

You cannot complain about dehumanization if the humans in question kill themselves like lemmings.

What with Accel that attracted the most retarded fans? Is it because he's an edgy overpowered kid?

>soldiers arent human
kek based retard

are you retarded are just extremely autistic?

He was better when he just didn't give a damn about pretty much anything, including ppl and their feelings. But they couldn't have possibly allowed such a gigachad's existance to continue when he's not even the mc so they "reformed" him.

Im just parraphrasing you user, not my problem if thats what you think about yourself

>He was better when he just didn't give a damn about pretty much anything

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>Im just parraphrasing you user
you're not your just to autistic to get the point

speak english retard