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Who is your favorite Niji subunit?

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The best.


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as always

Do you prefer the old artstyle or the new artstyle?

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my bad
if Niji-only then it's QU4RTZ ofc

>songs - QU4RTZ
>personality - Azuna

DD is the only option.

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Azuna, but i think QU4RTZ is pretty underrated.

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Shizuku is gorgeous in any art style!

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She looks beautiful. But why is the picture blurry?

QU4RTZ is the most underrated

AZUNA is weird af but they're fun

DD and R3BIRTH are the same thing lmfao. One just has a chink and an american in it.

Would you play a game starring Shizuku?

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Azuna but that's biased since Ayumu is my favorite Niji.

What kind of game?

well i play all stars so i already do

Shizuku and I are dating. But don't tell Ayumu.

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This information has been debunked by Kasukasu, actually.

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D fucking D

Objection, they are just friends.

Excited for SuperStar S2.

shizuku seems like the type of girl that would be good at oral sex

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I only play games starring Shizuku (and Kasumin)

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Playing Samurai Adventure game starring Shizuko!

Make Liella Great Again

I wasn't even aware that there were changes made in the first place.

What even is different about it?

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KanoChii is so peaceful I kinda want to see them fight. Would be fun if they do in S2.

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Nah senpai I don't like fights in Love Live.

Wouldn't it be make Liella small again?

They can't fight because Kanon is a wimp that would take all the punishment from Chisato and even enjoy it.

R3BIRTH sounds incredibly generic for me, if not for the mix of languages it would sound just like K-pop.


Lanzhu song literally sounds like kpop but in a good way

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surely season 2 will have them interact with each other again...any episode now

she munches Kasumin's carpet every weekend night

Kasumin is too pure for that, Shizuku would totally ravage her but Kasumi would probably get scared and think that Shizuku is weird (and she would be right, Shizuku's fantasies regarding Kasumi are nasty).

The real beauty and beast are Kasumi and Shizuku. Kasumi is the pure innocent beauty and Shizuku is the beast who's afraid to show her true nasty self that wants to ravage the maiden.

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chill dude

new ship just dropped

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The old style is much better plus the character designs are much better. Liella's character designs are pretty shit.

What art style?

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They're also the funnest and comfiest subunit.

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Azuna because of Pomu

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Muse - White Lily
Aqours - Guilty Kiss
Niji - Azuna
Liella - Kuuka

What the fuck?

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I didn't know this song until recently.

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Where were you lol, this single is practically the 5th single with how much the attention it got

Did you like the design changes in Nijigaku S2? They made everybody's cheeks... chubbier?

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For comparison. I like the newer designs. What about you?

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they've been stocking up for the winter

Are we fat now?

We have more pinchable cheeks now.

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I want to hug Setsuna and then lift her up