The father figured out an imposter has possessed his daughter in isekai

>the father figured out an imposter has possessed his daughter in isekai
Shouldn't this be the major plot in every isekai? The possessed person's family finding out their beloved one has been killed and took over by an otherworldly alien? I would love see one with family members trying to kill the impostor to avenge their child.

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If she's no longer your daughter, it's fine to make her your wife

sad and gnarly
r.i.p. gobo

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Reminder that evil women and yanderes make the best wifus.

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Can catgirls be evil and or yandere? Actually i don't think i have heard of any yandere catgirls in isekai, for that matter.

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Does she count?

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Not sure about cecilia.

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How about the webcomic?

Is she going to completely recreate the world after she gets all her power back?

No idea.

>Shouldn't this be the major plot in every isekai?
the better question is why the MC never straight up says "I was brought here by a goddess from another world" in most isekai. Like, sure don't go shouting it from the rooftops, but to people they trust? it's just weird

>yandere catgirls
Rem's probably as close as it gets. Serious cat girl heroines aren't particularly common in isekai to begin with. They're almost always pet/daughter characters like Tama, Fran and Eco.

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If you possessed the previous owned of the body they would be freaked out and if not you would be revealing that you've been hiding your true identity all of this time. Like if your cat told you it knows everything you've been doing.

Same scenario, but the CF and not the parents that suspect the MC is not the original

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And then she abandons her new 'family' to live the high life of a noble anyways.

What's gotten him to write like a psycho?

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Vampire charm

But he never really knew the "OG Myne" anyway...

Is this the female equivalent of "It can't be helped"?

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mad cow disease

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I really want to see an author go full blown theorycraft autism in a game mechanics story. Like spreadsheet tier character building for a theoretical game system that doesn't even exist as an actual game.

>Mc cries

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Its cute idiot.

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i want more crying boys

Will the CCP axe this work since the author implied only America has true freedom?

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>every Yea Forumstard's wet dream

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I agree completely. Fuck these body stealing cunts.

That would get boring pretty quick.
Most isekai don't want that kind of drama

What if the native is fine with the body snatcher?

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Just the dying part is enough for it to be desirable to the average Yea Forums user. No resurrection needed.

I suppose there's only one way to correct this mistake.

I like Yakuza Reincarnation since it's basically all but outright stated that the old man yakuza is actually a past life of the princess and that their personalities were already similarish for that reason so it makes sense everyone who knows her thinks she's being a bit weird instead of acting like an entirely new person.

It's the same for Yea Forums users.

>gloomy girl is actually a 10/10 hot girl
>only the average-on-everything mc noticed her
Every fucking time.

Not sure, but they probably won't care. Some Chink novels seem kind of pro western anyway with consumerism and promoting famous brands up the ass and nobody cares, they even can use words like "stupid" or "slave" without censoring them with * like west does.

Dude seems to be ultra handsome though?

That's just retarded.
Drop the isekai aspect and it's much better: noble girl gets betrayed, friend assumes her identity to get revenge.

Is he though? They all look the same. Your average highschool mc.

don't you see the sparkles?

if that's average then you must be a fucking adonis

You are goddamn right.

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I'd consider 7'6" well above average

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>cute long haired girl
>mc cuts her hair short as fuck
fucking why!?

Does Mr. BASED count?

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Bro. I don't get retarded units.

>7'-6" tall
>only 3' of that is leg
Yikes. The rest of their features wouldn't matter. These two would be disgusting freaks.

>chilhood friend
>the one that give MC reason to stay alive
>the first person that know MC secret as a reincarnated person
I thought they will end up together, until I see the spoiler about the person that will marry MC

>implying isekai standard units of measurement is the same as Earth
And then there are people who bitch about isekaigolds-to-yen conversions.

Stop skelly abuse.

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Dog addicted to sex

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We warned you about childhood friends bro.

The scary thing in the spoiler of this very series, he does just that


as long as the purr then yes.

How the Villainess Becomes a Saint: Escaping Certain Death!

This is the English name, don't know the other name

Is a sweet little thing.

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Many such cases.

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Does that skeleton turn into a woman?

>in the spoiler of this very series, he does just that
You gotta be kidding me. Did he really? That's elder god based level! Spoiler me please.