Yoruichi is the sexiest Jump girl

Yoruichi is the sexiest Jump girl.

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Naw nigger.

Yes she is.

I don't see any counterexample.

She cured my racism

I still am racist toward fat white trashes.


Her sister is cuter.

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Its actually a little boy but drawn excatly like a girl

Iwao should draw her next I'm tired of Whorehime

I want shimaidon with the brown kunoichi sisters...


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What are the best doujins of her?? I want to breed her so bad

does she really have "god of thunder" tattooed on her ass

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user, I...

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You posted the wrong pic, here’s the actual sexiest bitch.

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Byakuya is so lucky...

Orihime mogs everyone.

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I like Nel more

>Orihime mogs everyo-

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I was about to post Rangiku, kek.

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Some random hobo fat ugly bastard get to fuck her while ichigo is an obliviousfag amd getting cucked?

Wish Gin successfully returned whatever she lost and gave her a power up. She'd be a sexy captain.

Kukaku is queen

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He did, didn't he?

what do we think of Riruka?

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you aren't wrong

I fucking hate him ;_;

gross pig

Should be flatter


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Nel is also great

Should be a combo meal

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more like IchiGAY
orihime probably drugged him and he's too much of a stand up guy and stays for the kids sake

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She's like a fusion of Peggy and Kelly Bundy

not all people agree, help me persuade them user


I kneel

no he isn't


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Anyone got that pic of her with Cat Yoru in higher resolution?

Please provide evidence to this claim. And she's a Dravidian (with an Aryan boyfriend) you fucking mouth breather.

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"she" will pozz you and it will kill you. Worse than aids.


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Why did Kubo try to get weebs into brown girls?

I wanna wedgie my cock in between her cheeks ...

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Is it weird if I want the same but face instead of cock?


Lol she's not a pajeet street shitter

That pic makes Orihime look like she has Down syndrome

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Fuck off rukiafaggot.

cute but not the sexiest

Not even the best girl in her own manga

forgot pic, kneel

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Not even the best post in this thread.

>Literally over a decade since I've read this doujin
>Still remember exactly which it is as well as the entire scenario
Damn. Bleach was really formative in making me the degenerate I am today.

What a grotesque picture