Whats your favorite harem series?

Whats your favorite harem series?

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They're all shit

probably danmachi since the story isn't afraid to introduce other male characters and it's not primarily focused on harem but on adventure and other people's troubles also the protagonist is genuinely likable and honest

they just don't make em like they used to

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The extra at the end of each episode where they had various voice actors voicing Yuu was SOUL.

Only one I've read is Strawberry100%
Liked it at the time but I'm afraid to re-read

Is haruhi a harem? not really sure

ah my goddess > Happy lesson > high score gal > hentai prince> monster musume

>necromancer in heavy armor

Harems by definition are terrible.

Yes. It's explained that she has a reason for that.

Still a shitty MCbowl

lust geass

the only one i know where the mc fucks every girl

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too bad basara is a boring faggot

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only if you make it that way, I don't participate in waifuwars since girls in harem series are absolute trash and have no personalities

I liked Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero better

does he fuck them in the anime?

I used to really like Blade Dance.

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No it only had one season. It's just mentioned he fucked a bunch of people in the other world. He does make a bunch of girls piss themselves

That's what it is to begin with. That's why all of the girls have to be trashed, just to make the "winner" look better


Also, has anyone actually read the LNs for Korean Zombie Desk Car to actually know if S2 was faithful at all or was DEEN just making shit up with some of the cover girls?

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Pretty sure that the novels stopped being translated years ago, most likely they went turbo rush, but I dont remember. Unless people read the raws.


>Pretty sure that the novels stopped being translated years ago
Wasn't aware there was even a TL project going for it. Did it even go beyond what the anime adapted?

I liked this show....

>AH my goddess
the one that the author reveal the female lead make the male lead an eunuch the first time they met?

I dont consider that canon since it contradicts numerous moments and characters in the series

Mushoku Tensei if that one counts
otherwise High School DxD


It counts

sekirei is my favorite, I like the fightan and the titties

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Love Hina > alle

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also, blastoise is my favorite

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Not really, but if you really want to know what happens you can find spoilers on some obscure forum site like animesuki. Or just head to the archives and spend your days searching

Wasted dubs
Boring faggot my ass. Nigger literally ouschemed ancient devils and pre-emptively sought to assassinate his enemies, which is a fucking rarity in the whole medium.



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Love Hina is outdated.

>Season 4 in 2 months
Can't wait bros. Danmachi had just the right amount of /e/ in my fantasy setting

100 girlfriends easily,it just keeps delivering

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goodbye bros...

Sora no Otoshimono. I miss those bakas so much.

I fucking love Oreshura, Silver is just really one of the best harem characters ever, The show would be complete shit without her.

Bokuben is really good too, I think it's rare to find a harem where all the girls are enjoyable and wouldn't have any complaints which one of them won.

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this manga was awful even by harem standards. I couldn't force myself to read past the first ten chapters

Based,started reading it a month ago,literally a godsend series for this forsaken genre.Doubt anime would work as well and production logistics seem difficult.

Ore Dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon: Kossori Kitaete Sekai Saikyou for the cute girls.

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fuck you

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Bleach is my favorite harem series

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To Love Ru

>Shinigami-sama to 4-nin no Kanojo
it kinda tries to justify the genre

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5toubun. There wasn't anything better in last 10 years.

Kunoichi no Ichi
plus its a fucking shota

>main heroine does not have long black hair

Is To Love Ru really that good? I know it's very lewd, but does it have anything else going for it other than a Harem?

The chuuni fights are fun
The girls are fun
The MC is fun
The world is fun
Sides characters, All campioni and even gods are also fun

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You should just say most Harem series have this problem. Usually not a lot of them are that well rounded or at least the main girls you will be seeing a lot of or the two main female competitors.

I wish there was more Harem series for Light Novels and Manga honestly. It's kind of been one of the weird genre's in the sense that it plays it safe but has likeable characters like Monster Musume, or it just has one likable character and the rest is not so good.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa.

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Monster Musume.

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