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Still the strongest character in the series even if Luffy beats Kaido, joyboy will have no effect against Sakazuki

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seethe harder yamato fags

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No, the true alpha of the series will return to defeat Luffy in a shock ending. If Luffy is a cartoon then all you need to do is alter his frame rate.

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Hell nah, Luffy will beat his with his wacky mickey mouse toonforce powers. Seethe and cope magmacuck.

SHITkainu WILL get killed by Sabo and Yamato.

I hope he kills Sabo and Troonmato. Garbage OC fanfic characters have no business being in my favorite manga.

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>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
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Seethe magmacuck, you are starting to get scared about them both avenging Ace because it actually makes sense.

What I really want to know is how Giolla's powers would work against Luffy. If he's already cartoony would her art powers cancel it out or would he become double cartoony and more powerful?

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>after based Akainu kills Garbo and SHITmato Luffy will drop his "le funny pirate" facade and fights him seriously

Coz Yamato has a vasogna and that's hot and Kiku has a pickle and that not so much.

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>Still the strongest character in the series
Weaker than Sabo.

YamaLOVE btw

Gay samefag

How do Logia users remain relevant after Haki has been built up so much? I've never seen a series flip flop so hard on ability tiers.

Because they have Haki so strong that it beats the Haki that would try to get them.
Haki was a fucking mistake. And it makes characters like Crocodile seem retarded for having a criminal empire supported by his invulnerability, to the point that he artificially created a drought to remove the rain that would weaken him...when any fucko with Haki can do the same thing.

Because he's not a hot girl with big boobs

yamato is a larper / cosplayer, not a genuine tranny

As a mexican I like his machismo. He's strong and stoic, a big jeffe who has got a very commanding presence

She identifies as a male, keep seething

>He's strong and stoic
No, He's just fat
look at those tiny wrists

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Where does it say that?
She just larps as Oden because she admires him
she's not a troon


No, you're not going back far enough. Logia was a mistake that Haki awkwardly tried to correct. Logia work for a while but it would become increasingly hard to come up with and increasingly absurd to have all these different contrived individual weaknesses for each Logia. What would defeat Kizaru? Coating your hands with an ultra black substance so it absorbs his light? What about Akainu? What the fuck is the natural weakness of magma? Also, the strongest would HAVE to be Logia. You couldn't have characters like Roger or Whitebeard. It would have limited the series. The problem is that Haki is a get out clause that creates plot holes as you note. However the initial problem is that Logia are broken/too OP.

reminder ace is smoker level

Maneuver around the Haki attack using Observation
Counter with their own Haki attack
Or just use preemptive strike AoE attacks to nuke the area around the enemy
It’s not bad writing, your imaginations just limited

Depends on the Logia
If its a Uranium Man Logia no amount of Haki bullshit is saving the enemy from receiving deadly doses of radiation

He reminds them of the pictures of their fathers

Ultimately, that's why he's going to be a Red Herring.

none of these are true
yamato has a pussy and is female
kiku has a dick and is a male
kys troon

Not even the strongest marine

Love yourselves, take the sun, eat well, don't sexualize Brulee

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Garp is a fraud.

There once was a man named Gord Logel who was King of the Pirates. He had red stone
beyond your wildest dreams! Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he said:

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Did he write fucking John Cena into the story? What a madman

Kek some fag got absolutely deleted in here

Haki is far and away a worse addition to the story than gear 5 is and if you disagree you're gay and I fucked your mom


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Post all BASED characters. I'll start:

I feel like he could actually be made into an ally in the final war against the Celestial Dragons. His whole thing is "absolute justice", maybe Luffy & Co. can convince him that the Celestial Dragons are the worst monsters and criminals of all.


Akainu wanted to kill Luffy because he just broke 200 Pirate out of Prison at Impel Down.
Just because Luffy is the protagonist of this story doesn't make him right. That's what's great about One Piece, there is no moral authority. Because plenty of Pirates raped and pillage(Look at Kid). Also Luffy released Crocodile who took over his own friend's country. Everyone is corrupt in their own way.
Luffy has broken many laws before, even though if it was to help someone he still did it. I wouldn't be surprised if someone like Shanks killed innocent people in his time because he's a pirate in the end of the day, they chose to be free to do what they want. And Ace is my favorite but I'm not mad that Akainu killed him since he did his job and was promoted, basically the MVP of the marines in that war.

I don't think Luffy's power is something meta like being a literal cartoon character, I liked the explanation that he can simply move as freely as he likes

>inadvertently melts the redline trying to get luffy

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Melting Reverse mountain would stop a lot of pirates

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Oda kneels to fujoGODDESSES

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Reminder that Fuga is a centaur

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Oda said he was ONE of the strongest and that the series would be completed in a year if he was the protagonist. He did not say that Sakazuki was the strongest of all. I still think Kong is stronger

That's what I think is going to happen. I don't see Sakazuki remaining loyal to a bunch of tyrants that are actively impeding his job of fighting criminals.

>This guy is supposed to be the size of Oars
Oda sucks at proportions
He looks smaller than Maria

I know, those obnoxious Fuga fags keep posting this character


I see Sakazuki a bit differently. When he's denying pirates a happy home he's not preventing them happiness out of spite. Pirates deny law abiding citizens happy homes on a regular basis. They pillage, kill... Therefore since pirates forsake their rights to peace and happiness. It would be unfair to grant freedom and happiness to someone who actively is or was seeking the title of pirate.
And when he killed fellow marines that were running away... I believe it was due to the mindset of "if you're the marine you should be ready to engage with combat, no matter how strong the enemy is. And if you're ready to engage in combat then you should be prepared to die."
To be honest I'm really interested in his backstory. What happened in his past to make him this merciless. We've seen pretty bad backstories so far... So we can pretty safely assume that anything short of Doffy's backstory won't cut it.
I don't really want to see him being defeated. I never seen Sakazuki as antagonist. He killed Ace, but he did it out of sense of duty. And in this instance it wasn't even misguided. Ace was a pirate. And was meant to get executed here. It was Sengoku's plan. Remember, strawhats are pretty weird pirates. They're pretty much harmless compared to normal pirate crew.
In my opinion Sakazuki is neither antagonist nor future ally. Strawhats may clash with him at one point but if they weren't calling themselves"pirates" and never attacked eines lobby or Charlos then Sakazuki wouldn't even care about them.

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>He looks smaller than Maria
He is.Thats a small number

This, she doesn't want to be a man, she wants to be Goden

The science unit that replaced the schichibukai is an army of cloned Kizaru's Using Germas science

Law and Zoro are friends.
Law and Kidd hate each other.

Shut the fuck up Fugafag, this fat retard will NEVER join the crew
t. HatchaD

Did he get the Law Punk Hazard treatment? Or did one of MADS want to do a funny joke?

Kunyun will join the crew because she has big boobs and if you disagree then you're gay

With claw limbs and they shoot lasers and can turn invisible

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Notice how fire is constantly being hyped? Even now Kaido having this fire form. This is Oda literally giving us a preview of what kind of threat Luffy is gonna be up to. Kaido melts Onigashima’s horns. Akainu literally melted STEEL sword by simply being near it.
Akainu is also more versatile because magma is a liquid, so imagine extremely giant fists like Luffy but then fucking magma, which by the way has the highest temperature out of all DFs.
It’s the best offence AND defence. Akainu is absolutely disgusting powerful and his DF is without a doubt the most powerful DF when it comes to pure offence (not destructive like Gura).
This is why Akainu has been my favorite character ever since he got introduced. He’s the strongest character of all time in the One Piece verse. Chad TOONfy will surpass him eventually though.



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Fuga will stay on Wano and get fucked by Yamato, cope

Typical braindead waifucoomer
Kunyun's only interaction with a SH is getting BTFO without exchanging a single word
Meanwhile HatCHAD's very first appearance is admiring one

Why does Luffy's shit eating grin here make me laugh so much

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>MADS want to do a funny joke
probably this

Just 2 posts.
One with off-topic trans baitshit.
Second with racism.

Behold, the superior Number who will join the crew and have lots of babies with Nami

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I wonder how mad Akainu is going to be after learning about the CP0 shenanigans in Wano. He almost started a fight with the Elders over Dressrosa

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fire has been used by usopp since arlong park

this is the funniest mexican fanart I have ever seen.Also luffy looks like he is molding

Hatchud got one-shot by Fuga's wife Yamato, Kunyun will join the Strawhats and snuggle with Robin like she always wanted

A good chance of whats going to happen is that Sakazuki is going to finally learn about im and hes going to be so angry thats hes going to pompeii mary geois and kill im and all the Tenryubitto then proceed to kill off all pirate scum

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>kiku has a dick and is a male

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I wonder how the rest of the MADs team are. Like Queen and Caeser were Jokesters while Judge seemed more like the serious type. Like the whole set up to Kaido and King was like a shonen manga involving a prison break where they recruited the wacky scientist.

These images all have the exact same grin too

Hilarious that people thought Gear 5 would STOP edgy Mexican art and not fuel it

He's not even looking at Koby. How rude.

Sakazuki Buster Calling Mary Geois would be unexpected but also pure Kino.

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I don't care for balloon tit art but the juxtaposition with Kiku's flat chest improves it

Miku has a dick más is female
Yamato is autistic
Nice try chud

>they don't know

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Spiders zoans can read memories?

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>Buster Calling Mary Geois
>10km above sea lv.

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He looks like the Joker and his receding hairline in Batman's grip smiling as Bruce tears him one.

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I think Robin is just hallucinating, Maria doesn't actually create the illusions or anything

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All spiders are telepathic.

But he already knows they're slavers, which is explicitly illegal but the Navy looks the other way for them. He clearly already knows they commit all sorts of horrible crimes and goes along with it.