What sort of magazines is Jun reading in the bathroom

what sort of magazines is Jun reading in the bathroom

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Comic LO

Reader's Digest.

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Just finished this anime. Was surprisingly charming and very good. The last scene of the last episode was super weak though

Which season?

season 2

Right. It's not canon anyway. But they probably wanted to make a closure.
I'm not sure if canon story is any better, after several years.

I feel like after originally watching the anime and getting acquainted with the characters in that way, I'd prefer the anime

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Comic LO

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>objectively the best doll
>somehow we're expected to believe she's not the best due to plot reasons
Rozen Maidens made no sense, Gin is perfect.

rozen maiden is one of my favorite anime to revisit. its so cute. Especially that episode where they had a small war on their stairway

>Sui is perfect.
I agree desu

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They are not "perfect" due to plot reasons though.

suigi is love
suigi is life
love is suigi
life is suigi

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Was Nori into incest?

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About doll joints

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I have a picture with Megu and Gin at the computer with text (not in English)
"Look, this is funny"
"No this is not funny at all! Everyone is dumb!"

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National Geographic



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please post it
because i don't have it

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Is it true that the Manga is still ongoing?

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Why are Rozen Maiden doujins some of the best? What is it about this series that attracts such high quality degenerates?


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I blame Rozen Maiden for my predilection towards doll joints.

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