Lucky Star

Please consider this munchkin.

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I'd rather consider this one instead.

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I consider this munchkin often, and at length.

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I am considering.

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She's too young for me now...

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I'll consider

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Sometimes I like think about how the life of certain characters, like the Lucky Stars, turned out. Do they get married and have a happy family? Or do they stay single and never have sex? Or do they get kidnapped at the age of 19 by a man who goes by the name of Steve? But "Steve" really isn't his name. In fact, Steve doesn't even remember his real name anymore, it has been so long since anybody has called him by the same name for more than a year. He is a ghost, an apex sexual predator who roams that streets looking for innocent young girls to claim as his own conquest and defile. Maybe one night Steve happened upon Konata as she was walking down the street, pulled up next to her in his cream colored 1992 single cab Chevy pick up truck, and asked her if she needed a ride. Steve isn't a bad looking man, in fact most girls consider him fairly handsome so he is able to disarm them with little effort. Konata is no different than the others. She is immediately disarmed as well by his full white smile and piercing green eyes which radiate in the harsh street lights. As she climbed into his car he laughed in his head about how easy it has all become. This will be the 29th time. "Like stealing candy from a baby" he mused. As he drove away, pretending to listen to Konata giving him directions, he turned on Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, the song he always turned on before he took advantaged of the girls. Konata remarked "Oh, I like this song" to which he replied "I knew you would, who doesn't love some good ol' Mercury" as he grabbed an ether soaked cloth he kept near the bottom of his driver's side door. Konata never even saw it coming. Later that week Konata was found completely naked, bound and gagged by her own undergarments, in a ditch on a dirt road 10 miles out of town. The coroner cried during the autopsy. She was 19. Statistically speaking that would have to happen at some point to somebody. So sad.

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She's 18

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Why did they talk about smelly things so much?

They talk about (You)

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I just want to go back.

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>was slightly younger than her when I watched in 2018
>now I'm an ossan

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It's over, user.

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If only, I meant 2008.

Be happy it happened, user.

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Tsukasa is thinking.

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That's hard to believe.

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I was the same age her.


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Which lucky wud u fug

What happened here?

this one

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She got pumped and dumped. Should've been more like her sister and become a happy housewife instead.

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Whichever one would fug me

>you will never have a cute OL kagami
Why even live.

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i'd fug all luckies equally, but kagamin more equally than the rest

Career women are a joke.

Finally got a guy to go to the bar with her but didn't get lucky. Kagami is still a virgin.

Kagami got pumped and dumped.

She's so cute.

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About what?

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I'll take 28 year old Kagami please. Maybe 21 year old if she's ok with a guy a few years older than her

me too user. not all of me, but there's a good part that wishes i could go back.

time is so unforgiving

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konata irl

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I can't stop laughing at this one. Am I a psycho?


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this can't be comfortable.

Post Konata getting bullied.

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I want to put her in toddler clothes