ITT: Post the worst anime you've ever seen

ITT: Post the worst anime you've ever seen

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Kill yourself shit eater.

Don't care, long tongue in my anus.

watch more anime

I would say Ex-arm, but it was so bad it was good

Ex-arm was fun to watch cuz it sucked. A real bad anime has to be boring nothing.

Divine Gate

what was wrong with it


only thin kept me going to the end was wondering how it was gonna wrap up, but it ended with everyone being brought back to life and a tease saying "we haven't even started fighting the real baddie yet"

I hate those kind of endings

Elfen Lied

mahou sensou

wasnt that the pro-suicide anime.

I wouldn't call this good but if it's the worst you've ever seen watch more anime

you talking about platinum end?

I don't know why but I hate the Baoh anime with every fiber of my being. I watched it once like, 5 years ago and I barely remember anything about it other than thinking it was the worst thing I'd ever seen.. The manga's aight tho

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It's absolutely reprehensible from a moral standpoint, and all the characters are insanely unlikeable and annoying. I felt genuinely angry watching it especially because of the way it ended

I'm still mad

No, Platinum End is terrible too but it's actually more anti-nihilism at points

>morally reprehensible
Having bad things happen on screen is not a statement of support for the bad things.

No it's the fact that the main characters are non-interventionists that let bad shit happen until it goes against their interests. And it's not even compelling

Easy, Kemono Friends S2
Imagine watching 12 episodes of pure shit hoping it will get better at some point, I deserved it.

lol that one made me mad too

Letting the morality of the actions of the characters effect your enjoyment is supremely autistic. Kill yourself

It's a friendly anime about zoo animals for kids, what the fuck kind of mind-blowing revelation were you expecting

nobody deserved season 2

The show sucks, it's never getting a season 2 and you're a faggot

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user you missed your meds again

Was runner up for AOTS. Get filtered.

I guess

>stumble across manga
>realize it's the dragon maid mangaka
>know that he draws tits sometimes
>rated OT+
>usually implies tits with nips
>last page is a nun getting raped
Might come back around to buy that one.


I can sum up the events of this series in three lines
>Pancake girl: What's going on?
>Hot guy: shut up
>*sexual violence*
and it's weird because they try to introduce plot points but it ultimately just ends up being hand waived with the three lines above. It's so silly.

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>when it literally doesnt have an actual ending

you make it sound awesome

How easily the shows and characters switched between comedy, sex, and horrific violence all wrapped in a cutesy art style felt really dirty. Like I find rape and torture hentai less disgusting than this show.

>from a moral standpoint
do leftists still use this site? I welcome it but not much.

Worst romance I've ever read
>MC has bitch heart inherited from dead dad
>major dad issues
>writes the school paper
>has crush on turbo cutie swim ace
>Only one person reads his crappy paper filled with daddy issues
>it's the swimmer
>she relates with daddy issues
>hers walked out
>she likes mc
>she stands up for mc and helps him deal with complex about dad and bitch ass heart
>they start dating
>they're half-siblings
>mangaka doesn't pull the trigger
>stay friends
I've never been so mad. She was one of the best girls in years.

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Unironically it made me feel like a worse person for having watched it. And I've seen some shit

picked up

Visual Novels adapted to animes almost never work out because they get cut for content. Case in point with most of the SCI;ADV games and muv luv. Just play the visual novel when it comes out later this year. They finally localized it, it's the Noah version with extra endings, and a swimsuit DLC.

Saekano or Charlotte

Still Yosuga no Sora.

I dropped it after 1 episode cuz it was too tryhard for me

spoil me on what happens

You're a moron.

>same mangaka as
How do you write a hit like Toradora and then produce two shitshows? Linda was clearly the better choice goddamnit! Hell, the goth was a better choice than the princess.

It borders on so bad it's good sometimes.
>Girl out in public after a school subplot got dropped for sexual violence
>Decides to call her dad (who sold her for reasons that will not be explained) to find out what the hell is happening.
>Hot guy picks up, her dad's number is his now for some reason (Dad literally not even mentioned again from the moment he picks up the phone)
>*sexual violence*
Pic related is the only scene that matters in the end game as when she's possessed by the arbitrary villainess they just throw her into the water and the villainess has to bail because they would certainly watch her drown. Still wouldn't recommend it though. It's really boring and bad. I only watched it on behalf of an ex.

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throwing women in the pool will never make you worst anime

tatami galaxy

I watched this a few months ago and thought it was great, anyways Uzaki is the worst anime I've seen


most anime with shitposters as obnoxious turn out to be decent so thanks for the rec

I don't doubt what you've said about it being boring, but a comedy anime about a guy ruthlessly abusing and gaslighting the heroine in increasingly absurd ways would be kino.

you can't read moonrunes?

it's called idaten

million dollar concept depending on the setting and characters you put behind it.

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no I can't but thank u sir

It was specially upsetting for me, because while sotsu is the worst anime I've ever seen, higurashi kai is, or maybe was my favorite show ever, it still makes me feel a bit sad whenever I think of it.

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Mirai Nikki, though I don't watch 90% of what is posted on Yea Forums and I am pretty sure just by glancing at the threads that they are considerably worse
He's right. Fiction doesn't exist to show support to one morality or another. You're the moron.

Oh yeah I've been meaning to watch this since the season it came out, I totally forgot it existed. Thanks for reminding me, I'll add it to a proper list so I don't forget.

And yes I know the ending is supposed to be really shit but that's why I'm interested in watching it

hah, Gou was so bad I refused to watch this shit

dodged a bullet

What's this?

Are you not entertained?

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You guys should watch Chinese anime. It's hilariously bad

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>I am pretty sure just by glancing at the threads that they are considerably worse

not much of value honestly

What are you mad about? Are you upset that OP chose that anime?

Yeah you did good.

The antagonists are on the backfoot against the OP protags for the whole show but manage to win in the end by outsmarting them

You want me to sit down and watch every Naked Loli Show before forming an opinion on them?

Here's another one, though this one was comedy at least

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Master of Martial Hearts

Rokudou no Onna-tachi - look, I really hate this wimp that gotten full blown NTR powers from the ancient family scroll.

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lain has the worst voice actors. nobody gave a shit practically and all just read the words like its a school play except the evil scientist guy. its worse because they arent even hearing the others sometimes and have to just wing it. he probably would have not given a fuck as well

elfen lied is the worst writing. like not even 10 minutes in some guy decides to brutalize a coworker in a non plot related event in a super secret government facility. like they dont just shoot you in the back of the head for that

you make it sound like every anime is a naked loli show

I wish that were true

naw, master of martial hearts is next level shit it becomes god tiered

Have another

What makes them even funnier is that they actually had them dubbed in Japanese in addition to Chinese. The fact that any Japanese station thought it was OK to air these pieces of garbage is crazy

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It's people like you, who live in japan, who are ruining anime for everyone.