Fuck tsunderes

fuck tsunderes
fuck taiga

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That's what Ryuuji and Yasuko do.

Fuck taiga? Well, if you ask it.

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>fuck taiga
Thanks, I will

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I'm trying! But my dick just keeps smashing against the screen!

dips on her butt

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I never liked this character archetype. I'm not sure what Japanese people find attractive but smarmy unlikeable cunts are an instant turn-off. The only time I actually liked it was Evangelion because it showed how obnoxious someone like that would actually be and why Asuka was like that. But 99% of anime writers don't understand other people.

Please treat your dick with care, user. It's important.

She fucked a tsundere...

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what is she doing in that picture

>his dick can't bend dimentions of space and time

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Things with her cute little mouth, may be haha

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I want to kiss that cute little mouth. Even after what happens in the previous picture!

Oh my god it's so small

I'd rather fuck Ami.

user, you're a hentai baka tsukebe

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Sharing Taiga's tiny body with anons gets me riled up. Nothing I could do about it,


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Sorry there is barely enough for one so i don't share. You can have Ami.

no thank you. I can watch though until you're done and wait for my turn

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Delicious lolibutt.

Do you really want to have sex with taiga after I licked all of her tiny nipples and creamed deep inside soiling her vagina walls with my white paint of pleasure, seeing her little hole pumped and stretched almost at her limit vomiting the absurd volume of semen I've put in her? I don't think so.

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I wouldn't worry about that. I'd just clean her up with my tongue and use the cream that I cannot clean up as warm lube for my turn

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That's sick, go see a priest and confess your sins.

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I think I developed a new fetish. Abuse a petite woman and force her to act like a girl!

Why is Yea Forums so full of lolicons now??

no I won't

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And you forget your sakuya pic

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At least don't use the same hole

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God I wish.

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I love this pic,mind if i save it?

I'll use the one you left lubed up with your seed for me.

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I don't but you have to take this one too

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Borderline homo and clearly degenerated but i can do nothing to save your soul.

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>the long hard summer ahead before we can start to think about december again

hang in there bros

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You're just playing to my degenerate needs user

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Ami is objectively best girl

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Summer is comming, and the black walkers comes with it. Brace yourselves.
Please heal yourself.

reminder that she ends up having triplets!

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I don't know what say, user

So assuming there are lewd lurkers in this thread, do you want me to post more?

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tall girl, but also ___fat____


Can i fuck louise instead?

Just starting out?

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Fuck freeing

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only anally

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It's actually dibs

Cheers mate.

That's hot

Are you giving me instructions?

You think so?

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one could argue that for taiga in particular, she could be understood as having serious anger issues due to shitty family situation or whatever. at least there is SOME semblance of a justification for her outbursts, unlike most characters in that mold

I miss you faggots, only 7 more months.

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hang in there bro

Based Amifag

We're gonna make it.

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someone post it

ERPing faggots

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Be honest. How would you react to a Toradora After the story, even if it's a 20-minute family SOL?