It was a good adaption.. right?

It was a good adaption.. right?

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Why is the live action more cartoony than the actual cartoon?

Now that the dust hast settled, who was in the wrong?

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There's no non-cringy way to adapt Edward without drastically changing her personality.

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you are wrong. ed isnt loud and obnoxious, she is just strange and free spirited.

fulfilled its purpose


cute ,kawaii shit doesnt translate well when you slap enligh dubs and make it live action.
if they tech'd up her lingo it might have worked, or had her speaking french canadian or some shit.

I thought it was decent, dont really like some of the shit they changed though

It had a cheap feel to it (I blame their shit choreographing) and the writing/dialogue was fucked. besides that I thought the surreal jokes were funny, like when they just started pointing at a door and laughing for no reason

God no. It's like they went out of their way to be hated by absolutely everyone but the worst contrarians.

>Julia shoots Spike out a window and then keeps Vicious chained up so she can secretly run the syndicate
What the hell were they thinking with that ending?

She's all four things. But the important thing is that loud and obnoxious can still be endearing when animated. It doesn't work with flesh.

Yeah, I'm thinking it was kino

I just wanted my season 2 you fucks never let me have anything

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Damn roger smith is great in this

>only asian man knows kung fu
that was the point of this "moe gap" a Martian Jew practicing jeet-kune-do

No, though the main three actors did as well as anyone could have with the writing they were given.

Everything with Vicious was a travesty and the copypasta'd old episodes were bad echoes of better things. When it tried to be it's own show and let the main crew just interact normally it was almost -almost- ok. I wish someone with a braver vision had been in charge of it.

Damn, the guy that plays Jet is actually trying. Even has the vocal cadence down.

I'm so glad we're getting live action One Piece before Netflix goes bankrupt


Oh yeah it was great OP, very diverse.

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Reminder: There are prophets on Yea Forums

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>You'll never have a bro who you work with who cooks chow at the end of the day and tells you you did a good job at work.
I just want a 100% heterosexual not!marriage with another bro.

>Why is the live action more cartoony than the actual cartoon?

The curse of live action.

Reminder that someone got paid to write this garbage. There are poor people struggling to make even a dollar a day and whoever wrote this probably got paid thousands of dollars for this.

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Sequel hook. I thought it was stupid like pretty much the entire internet but the producers were expecting to break twitter and get another season

yes. everything but Faye was kino

It was terrible. I particularly found the choreography to be terrible, it tried to do everything slightly slowed down so the viewer could clearly see the martial arts moves but it was enacted by amateurs so it just looked like they were half ass play fighting. There's a reason why live actiong switched to jump cuts, shake cam and full on cgi. You can't make fight choreography look good with amateurs unless they put in the actual work to be semi competent in it.

>The discussion of "live action" television shows is permitted so long as they are distinctly rooted in, or based off of an anime or manga series.

It kinda didn't though.

Anybody got the Gameboy ad version of this pic?

there is no god

No, because of the guy on the right and the zoomer.

but the most important part, the guy in the middle, isn't spike. he's not young and slick. he's old and old

Varys, where is your crown?

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It was very well made, but let's be honest, a lot of you guys are too toxic to even try to comprehend how much effort and care it was necesary to produce that adaptation, which they made thinking of you, the community. It goes to show how shitty the whole community is: social outcasts, pirates, cheap, and now add ungrateful to the list.

>Take beloved classic IP
>Produce incredibly shitty, poorly written live action garbage
>Change one of the characters into a black guy for cheap diversity points, only tolerable because he's a good actor and actually gives a shit
>Change another character who's primary arc was dealing with her isolation, amnesia, lack of trust in other people, and a history or poor relationships with men
>Make her lesbian who gets laid for cheap diversity points
>Flanderize an endearing character into the most annoying caricature possible
>"You should be grateful because the corporation that shoveled this shit out to make a quick buck off of nostalgia and an otherwise unreached market of nerds worked super hard on it you guys!"

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>>Flanderize an endearing character into the most annoying caricature possible
Ed was always the worst part of cowboy bebop

Heh, your inability to self criticize but shit on things that others put out for your entertainment just confirms my argument. Oh, somebody tried to make some money with it? see how cheap you are? you think it was made only by one guy sitting on top of a pile of money casting spells to get everything done? people brought food to their table making it. At least try to appreciate what tries to be decent for you. Seriously, you guys have some shit in your head, I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't even watch it.

Cowboy Bebeop was never that good, all style over substance. The Steins;Gate live action has a chance to be a lot better than this.

you do realize that just because someone worked hard on something doesn't mean that it should be respected
effort alone means little, especially when it is expended on the wrong things for cynical reasons

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>which they made thinking of you
lol no.
Anime adaptations are made for normies. They don't even watch the original show before making it, let alone "think of the fans".

You didn't get it.

>cowboy bebop bad
>steins;gate good
holy based

Based Steins;Chad.

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bebop had lots of substance, but most of it was in many different directions and not a single coherent message, likely on purpose
except the core message of "you're going to carry that weight", the idea that you can't run from your past because you carry your past with you, that all your unfinished business and past regrets you have yet to atone for hurt you most of all

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Why is it an "obviously retarded choice"?


It actually was if the retconning of certain character's traits and the show shitting the bed at the very end don't count. Even then, it was still better than everyone thought it would be.

Never watched Steins;Gate, keep seeing people praise it, and every time I search for it, it just looks like generic haremshit pretending not to be haremshit.

Because it takes about 2 braincells to realize that turning the "rough renegade cop" just doubles down on stereotyping.
It's a """bold choice""" that doesn't even appeal to the people it's meant to appeal to.

Just stick to the fucking material at that point. When you start making concessions like that for the sake of fake "wokeness", the product you're going to deliver is destined to be garbage.

I just knew the moment this was announced, that Faye wouldn't be hot and Jet would be black, i was 100% sure.
Did Glen appear in the show yet?

>you do realize that just because someone worked hard on something doesn't mean that it should be respected
>effort alone means little, especially when it is expended on the wrong things for cynical reasons
yeah, I'm sure a lot of people are going to bet on anime with a community that thinks like that and fails to see the big picture, all you're gonna KEEP getting is worse and...

"normie" content

>Damn, the guy that plays Jet is actually trying.
Yeah, I actually feel bad for him. He was only cast because he's black and the guy's name is "Jet Black" and netflix couldn't resist, but it's clear he actually watched the show and is genuinely trying to do the best performance of Jet he can.
Did you ever consider that it might be because you can do a steins;gate adaptation on basically zero budget because the only important props are a microwave and a CRT while Cowboy Bebop is a space opera?

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Checked and based

I don't know where you're looking but it's not even remotely haremshit. it's timetravel and LHC black hole conspiracy shit

>bebop had lots of substance
Not really, no. Pretending at substance maybe, but it never overcomes the episodic format or does anything interesting with its hints.

Steins;Gate is kino. Don't talk about anime you know nothing about, at least watch it first before acting retarded.

>Did Glen appear in the show yet?
Yes. They handled it very, very badly. It's amazing that they had a character that literally already was a weird not-quite-either-gender thing and they somehow managed to fuck the whole thing up by trying to make something that was already inclusive and progressive more so.

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the anime was a mediocre adaptation, play the VN or don't bother

>it's not even remotely haremshit
Because Okabe definitely doesn't have romantic endings with every named adult female character (and one boy)? And that's ignoring My Darling's Embrace entirely which is the best S;G content
Oh, that explains it.

>you can do a steins;gate adaptation on basically zero budget while Cowboy Bebop is a space opera
Weak excuse.

All forced diversification belongs in the trash.
Any ideal that cannot stand in the light without an umbrella belongs in the darkness. Allowing these ideals to thrive will eventually block out all light and bring everything to darkness.

Does it? It's been forever since I played it and the parts I remember most are Okabe and Kurisu nerding out with the other characters on the periphery

>originally a VN
That explains why looks like shit to me.
>VNs are not haremshit
Going for the gold medal I see.

Dude, if you actually watched the cowboy bebop adaptation, one if its biggest problems is that they have to keep inventing excuses to NOT go to cool places from the show (because those would cost lots of money) and they instead keep having conversations in bar , alleys, and poorly lit rooms. Seriously, that's like 20% of the show. A sci-fi space opera adaptation with no money for sci-fi or space scenes is fucked from the start.

>if you criticize bad things people will make even worse things
kill yourself