How can people enjoy the show when he is so unenjoyable as a character?

How can people enjoy the show when he is so unenjoyable as a character?

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they hate themselves

I don't hate him. He acts and speaks just like me

He's the best part of the series. Why else would you watch Oregairu?

I like him. Especially the second time. He's a cool dude.

hes made for autistic people to relate to him, hes not meant to be liked by normal people

They must've fucked up, I'm an autist and I don't relate to him.

Then you mustn't be autist enough

What level of autism do I need to hit before I can understand 8man?

I see this thread happen every so often and I wonder: what is it about 8man that compels people to make threads like this? There are many characters which people don't enjoy but these are the threads that stick out to me.

I am going to impregnate Yukinoshita Yukino.

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I like his yaoi doujins where he gets hypnotized to be some dude's onahole. That's all I know from this anime

This stupid topic is baked into the dna of this series. Just like how any kokoro connect thread starts talking about seiyuu bullying, all oregairu threads will discuss how hachiman is literally (You). Nobody on this board has any original opinions or thoughts.

He's literally me

His character was literally me in middle school and parts of high school, until I grew out of my autism. The way he talked hit so close to home. I didn't think I would enjoy it as a 25 year old (when I think I watched it) but his character was so well written (for a high school romance harem)

You need to be a midwit with a lack of self awareness about why you're unlikeable, and enough arrogance to think everyone else is the problem.

he was fun in s1, but then he went full GENIUNE in season 2 and became shit

No, it's the opposite. Narcissists love characters like 8man.

The fact he's a hypocrite is supposed to be funny, I guess


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some people are equally unenjoyable in real life

He's fine the only real problem I have is that he's literally me

so true
saika my beloved...

He's one of the few enjoyable parts. He doesn't just smile like a bitch and take everyone's nonsense.

his only golden moment was btfoing the whore on the rooftop everything afterwards was shit
the concept of hurting oneself just to elevate others was an interesting idea but fell flat because japs can't write for shit

>becoming a normalfag makes everything worse
what a surprise

It was better for the character but not for the viewer, this is an example of that type of disconnect

He’s actually the reason why most people watch it. I can’t really relate to him but I still find him entertaining to watch. You don’t often see a rude asshole like this guy as a romcom protagonist.

This isn't a Shonen series where the power of love and friendship exists as an end-all solution to all the trauma that Hachiman and Yukino suffered from. But at the same time, the amount of unhealthy coping mechanicisms that those two did have to be the most grating part of Oregairu.

Remember that this was released years ago when most awkward chuunis identified with him. Fast forward to present day when the audience grew up and they saw how cringe 8man truly is.
If you watch this as an adult, you would find the author dumbed down his entire universe and made everyone else cartoonish just to justify 8man's thoughts and mediocrity

Wasn’t 8man’s viewpoints proven wrong at the end though. He even cringes at that essay he wrote at the start.

>If you watch this as an adult,
I did just a month ago and it is still pretty great. Him bawling his eyes out over some wanting genuine relationships is still bullshit though.

He's cringe and pretentious no fun allowed MC, I can't stand shows like that. Oregairu is cringe edgelord shit, see Okabe for a literally me mc done right.

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How dare you? He's literally me.

I find them both entertaining but for different reasons. I think they're both great main characters who actually have personalities of their own.

"literally me" has lost all meaning. Any male young MC is literally me now

I love Yukinoshita Yukino so god damn much it's unreal.

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shut the fuck up, 8man

Same. That's the answer to OP's question.

I mean the power of their love magically made yukino's ultra strict mither accept him into the famoly, their friendships aren't ruined for some reason even though every third girl has an open crush on her boyfriend, and the heiress to the company thing should still be a stressful situation but it's not for some reason

his first season design was cute

Yukino you cum farter

he's just like me
intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humour


>power of their love
mother saw that he was competent and that her daughter was really into him, also apparently his personality is really similar to yukino's father. yukino's mother probably realized that her daughter inherited her preferences. Don't have anything to say about the rest though.

>Hachiman is an autist
No he is not Autustic people are either neo nazi or tranny

I feel like it’s more of a character ruining
You know removing the things that originally represented him

Space time travel is more cringe. after all it’s not real

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because he's literally me

weebs only watch anime for autism points, not enjoyment

yukino is the younger daughter, she gets treated with way more leeway than haruna because she's less important. she resents that to certain extent which is the cause of the friction with her mother

Because he's a self insert.
Do you know that one type of character who's a fat ugly nerd that despise everything especially women and thinking he's superior to everyone else?
That's 8man.

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I miss when self-insert only referred to characters who are actual blank slates. with the way we use the word now, any character who's even remotely relatable is a self-insert

Nah the readers puts themselves in 8man shoes because that's how they behave during highschool, hence the self insert. It's just that unlike the reality, 8man actually attracts girls while in real life that would creeped girls out.

Of course, I don't expect you to notice that if you haven't outgrow your self insert harem phase.

Self insert just means "character I don't like" nowadays huh. He was definitely used to hook in lonely losers back then, but he was also shit on for those exact traits and turned into a normalfag in the end. If anything, it's a self-insert trap.

Naw the "character I don't like" part usually cames from the one that got their nerve struck since they got called out.

Nope. Self-insert is such a copout insult because you can't properly word out your dislikes about a character. If 8man were a blank slate, I'd understand what you're saying, but he actually has a personality, not a likeable one, but it's there. Come on, user. You may suck at English, but I'm sure you can word it out properly if you try.

third season was a pile of trash, first and second are enjoyable

Those people can only self-insert during the first season though. He changes to become what they hate during the 2nd and 3rd seasons. And yet a lot of people still enjoyed the series then, so what you're saying is false.

Huh? why are you feel insulted? I'm just telling you why people regards 8man as self insert, not you as a person.
Were you self inserting?

Are you sure you're not projecting? You were the one who immediately resorted to insults. I'm actually encouraging you to voice out your criticisms, user. 8man is indeed a very flawed character. Try listing out what you don't like about him for a start.