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I love you bros.

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I like how Martes didn't put up with Ojou-Sama's shit

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I liked her, so sad to see her go

Going for the gay furry audience as well as cunny appreciators is a bold move.

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So, are those clusters created by some AI?

Yes. That's what the synopsis says.

Yes. Population of humanity declined and its survival is being regulated under the guidance of AI.

Finally, the stupid dog is plot relevant.

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Actually I think he likes it.

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Where do I get a job as a butler?

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Why did no one told me there was a 3dcg kino show this season?

Because the threads die faster than D4DJ

Cute (and sad) episode. I like how they've tried to cover a lot of the different things the extractors could encounter in this kind of setting. Meeting one of the sources of the entire cluster before it got removed was unique and not what I was expecting.

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Wish they did a full-body pan with her looking at the camera, but oh well.

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I missed last weeks thread and only watched the episode a couple days ago, I better go watch the new episode now so I don't miss this thread as well

I wonder if there was any significance to the bear

Is it still fun or can I skip this show?

Are they insdie a virtual world or what?

Maybe, but I think they're in the real world and there's just a way to vaporize anything designated with some sort of cluster identifier within any given cluster. There's been tons of "magic" stuff like it before, if the disintegration wall seems too farfetched.
If they were in a virtual world, I think everyone besides Equa would've reacted more harshly to everything in the cluster vanishing.

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The shows synopsis suggests that it's not. It being a virtual world could be a reveal, though. If it's not then the cluster could have been deconstructed at a molecular level or some shit.

Oh shoot I forgot this comes out today at a later time then I expect.


Great episode; this wasn't at all what I expected from the show.

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Also interesting that that episode seemed to finally confirm wolfs gender with the magazine

what the FUCK Estab bros this was all fun and games but now I'm sad

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WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat

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Reminder to add noatime to Fstab

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why would a male voice actor voice a female character (unless it's aoi shouta voicing a tranny)

Oh shit she's cute. Gotta watch it now.

No, it's a future where a declining humanity has put AIs in charge of something like a human conservation program. Each 'cluster' preserves a different aspect of human society. I think the beast-people were also created by the AIs to increase human diversity.

I love you too bro

The bit at the end where they fell down after the termination was weird, it's like they popped into existence in the air instead of having been there and falling when the floor went

Thanks Noa and /g/ user, I just spent time reading up on access time on files in Linux such a weird thing to keep track of on very few instances where it was even used.

wears an outfit like that yet complains about not getting to wear underwear
actually now that we get this look from below you never would have been able to tell she wasn't in the bit with the reflective floor anyway, or was that a different outfit

OOOOOHHH moderator skirt dissolving erotic
that's what I tell myself to cope with the pain

>Cendrillion was the cluster moderator
>Designed as a spoiled young girl
>Retains her youth over an unknown length of time, decades at a MINIMUM
>Equa has the appearance of a JK
>Episode 3 suggests she may be far, far older
Is Equa the former moderator of a cluster?

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yep, too many people got filtered by the CG to give it a chance and it wasn't a trainwreck to get people watching for that

It's probably just something in the walls that sends out the wave
interesting though that rather than simply destroying everything but living cells it killed flora while leaving fauna alive including it's clothing

I was thinking she might be the admin or whatever they called it in this episode, or an aspect of the admin or something

Sounds like that might be the case. This show is damn good for being a gacha shill anime. I love watch these gacha anime adaptation you don't ever know if you'll watch something special.

>I love watch these gacha anime adaptation you don't ever know if you'll watch something special
She's probably The Manager.

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They shouldn't have chopped down the frames. It's full 3D anyway, no reason to do that.

estabros....what the fuck? i signed up for martes' no pan shitposting, not depression

I miss this guy like you wouldn't believe.

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>tsudaken plays a serial killer at the beginning of 2020
>and plays a serial killer at the end of 2020
Pretty crazy coincidence.

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Yeah they get pretty wild being prequels sometimes

What was such a magazine even doing in the basement

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Who's the person in the center?

Sex with Feles
Gacha mc I think.

Holy fuck there was a new episode today? How could I forget, I guess I know what I'm doing right fucking now then.

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I can't believe Cendrillion died to the battle royale ring.