ITT: Mangaka who wrote themselves into a corner

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He should've just ended it after the epilogue to chimera ant. The rest of this shit could've just been a kurapika spinoff.

It's over, let it go.

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No Gon, No Buy
Also Miura wrote himself into a grave, so that should count too. Are long boat voyages the mangaka-killer?

There wouldn’t be any difference. We’d just have a Kurapika spin off with a 4 year hiatus instead of the main manga

it got way too complicated. he was writing a doctoral thesis, not a manga

Not even a hunter "chad" but I find the concept of Dark Continent to be very interesting. Too bad we never gonna get there.

>t. i’m too retarded to understand basic shonen

I’m a student at Harvard so maybe it isn’t a level playing field, but I didn’t find the succession war to be hard to understand at all

Based. Everything after the anime ends has been total shit. Hisoka v Chrollo was one of the biggest let downs in Manga history

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yes just a basic shonen

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I drive a big truck for a living and I didn't find it hard to understand either, you just need to pay attention and be able to remember basic information. But you have to understand that the average Yea Forumsnon is borderline retarded

>literally just 14 sentences
user please

Not even. Black Clover was shit from the very start

I dropped at bear gerbil racist. How does it end?

that's the final page

Whales emerge and bring in animal protein supply in form of the (mindless) fish.

>huge asspull
>b-but it's foreshadowed
>immediate hiatus
BC is so shit

The black market gets destroyed by the citizens of the city

Yahya turned down the offer though

>create a villain so strong you have to turn not just 1 but both of the protagonists into ninja jesus just to defeat him, effectively killing the narrative you spent the last 10 years and 600 chapters trying to build up

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the grandmaster of asspulls

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That’s the charm of Jojos you sperg, you aren’t supposed to take it seriously

>just turn your brain off bro

I suppose you get annoyed that Saitama beats every one in one punch too? Or that OG Dragon Ball’s powerscaling is nonsensical?

wrong on both counts but I stopped watching after Z

The whole premise of HxH is that there are 4 main characters. Kurapika is just as much the protagonist as Gon is

Its not the amount of text but how ridiculous the style is. Its cringe chuuni writing, light novel trash

Yeah, he could've just laid in bed for his back, let his wife type the words, let someone else draw illustrations and makea light novel starring kurapika with this story.

>Yea Forumstards still argue about Hiatus X Hiatus all these years later

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it's not hard to understand, just a chore to read. Shit barely progresses because he feels the need to narrate every single detail. There's a reason that ''show don't tell'' is important in visual medias

>replace him with alien to add some massive increase in stakes, only without any of the charisma

Like how. Why would you stack so much shit just to drop it all and make a way more nebulous and undefined successor.

He’s said in interviews that he has the rest of the story written out. He could even just write the rest of it out in a screenplay format and hand it off to someone else to draw

man, even though this series ended like shit, I still fuckin loved it

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Did he seriously not plan ahead at all? Toriyama was better at ending his story and he was writing chapter to chapter after Frieza

Kishimoto should’ve ended the story after Pain

Me too user. I just wanted to feel the fluff.

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>literally me

I don't think togashi is written into a corner with this at all. He can quickly eliminate plot complications by just killing off characters aggressively.
If anything, he's cornered more by expectations from the fanbase rather than the plot.

I actually love the set up of all these fighting royal family members on the gigantic ship, the underground crime families, and the spiders and hunters all wrapped up in it. The only problem is that I wish Gon and Killua were on the ship to run around and explore it over being stuck with Kurapika in some room all the time.

As an alum, I find you to be a total retard.

you guys should fight and post it on youtube

I wish if people were going to make the 'Hunter x Hunter is too wordy' argument, not use the example where it being overexplained is literally the point.

>He should've just ended it after the epilogue to chimera ant.
to many unresolved plot points.

Read Toriko to get your fix for the concept

You’re not an alum

>Kurapika is just as much the protagonist as Gon is
No. He even had his main character slot stolen from him by the middle of Yorknew.

Mikoto Yamaguchi is a terrible writer who's had multiple series end because he had no idea how to properly resolve the mysteries and plots he set up... or at least it feels like he didn't.

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Does anyone have that one shitty ecchi manga where the last page was half finished and had text something like "I have no intention of continuing this manga in any form"?

>oneesama is translated as "sis"

user you are not about to tell me that fucking Leorio is in any way as much the protagonist as Gon is

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Oh like Hellsing the Dawn? I want more of trollycard...

>Don't read well crafted manga, consume wsj shonenshit

>well crafted manga
You need to have actual chapters to be a well crafted manga user, hiatus x hiatus hasn’t had one of those in years

He just ignores his corners.
>LOL it was just a coincidence. Not like there is any time manipulation going on which could be used to explain any one being sent back to the past. Nope just some random bloody guy who looks exactly like the protag and saves him in a place and time that only his mother and he would know.

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That doesn’t really hinder the story in any way. Nothing like Kishimoto or Togashi ruining their stories every arc

>make your villain too strong with no weaknesses
>protagonist magically gets a new ability out of nowhere that "defies reality" and kills him anyway

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there are almost 400 chapters the fuck are you talking about

Welcome to jojo

>Hisoka v Chrollo was one of the biggest let downs in Manga history
That fight was why i picked up the series.

400 chapters that lead nowhere since Togashi won’t get off his ass

>kills the big anticipated antagonist
>revives him a few chapters later

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