Seven Seas licenses Osamu Dazai isekai

Twitter is already complaining, calling it disrespectful and that it's making fun of suicide. Is it actually decent?

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why should I care what randos on twitter think?

I do not know. Why do you not go back there and ask them?


Sounds like me, will read

Not watching this, it will be horrible. isekai is literal cancer. Even BSD can be tolerable, and that crackhead mechashit akira-ripoff was atrocious, but i'm not watching this fucking garbage.

One of the better MCs around at the very least.

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I mean, it is disrespectful but no more than the other time he's been turned into an anime character.

Do not disrespect him he is literally ME.

>no longer human the book: a man who cannot understand other people and lives in a self inflicted hell because of it
>no longer human the manga (2): wacky Isekai comedy hijinks

If I'm going to entertain this faggotry where we care what randos on twitter are saying, they're just *some* randos on twitter. It's not even the whole of anime fans on twitter or the whole site. It's such an unimportant amount that I can't believe you'd waste my time with making a note of it. Kill yourself!

anime might suck but i do like dazai's work

Suicidal people should not use twitter, or access social media at all. They should be talking face to face with friends and family and cultivate real connections.

If Twitter is mad that means it's good

>no longer human the book: cringe pretentious trash
>no longer human the manga (2): wacky Isekai comedy hijinks a.k.a. FUN

Kill yourself.

This. Every single time idiots bring up something that was said on twitter they literally searched for it to even find those posts. And in many cases it's just some literal rando with 14 followers whining.


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Eh, didn't do this guy any favors.

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I stopped being depressive once I cut all connections, socialising is but a chore. Talking with people about your hobby online and close the tab whenever you are bored is the thing you should do.

Because it's the voice of humanity

Twitter isn't a hivemind faggot. Most fans there draw porn of all kinds of anime they don't belong to the trigger faction

I've recently read Natsume Soseki's Kokoro and i'm surprised there hasn't been an attempt at a modern anime adaptation of it. I don't think it would be impossible.

I think it got an adaptation via Aoi Bungaku, but that's been over a decade ago now.

Most of the people who complain about stuff like this are Tumblr refugees anyways

opposite you idiot

>OHNONONONO, isekai-hatersisters... this is impossible!

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the modern japanese has regressed to the mental level of a perpetual 8 year old child. they cannot process any idea more complex than one piece now.

>cancer metastacises
yes. what is your point, idiot?

It means you lose because there is no stopping the isekai train.

I love isekai like you wouldn't believe...

I bet you love superhero movies

And I bet you like sucking dick faggot.

>good anime loses because....a lot of seasonalshit is produced
lmao ok

in a perfect world those mentally ill people should belong in mental institutions without access to the internet

Third-rightmost on the top, isn't that Hana from Wataten?

like meiji/taisho/early showa were any better
>military and collectivism are... le BAD!

>isekaifag fantasizing about sucking dicks

That's Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear


Is Dazai good or meme

they had thicc thighs instead of sticc so yes they were better
go masturbate to your raccoon slave daughter

Coon slave lolis are Thomas Jefferson approved.

Why won't Seven Seas license The Mermaid Princess's Guilty Meal

Mishima isekai when?

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>swims in pussy
>thinks women have cooties, prefers larping as a christian martyr in homosexually suggestive photography shoots

Whoa, is the curse finally lifted? We'll finally get guaranteed translation updates? Changing the title is pretty stupid but I guess these days it's always about trademarks and making sure nothing will ever clash with a shitty LN title in five years time.

I mean, you do you, but if you watch manga instead of turning the pages that's rather your own fault that it's unenjoyable.

who are you even talking to?
>if you watch manga instead of turning the pages
take your medications

I opened the tweet and there's literally five comments, the least positive of which is just "what the fuck". I have no idea how OP is finding whatever he's on about, but it was probably one or two people at best.

For me it's walking alone in the woods. All my social connections are online, so when that's too much going away from the PC and saying "sorry I was out" helps. The trouble with being a NEET is you have to make that downtime for yourself, if you had work you'd have somewhere to go and things to do instead of dwelling.

I thought I read/watched a lot of isekai but I couldn't name or care for more than half of these. It really has become the most common genre going.

>Seven Seas licenses Osamu Dazai isekai
FINALLY more translations. Know license this.

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So is my dick but it never speaks.

no this.

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You shouldn't but companies do.

Isekai at its core trivialises suicide by making getting truck-kun'd, train-san'd, worked to death, stabbed etc. as a great thing since you'll go to a magic world where you're all powerful and everyone will suck your dick.

Nothing wrong with suicide

Neat, I was hoping the anime for their Tokusatsu series would get more of their stuff translated.

Yeah, I worry if it's making the problem worse.

It's true, though. I've personally gotten truck-kun'd and got to go through an isekai adventure where I'm all powerful and everyone sucked my dick.

The fan TL is largely awful, so this announcement is good news.

Normalfags are selfish bastards and would force you to endure this living hell people call life just so they dont have to face the ugly side of it. And when they're forced to see the ugliness they lash out about suicide being selfish and whatnot.

Cowardly bastards throw a shitfit the moment they're faced with their own mortality and ugliness of life.

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Infantilization of society is a gobal (desired) phenomenon unfortunately

Nothing wrong with that.

Then does he hate all Nips?