Xia isn't gonna up and dissapoint like the other two right...

Xia isn't gonna up and dissapoint like the other two right? All those loser flags popping up in the last couple chapters gotta be a fake out

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I just wonder what any of this has to do with The Inside

Xia is going to lose so hard that he wins, or he's somehow going to make everyone else lose harder.

>took off his shirt
He's already dead, user, the earlier you accept it the better.

it's all over once the prostitution arc starts

If Xia pulls out some bullshit transformation he will lose, but if he decides to drop the whole use weapons to win schtick he's gonna dominate

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incredible work as usual

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God, what fucking dementia made Sandro think a TWO YEAR TIMESKIP was a good idea. We've literally spent less time with Koga in total than time not with him, and that's both in terms of in-series time passing and chapters focused on him.

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He's fine. Just lonely because all his friends are dead.

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...Oh no.

>he was directing this at ji

Every surviving villain turned out to be an autistic and somewhat pleasant guy and all the rat cunts are either dead or on their way out
Can there please be one evil bastard who just survives

We don't even know what the goals of the villains are, and how the hell they plan to achieve it

Even at his best Liu would struggle mightily to beat Akoya alone, let alone with Ryuki. Sandro talking out his ass again

>In Purgatory there used to be a man called the Kung-Fu artist...

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Just read the chapter. No one here actually thinks Xia is winning this, right?

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Fuck off finger eating retard we don't need your negative energy. Xia Ji... LIVE

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I’m confused why people hate the timeskip so much. Back during the chapters when Koga’s training was actually on screen, people complained about how it would take years for him to catch up with the current fighters. Did people want another 80+ chapters of him training?
I’m not saying the timeskip was an objectively good thing, I just want to know what a better alternative would have been. Show a couple of his fights in Purgatory and then timeskip?

It wasn't much of a shirt anyway.

I would take a full series showing just how Koga, Kokuro, Jose, Ryuki, etc train and grow stronger Baki style, with Ryuki's Worm plot fuckery being the equivalent of Baki v Yujiro

yeah pretty much. Especially if they pull a non depressed lolong out of nowhere. Omega really needs a block of breather chapters, it's either been pure plot or pure fights since the beginning of the tournament. Send these guys to a beach or Jurota mountain or a ryokan

>Did people want another 80+ chapters of him training?
Another 80? We didn't even get 50. But yes, it's far better for us to see his development into a strong fighter rather than having the whole thing skipped over. None of his strength feels earned now.

Baki threads are full of shit like "duhh another chapter where nothing happens", but I honestly think Itagaki's way of handling pacing is better than Sandro's. Kengan feels like it's speedrunning through plotpoints while Baki seems to be a more natural "characters bouncing off of each other" type of series

Volume 13 went up on Japanese Amazon so there's another extra chapter there
What's it going to be

Xia has been beaten up and trounced in every situation we've ever seen him in since Ch 50. His suffering is detailed to the point of fetishism. He won't win, but I'm certain that either he won't lose, or he'll lose but manage to escape everyone who's after him so he can suffer another day.
All of Koga's training was tied to his development as a character, and his relationships with other characters. Those are sorta vital things that we've just lost now. Also, we could've at the very least gotten smaller timeskips that show his time in Purg or something so that we aren't immediately just given this Kengan level Koga who can go toe to toe with a high level foe out of nowhere, when the last time that we saw him fight was literally over 100 chapters ago where he had difficulty taking on a group of high level mooks.

I think it would have been far more palatable to do a timeskip in a chunks and let us touch in on Koga in between.
>Show a couple of his fights in Purgatory
Absolutely this for sure. I also don't think his first proper Kengan fight(I suppose orca counts as a real match, but this was his first in front of a crowd and for a company) should have been offscreened in the post tournament 3 month mini timeskip either.
So for a compromise between advancing time and actually showing, I would devote at least ten chapters(which I think is a pretty fair break from worm shit), say something like
>Show us that fight
>Skip to the Ohma/Koga scene
>Give us a bit more of Koga in Kengan, show him interact with other connections he made during the tournament, Okubo would be a good candidate
>Koga makes the call to go spend time at Purgatory for whatever reason, which we still don't really know. Maybe he meets Terashi while hanging with Okubo, who gives him the idea?
>Koga joins Purgatory
>Skip around a little bit, show at least one of his matches there
>Show him interacting with people like Liu instead of just throwing out references like this chapter
>Show Lolong taking an interest in him to lead up to the Agito/Lolong training
Generally I'd say at least let us check in with Koga every 3 months of this to allow us to feel like we're still with him on his journey. For him to just appear two whole years later both with a huge powerup and acting differently just makes me feel a disconnect from the initial Koga.

Entire Purgatory tournament could've been a Koga training arc and it would've given the Purgatory cast like double the screentime. Fucking Jose inviting Koga to Purgatory was the perfect setup/foreshadowing too, so it wouldn't have come out of left field either

>why do people wanna see Koga's development??
I've seen this question time and again in these threads and I can't believe such a simple storytelling concept is so difficult to understand.

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>An actual good post
>it's never going to happen because Sandro hates purgatory
Aaaahhh it hurts, get a writefag on this

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Hurr durr what's the point if Koga isn't instantly stronger than EoS Ohma?? Because him challenging himself is entertaining regardless, retards. I enjoyed Kokuro v Koga in the alleyway more than Lu Tian v Agito or Ohma v Lolong, despite their fight not being as high level


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Good chapter for once.

That’s literally not what I asked, but ok keep acting like a smug prick.
I get that people want to see him develop and interactions but back during the chapters where his training actually was on screen people complained about how long it would take for him to catch up to everyone else and pointed out it would be bad writing if he caught up too fast.
I acknowledge that a two year timeskip might have been too long, but having another stretch of chapters for a training arc would start complaining about how it’s taking too long again, especially after all the reveals that dropped during the tournament. The pacing is already all over the place.

the scoops are always greener on the other side

>it would be bad writing if he caught up too fast.
Cosmo went from washout to pushing the MC in what, one day? If Sandro used the shanking to give Koga a similar buff, I don't think anyone would've complained. I think half the people talking about how Koga can leapfrog into top tier just enjoyed theorizing about "Punished Koga", "Avenger Koga", "Rokushin Five Koga' and whatever else theories popped out about Koga's next major arc. I personally thought Koga would recreate the Niko style through Kazuo, Ryuki, and the KAT guys, and quickly grow stronger through perfecting his new, unique style. Ohma's revival and how Niko/Fei were handled was absolutely terrible for this series

>Lolong spent the entire tournament trying to train a shitter with special eyes
>Lolong is once again training a shitter with special eyes
The dots are right there and yet Sandro refuses to connect them and instead there are four chapters of Himuro and the Taiwanese stripper army. Please make it stop

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Yes, and it doesn't even have to be training. Just show him fighting against other fighters slowly improving after every fight and acquiring new techniques etc. . Would've been way better than the shitty time-skip we got.

>Cosmo went from a washout
What? They distinctly wanked off how much of a prodigy Cosmo was all throughout Asura. Unless I’m remembering something wrong about his backstory.

I know I'm setting myself for yet another disappointment but I love the scenes we've gotten with The Connector I'm glad he has such a dry sense of humor and he pairs well with Yan

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People were shitting on Koga and how long it would take to get him up to speed. But the funniest thing was the Ashurafags harping the same tune of "I can't believe we traded Ohma for this" hell some of these fags were talking about the wonderboy Cosmo taking the reigns.

The fact is this, these people have no idea what they want. Yeah on paper watching Koga go from a bum to a top fighter sounds good but then you realize you have to cram like 120+ chapters of developing the fucker, as well as bringing back the old crew in new dynamic ways. If there is no tournament then worm hunting would be the next best thing and I just don't see how Koga training while the others fuck around with worm agents is going to mesh.

Maybe the whole worm subplot needed to go or maybe the entire idea of Koga being an mc was doomed from the start, either way if Sandro caters to the vocal minority....Omega would be much worse than it is.

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Cosmo almost got killed in his fight again murdercop and only barely won because he managed to adapt and improve in time. How it was handled there was believable, especially since he was already considered one of the most talented fighters in the series.

I like Wulong but also refuse to let myself to get attached to a villain after Eddie. I'm just going in fully expecting him to either go batshit crazy or die to some stupid mistake he practically has to go out of his way to make, like Fei letting Wakatsuki hug him or Eddie sparing everyone constantly.
As a side note, he doesn't seem to have the split pupils here. I wonder if that's intentional or Daro just forgot.

you fuckers are outright lying now
People bitched nonstop about Cosmo's plot armor, but Ashura was getting translated daily and came with volume extras and gaidens alongside actually fleshing out characters
Omega is not only ongoing, but spends less time with characters and has writing that wildly fluctuates alongside making avant garde choices like bringing cohma back, having 5 antagonists lose in a row, and multiple dementia-tier timeskips
Koga also learned Gaoh style footwork in one night, his pace is the same shit as cosmo

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He had like two powerups due to Akoya
>Learning to trade damage
Like how he allowed Ohma to pound on his broken ribs in order to bait him into a hold
>Reflexes x Foresight fusion
How he maintained his mount on Ohma. People who say that Koga needs X years of timeskip to be on Y level are braindead communists.
Koga's been set up as a prodigy as well
>Instantly learns how to ice skate and maintain his balance on ice to a point Adam gives his approval
>Gets rid of wasted movements faster than Kureishi thought he would
>Tags Ryuki in the footwork training session
>Seki's "now I see what Yamashita saw in you" or whatever
>Kokuro's "damn you grew THIS strong in just a couple of months??"
Skipping a few months at a time would've been more than enough, 2 years and 3 months being skipped post tournament was definitely overkill

>Koga also learned Gaoh style footwork in one night
He trained with Ryuki for an entire night and managed to touch him one time out of a hundred, even when he was learning he was still being outclassed

Every little powerup Koga got barely put him into boat jobber tier, which I find weird considering Kaneda, Sawada, Rihito, Ren, Himuro would probably fail the training Koga's been through. Basically it feels like Sandro forgot that the KAT didn't have only Okubo-and-up type of fighters in it, so he's making Koga train for a century before giving him a win against Kaneda or some shit

>Koga, did I ever tell you about Terashi
>He had a sharingan too
>He didn't know how to throw a punch, he just kept slapping
>He didn't know how to fight at all
>and he got choked out by a clown
>His only gimmick was vibration, it was ridiculous, he got called a walking sex toy by a grown man in a clown costume in front of thousands of people
>And he was a good friend

I just don’t get why you called him a washout. Everyone fawned over how much potential he had all throughout Asura. He was never presented as an underdog.

Just admit you weren't even around pre-chapter 50. It's kind of obvious.

Or more like Sandro can't wrap his head around different characters improving at different speeds, so Koga will never catch up to any KAT fighter because they're improving at the same rate while having a higher "base"
Potential isn't current power. His employer literally wanted to switch him out for Okubo, and he remained only due to a technicality, remember?
Akoya ragdolled him, Cosmo pissed himself, etc. I don't want to know what your definition of underdog is if R2 Cosmo doesn't cut it
>up to speed
Retarded nigger NGMI.

>I don’t know what your definition of an underdog is
I’m just saying that the way Koga and Cosmo were portrayed was entirely different.
The older and experienced fighters pointed out that Koga had a ton of potential too but also constantly brought up how far away he was from being a certified fighter and how much work he needed to put in despite his ability to grow faster than an average person.
Cosmo on the other hand already had a track record as a fighter when he was introduced and had the skill the back up his reputation, unlike Koga who got constantly dumpstered by other fighters. Even when Cosmo was outclassed by Akoya, his supporters were still confident he would win.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that Koga was more or less a street punk who was too big for his britches and got humbled, while Cosmo was established to be able to hang with the big boys from the start even though there was still a ton of room for growth. I’m not arguing over which one is the better character, but there’s a distinct difference in their development.

We should’ve had a montage
Koga sport training montage

Cosmo was a street punk before Kureishi started mentoring him, too. Current Koga should be R1 KAT Cosmo levels of reputation/"potential", and anything else is Sandro forgetting what he wrote in Ashura.
Agreed, skipping his debut, Purgatory, etc, fights was a mistake, should've given us a one page summary for each of those at the very least

>eat the fucking adobo koga just do it

How long was it between Kureishi training him and him making his debut as a fighter though?
The main difference is that Cosmo is introduced AFTER his training and having a track record already, while we’ve been following Koga’s growth from the very start.


Did anyone like the Worm shit in Ashura? The guardians, Long Min, and Ranjo were incompetent to the point I thought Sandro tried to get rid of them on purpose to focus on the KAT instead. I guess the "you work for HIM?!" during Ohma v Ranjo should've alarmed me that hackery was afoot.
Cosmo was self trained while fighting Yakuza and shit, then Kureishi took him in, so like five years under Kureishi I guess? (self taught 10-13, under Kureishi 13-18-current). Koga did Rokushin from (I assume) 13-18, then challenged dojos for two years after meeting Ohma (18-20), and he's been training with his army of teachers for two years and change (20-23). Current Koga should be roughly the equivalent of KAT Cosmo, so a nightmare to "normal" KA fighters

That depends on what it would take to disappoint you.

>no "and it was like a constant porno" about the walking vibrator
>when Lolong immediately recognized the vibration in the actual match
You bitches are WEAK

Also an A class in Purgatory if Falcon, Yumi, Carlos are anything to go by, doubt KAT Cosmo would lose to any B-list Gladiator other than maybe Nicolas (the Hatsumi of Purgatory)

So some clarification. It's Ohma that said he wanted to be Koga.

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>Tall lanky faggot who relies on gimmicks and weapons instead of actually fighting is now up against the wall
Holy shit, it's pottery except now Ohma is there too so that fucks everything up.

Huh, did people actually think the Ojou-sama Xia Ji would want to swap places with some diseased commoner nip?