Kunoichi tsubaki

Which kunoichi is in the most need of correcting?

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No replies the shows dead =(

I don't think we can actually correct these kids cunnybros

These brats are a good start

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We knew there would be losses after the Mokuren episode.

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The lesbian

See it even says no.1 in there

What did scarface do to deserve the angering ?

For me its this stinker

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One down
Many more to go

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based burgerbro who thinks all the world is the US

kill yourself

Obvious answer.

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It should be noted that Fuki is a good girl.

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Saved, good edit.

am i boring because i think she's best girl?

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She has a bigger forehead to cum on so no.

Who dat?

Being a lousy cheat

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What are they feeding these lolis that makes them always need the toilet?

she a mary sue: loved by everyone, best at everything, always on point and thinking about dick

i just want her to call me a good boy

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>Thinking about dick
That's what makes her perfect.

Cute sexy legs.

This stupid little monkey

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she cute when scared

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Hinagiku will soon have her revenge.

Made for anal prolapse.

She didn't actually go to the toilet

My daughterwife will only be experiencing that from her ibs thank you very much!

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poop monkey

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I wonder whats going on in this thread about our show?

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Goddamn, Satuyo needs to draw more funnyichis

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>Didn't make it
Housenka aint the only stinker

That monkey funky

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I like her and Benis the most.

they have a cool dynamic. when will tsubaki learn that what shes really after is a hard, pink Benis

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Can someone briefly explain what the appeal of this series is without using the words "child", "belly" or "erotic"?

cute school slice of life but make it ninjas.

Minor abdomen arousing

Its well animated and cute. The characters are cool and funny. I do hope its more than just a sol

I want allure to make it in because every time Tsubaki uses it she embarrasses herself.

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Prepubescent tummy sexy.

>Something inside Sazanka awakened that day.

The one that said men's groins are their weakness.

Cute girls doing cute things/Slice of Life

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indirect kissu jutsu

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someone explain to me the appeal of ryona

Spoiled brat!!!

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cute feet

God that blonde on the right is fucking ugly.

>tfw I just fapped to this doujin this afternoon
Feels weird man.

Sexy loli brats.

Here is a Fuki (you)

No UOHHH this episode?

Good friend groups oriented anime.