Daily Hoshi no Samidare Chapter

Chapter 13: Chapter 14

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early start today.

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Oh boy, 00:00

take those voodoo numbers out of here

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>it can't hurt
Little did she know

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RIP. Really sells the danger of golems

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Fuck. Gets me every time.

end of chapter.

to continue from yesterdays question, what pet death was the hardest for you?

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>Ludo has his paw on his hand
Cute detail

The cat. Thanks OP.

Oh boy 5:00 oclock

Thanks OP.
The first dead (was a cat) because was agonizing near me, tried unsuccefully heal her in a veterinary (lasted two days after they tried to cure her).

Nice deathflag, I blame her for the death of her different timeline husband

Goodbye Masked Hero

The real fault lies with their different timeline psychic power having descendants

>my name's Ludo you fag

the tears just started flowing

FUCK, i really didn't think he would die here


He wasn't good enough for Hisame anyway


Thanks OP

Probably my third dog since I was the one who connected with her at the animal rescue shelter where we got her. We've always had at least 2 dogs at a time, and the saddest part is seeing the other's reaction when their friend doesn't come home.

>hangetsu uses halberd from his defending hand to blow the golem hand, nullifying the attack, while also blowing its vital
>golem instantly changed his rock to paper to grab hangetsu hand thats using halberd to redirect it from its vital
this is some galaxy brain shit


So this is the power of Aikido

The family cat sweep Such a wonderful energetic and affectionate boy. I carried his stiff, lifeless body up the road to our house. He felt like he was made of wood.

Did the bot glitched?

Who? I suck at recognizing those shared souls. First one remotely similar girl that came to mind was that one researcher from the Tribe of the Void in Sengoku Youko

Have you not read Hoshi no Samidare before? Just wait then and you'll figure it out in 61 days.


Thanks op. The cat that I ran over

This is a fun series.

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The roller coaster has started.

Buckle up, virgins.

My first dog, probably just because it hit my mom so hard. I came home from work to find her digging a grave,

Thanks OP. Definitely my first dog, back when I was 8 or 9. My family got a few dogs since then, but I haven't really connected with animals at all after that.