Had Misato actually gone through with having sex with Shinji what would've happened?

Had Misato actually gone through with having sex with Shinji what would've happened?

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It probably would've made his mental issues worse to be honest

Ritsuko would give her a good lecturing

She would have been arrested.

Both of them would probably kill themselves
Misato would keep trying to fuck him to cope with what she did and the state of her life

what's the post apocalypse regulatory situation like in japan?

Shinji would start manning up from the increased testosterone.

Age of consent in Japan is 13
plus he'd have report it to the cops

Asuka would have suddenly been more into him.

She probably would've ended up killing herself honestly

Little Shinji in 9 months

I dunno he'd turn into tang or fail the divine test to keep the lilim away from the gay adamites or sbhjaadsbhjasdbhjsdbhj

Realistically probably make his condition worse but for MAH MUTHAFUCKIN DICK it'd be the best ending ever

she's legally his guardian or something, so she has a duty of care like a teacher

Shinji would be completely obsessed with as his sole beacon of acceptance and love and for a time he'd be on top of the world. And the second she went to fuck Kaiji he'd be broken twice as hard. He might get so desperate as to rape rei or asuka after Misato sets him straight that they aren't in a relationship.

Now an actual misato shinji relationship is another matter entirely, but he's way too childish and naive for her, too weak and feminine for her to be legitimately attracted to. But if she had completely different tastes, having a momwife like Misato probably would have been very therapeutic for shinji if he would accept her. But that's just not how these characters are written

A happy ending instead of a violent autistic outburst that turned everyone to orange goop.

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The sheer level of sexual aggression Asuka would exhibit in an attempt to stamp out Misato's claim on Shinji and replace it with her own is an honestly terrifying thought.

happy ending only if misato cuddles him enough that he opes up to her emotionally
the true key to shinji's heart is unconditional love

He'd probably become a Chad and get in the fucking robot without issues.

The charges, officer?

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>Age of consent in Japan is 13
Inaccurate. The national AoC is overriden at the prefectural level, and every prefecture (todofuken) in Japan has an AoC of 18.
However exceptions are made for "young couples" with their parents' approval (and following an investigation). This does not extend to abuse from a trusted adult guardian.

Kaji was as dead as the dollar in that moment in time.

You are not japanese and you need to leave your basement

Hopefully this.

Tokyo 3 is under the direct jurisdiction of the government. So prefectural laws wouldn’t apply.

By all indications Tokyo 3 isn't actually under the jurisdiction of the Japanese government at all, Nerv's mandate is extra-legal and the Magi actually run the civilian areas of the city despite an elected council with no powers existing.

this, evangelion would have turned into a harem anime

>fucks the cops who come to arrest her
check mate

There are those military men in episode 1 that bombs the angel before giving command over to Gendo and NERV so someone was above them at the start.
The Japanese government also sends in JSDF in EoE so they must have some jurisdictions.

Everybody high fives him

I wish she was a virgin bros ;-;

Imagine getting irrationally upset at being told actual facts from Japan.

Acceptable point

I got the impression that Gendo was just letting them fail so they'd be convinced that Nerv was indispensable. In episode 6 Misato just waltzes into an SSDF facility and takes the canon she needs so I doubt Nerv would have to wait for a legal transfer of authority in a more pressing situation if he really needed it.

>The Japanese government also sends in JSDF in EoE so they must have some jurisdictions.
The SSDF (fictional post-2i 4th branch) isn't beholden to the same limitations as the SDF in real life, remember the UN is a world government in Eva, with the military structures of its member nations integrated into a centralized UN command. (a mixed American-Russian pacific fleet for example)

Misato is mai waifu

The national age of consent is, but each prefecture has their own age of consent which is mostly 17-18.
>The more you know!

He would have started crying and they would have stopped.

does she ever wear clothes when no one else is home

Shinji would start hitting the gym and stop being a beta cuck

> the cops

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The show would've gotten pulled for being too based.

that sounds like a good show

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This. Why does everyone forget that by the time this scene happens, Kaji has already been whacked?

Hell, half of what makes them having sex seem plausible is that Misato turns to Shinji out of desperate loneliness after Kaji's death.

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This, sex is literally the only way Misato knows to forget her problems, and she's projecting her needs onto Shinji trying to convince both of them she's offering it for his benefit.

This is why Evangelion is great btw

It would have been a more interesting anime.

Of course, this is also right after Rei's death, so Shinji's pretty distraught himself. But he processes grief in a completely different way than Misato.

She should have just held his hand, frankly. Fuck, if she'd been gentler and actually talked things out with him, she might HAVE gotten to fuck him after all. But her approach was a disaster.

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Sounds like where Asuka running away could turn into Asuka scouting a place to keep a body and a boy tied to a chair.

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No this is NERV, they get away with way worse. Maybe SEELE uses it for propaganda before the bloody end of eva stuff but they're at a level of importance where the ordinary legal system simply fails to apply.

What'd she mean by this?

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You know, everyone talks about Shinji fucking this or that girl. Like Shinji's the protagonist of a harem anime. But it seems to me like, instead, you've got women AND men all wanting to fuck Shinji. He's the real prize of the show.

Is he really that great?

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he's a natural-born househusband
literally just give him a little bit of genuine affection and he'd love you forever
plus he's cute

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I wanna make a cute house waifu out of Shinji

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Imagine Shinji's cute little pouch. I bet it smells like baby powder.

Unit one would have smushed her for defiling her son like that.

>self-insert is a nubile teenage boy that people think is cute

What did Anno mean by this?

Misato is a commander of NErv,and it would probably happen in Tokyo3 in her apartment. Pretty sure in that universe, she's more powerful than cops trying to enforce anything in tokyo3.

How are you going to separate Shinji's specs from the circumstances, though? Is Shinji's photo supposed to be particularly cute or would Misato get so attached to any fourteen year old that reminded her enough of herself and that she was asking to enlist?

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seele? more like silly?
amirite guise?

Non stop daily sex

>How are you going to separate Shinji's specs from the circumstances, though?
eh, if you give Shinji 2 to 3 years away of the depressing nightmare that is the plot of EVA i can see him getting his shit together and maybe becoming pretty fuckable

Misato so-called experience gets broken as her womb loses against Shinji's sperm and as result she gets pregnant

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they just have to fuck outside a prefecture retard

i see you are a fellow gentleman of taste