Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Please say something nice about this gremlin, it's her birthday!

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She must give interesting blowjobs.

The head wife of the harem!

the most wholesome bad-end-rapist-succubus there is

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Basically the perfect girl.

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Happy Birthday, Clara!
She's super cute!

Happy birthday, head pats for Clara!

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Her mom is pretty hot

She's best girl

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What's the anime adaption like? From the clips I've seent the animation/designs look wonky and the MC seems as irritating as Deku.

Animation does have obvious budget issues but it is enjoyable and carries the spirit of the manga.

>character is drawn flat 99.99% of the time
>turns out she actually is busty
This is one of the best tropes for female characters I swear to fucking God

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Made for irumatio

she's even got built in handlebars

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where are the Raws you cum receptacle

Golden Week, so no chapter this week.

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She's gonna be the succ queen.

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How can Chima even compete?

no Iruma-kun this week...

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i liked sin sin & ran ran

The best Special Force Captain

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>Those motherly arms

>built in handlebars

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Dude i watched the entire first season of boku no hero and i could not give a shit about anyone in the class except for maybe all might

But watching iruma has been great i love every single character in the entire school including the teachers and even the extras that don’t go to the same class as iruma, also this is a bit of a spoiler but “evil” iruma is great, it’s just iruma but way more proactive and confident, he legitimately cares about everyone in his class

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Iruma is how you handle the Deku archetype correctly. It's better than BNHA in basically every way, but most importantly, the main character.

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Ever read the doujin by the Dragon Maid guy where the shota mc is trapped in a fluffy tiddy dimension created by loli-oppai succubus?

That's what clara can do to you.


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She really gives Amerie a run for her money, a definitive 2nd place.

Cute chibi Iruma

It's Golden Week which means break week so enjoy watching Bane sensei pound some dirt for another week



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Ameri is best girl for Iruma, but Clara is best girl for me

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I’m mad the anime skipped the mixer chapter. Will it be the first episode of season 3?

Will season 3 get to the music festival? One season seems too short for both music and harvest, but maybe too long for just the harvest festival.

Nah, she's made for rimming Iruma while Ameri sucks him off.

What's with her voice?

If they stretch the training stuff a bit, the actual harvest festival is actually pretty long so I wouldn't be too surprised if they could make it last the whole season.
Maybe end it on them realizing Purson was there the whole time as a cliffhanger too.

God, I wish she was bouncing on my cock while holding the base of it with her tail so I can't cum until I've built up enough to fill her cunt to the brim with my life giving seed.

her voice is cute

Best third wife

Clara a cute!

>high energy succubus with shark teeth
Remind me why Clara is supposed to have such low seductive power? I literally can't think of anything that'd give me a bigger erection. The gremlin mode is just a power limiter.

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Kurara is stupid!

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I'm sad because there's no raws this week, but I'm glad that Clara has a birthday today!

Oh, I'll be enjoying it thoroughly.

She is probably too dumb to know what even sex is

He starts out as a little bitch without a backbone, but he develops into an actual good character much faster than Deku does

I'll make Lied cum like a succubus

Sexy Pose

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I hear she's happy and well.

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stinky girl best girl

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