New short in two hours, chances of transformations today are high.

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God I love Blue.

How many oni would a onipan pan
if a onipan could pan oni?
He would pan, he would, as much as he could, and pan as many oni as a onipan would if a onipan could pan oni.

I wonder if they'll ever do the pants/bread pun

Livestream link:

Episode summary:
Episode 4: "Club Activity Oni"
The onikko are living a quiet life, having even grown used to school now. However, they've grown so used to this life they've completely forgotten their mission to improve the image of oni! After they come to their senses and realize things can't continue like this, the trio decide to follow Momo's suggestion of partaking in club activities!
As they check out the rather strange club activities at Oha Suta Middle School, they run into the mech club, which is about to be shut down. The trio decides to join the drone race the club's existence hinges on...!


>Thank you for watching today! What the onikko encountered wasn't a mekabu, it was a mecha-bu, a club for creating mechs! The trio also showed a really oni-like side to them today. 120% being cooler than 100% is a really romantic way of thinking...! Tomorrow a "certain fact" about the mecha club will be revealed! Even though it's Golden Week, we recommend you watch the show live! Stay tuned for tomorrow!

You can already buy onipanpan in nipland. Chances are they consider it too basic a pun to bother with.

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>We're in the middle of Golden Week! I wonder what kind of club activities Tsutsuji-chan and the others will end up doing!! For the record, I'm an active participant in my school's computer club!! Apparently we're going to learn a secret about the mecha club tomorrow? You can't miss that episode!! Please look forward to it! -Yume

blue is a lazy bastard and the worse oni

blue is a lazy bastard and the best oni

>Tomorrow a "certain fact" about the mecha club will be revealed!

>Apparently we're going to learn a secret about the mecha club tomorrow?

Wait, so is it going to be something other than "they're about to be shut down", or are they just acting like nobody read the summary despite them posting the summary on twitter a few days before these comments?

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>Literal Onipan-pan
That's fucking based

I'm ready for lots and lots of Blue.

>This is Cocona Nonaka from Onipan's! the application periods for the Onipapapan! Pan! release events are currently open! They're going to involve all kinds of things, like preorder bonus distributions, talks where we have Miyu Tomita and Mori Hayashi as guests, concerts where we perform Onipan's songs, and more! This is the first time the three of us do a release event like this, so we're all super nervous, but I'm sure we're going to have lots of fun together! Make sure to come!

I just want onipan. Onipan-branded onipan.

How about Onipan-branded onipanpan?

20 minutes. I'm ready.

Rate my housewife.

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Sorry, Yellow is already married to me


>This is Yume Nozaki from Onipan's! The Onipapapan! Pan! CD jacket and extras have been revealed! Yay! My favorites are... Ta-da! These acryl stands! But all the other extras are really cute as well, so everyone, make sure to check out Onipapapan! Pan! Take care!

Any anons getting the CD?

Guess I'll have to go with her non-union hexapod equivalent.

Other than a few superficial similarities they're not really equivalents at all, but I wanted to post Nozomi anyway.

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>Any anons getting the CD?

why is don-patch doing the white power symbol
he's orange...

That's the Oha Suta logo/mascot, yo.

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Here we go.

I like Yuuyuu and her cheerleader thing.

What's the tune in that Booklive ad?

Oh that's right, it's Children's Day in nipland today. May 5th.

Fuck, I can't place it. I've heard it before, other ads use it for their jingles too.


Jesus Christ Japanese manga magazines are thick.

I love that Sakuramoto guy.


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Yeah, that's why doujin are called thin books

Today's quiz question from the Nazotokingdom anime. What picture does the question mark hide?

Is your nip good enough to solve this?

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>didn't even show the pants-putting-on

That's OK, more time for Oni-ness

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>they just keep interrupting Momo
No respect.

They don't want her to get her catchphrase laugh in.

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Inventor Style.

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>Red's tie is just part of the pattern

They'll most likely transform again tomorrow, the preview showed them in the plugsuits Red wears in the ED.

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Red looks like a Doc Brown reference.

>Blue can't be fucked to raise her hand more than this

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Hah, didn't even notice that.

>tomorrow's episode is going to introduce AND conclude the drone race and have the onikko transform again

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If you don't think Momo is the best girl you're a faggot.

>blue wearing thighhighs

The answer is shiren (trial), the numbers indicate note names on the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si-do scale

Unfortunately we didn't get to see much of it beyond that one shot. Time to wait for fanart.

Blue > Momo

I think it's actually meant to be transparent.

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Looks like it folds along with the shirt here

Maybe. The robot was definitely a reference to Cosmo Cleaner D

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Imagine if they have to put onipan over there onipan outfits.

Could be meant to be part of the pattern and still be a reference. Having the tie be part of the shirt pattern seems like the kind of humor this show would go for.

I've seen t-shirts like that, guess there could be collared shirts as well