Spy x Family

Love is blind

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Anya is stupid and ugly!

peanut lookin ass nigga

Please take your black-speak elsewhere. Never use such black-speak on this site, talk like a normal person.

Stop talking about this overrated show

Stop making threads

Oricon this week

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Damian's wet dreams about Anya when?

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After the time skip.

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He is pure

Damian seems like the type of hot boy who deals with his attraction by beating.

Nutty face

Start talking about Yor

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Poor Damian he's going to go back to the boarding house and cry into his pillow with how much Anya will tease the fuck out of him then smile with her peanut-eating grin.

I don't like stupid women.

Post the full image and I will

>Yor defiles her as she prepares to take your life
One way to go out desu

Shut up damian

Death penalty for this cold blooded assassin.

Just picked up Vol. 1 today. I’m enjoying it; unironically _cute_ and funny

found the shingeki fanboy

Is the anime 24 episodes? If so, best girl might appear to stir some drama.
With many of the fanbase are women.She'll definitely get hated..

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You're free to make a thread about whatever hidden "gem" tickles your fancy

Shingeki is also terrible
And One Piece is even worse before you say anything

Ah so a contrarian then

What shows do you like? And just so that we are on even ground here are some of mine
>Shadows House
>Huge Fatefag

Spotted the hunterkek


>Reddit x Family tards don't know how to properly greentext

Color me surprised

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Bomb arc sucked
Cruise ship arc stunk
Manga needs to keep to the school setting

>redditsaw man

Are the black things on Anya's head like vectors ala Elfen Lied or just decoration?


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>Bomb arc sucked

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Its conclusion was kind of anticlimatic. Denji was loosing the fight until he wasn't. I like Reze though, until she became one of Makima's simp.

Like your family stopped talking to you?

If he sees her smug face as being a cute shoujo-esque look, then how was he able to perfectly replicate the retarded face version later?

Tell me about this child. Why did they make her horny?

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this is such a bizarre image out of context

rabu yoru-chan~

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Learn English dumb nigger

smugness is an instinctual trait

SxF threads are here to stay

God if I were Loid I'd be fucking those tits every single day

Hope not. Or we might have another schizo user dropping by.

Love me some sweater Yor

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that's what CSM and SNK threads are for. Schizos entering these threads usually just get bored.

then maybe it would be an even fight

thats why you aren't loid, you're a slave to your penis and will never be the best spy in the world

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shut your bitch ass up nigga

>you're a slave to your penis and will never be the best spy in the world
But what if that's what I want you to think?

>YFW the series ends with Loid and Yor getting married for real

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>can hear you as you try to hold a shit in class

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Yes please

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then you wouldn't be fucking yor and this discussion would be pointless. so which is it? are you loid or are you a loser?

cute peanut


Heh, it was actually me, Daybreak all along.

I just fapped to this set

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