What Yea Forums couple has the best sex life?

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me and your waifu

Naruto and Hinata and it's not even close.
>inb4 korean raikage spammers

me and your mom

the raikage and hinata

sorry wrong pic

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>user found the one straight fanart of mha
>the entire focus is on an off model deku

Pic unrelated

me and your mum

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There's way too many people with his mom to call that relationship a couple my dude.

Naruto barely gives any fuck about Hinata as of Boruto and the plot doesn't do their relationship any favors.
Chances are that Nardo was too gay to get it up for Hinata and Kurama had to tag in for Boruto and Hima to be born.

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Candice and Joe

Naruto is the only hero in shounen with a canonically small dick

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Goku and Bulma

Has their sex life ever come up in Boruto?

Mikasa & Jean
Asuka & Kensuke

He's looking at you.

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Wrong OP

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canon btw

Gon Freecss and dozens of female sailors in their 30s

Not OP, that's for sure.

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There's that incredibly wholesome gif of Naruto and Hinata in bed that some animator did. That might be as much as we have to work with

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Sai was truly the best waifu in the series.

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>Ghoul regeneration
>BDSM tendecies
Too bad most of TG doujins is yaoi stuff.

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Sai was just flirting with Naruto

The power to stretch any part of your body

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Let the seething commence.

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Sasuke and Karin
Kakashi and Sakura
Naruto and Sarada


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>Karinschizo is also a Saladpedo

I think they're meant to be older here, but fanartists are extremely guilty of "fixing" male character designs as much as female character designs. West or East. It's lame.

everything I stated is canon.

user quit spoiling the end of the manga.

Probably in the beginning of their relationship seeing as they’re the only couple in their generation with two kids but now naruto’s barely home so.

Urahara and Yuroichi

She gave birth at 55?

Gendo fucks Rei on the reg.

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Could have sets of twins/triplets

probably had twins or triplets once

Nice try Deku, get of Bakugo's bed

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Is this really the ideal romance for women? Was Freud actually on to something in the midst of cocaine-fueled shitposting?

Freud was right about a lot of stuff. But the stuff he was right about became so foundational people act like they always knew it and don't credit him with it to focus on weird things he wasn't right about or only applied to undersexed upper class victorian women.

Ishida made the perfect Touken doujin himself so no doujin artist is ever gonna complete

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Imagine blasting a nut all over her scarred back

Of course not. Men and women aren't hiveminds like Yea Forums loves to suggest.

since when I deku that ripped?

what the fuck

Canon threesomes, every single time.

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They were never confirmed canon unlike Ed and Winry

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