Is it weird to prefer hand drawn anime

Over CGI? Because for the most part I fucking hate CGI

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It's weird to keep making this fucking thread day after day.

Either Yea Forums attracts a massive number of people who just want to quickly tell everybody here that they modern anime, or there is a small number of people who spend a LOT of time telling us that they don't like anime.

Either way, there's something really stupid going on.

This is first thread I ever had made about this topic, friend

Akira used CG extensively during the bike scenes.

I'll steal the thread to tell everyone to avoid watching Akira, it's a boring piece of shit with unlikable boring characters. Don't waste your time

f i l t e r e d








I thought the only CGI was this.

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no, it didn't, they really drew out all those cels back then

nobody cares or agrees

Literally name something good about it other than the animation which was proved by to not even be that good, the mcs have close to zero personality and the first part is boring as shit

it would be weird to prefer CGI

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the first part is an aesthetic representation of a cyberpunk dystopia with a gritty portrayal of a deeply corrupt government, can't think of another anime that does that right

meant to post this one

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We get it OP, you just turned 18, discovered "deep" anime, and think it's the hottest shit ever. We've all been there. You'll stop being an obnoxious pseud retard when you grow up.

You do, I trust, realise that recent anime are mostly hand-drawn. What did you think of the 2D mechs in Granbelm, for example?

Than why not make a 30 minutes OVA about that in order not to bore the viewers to death

No. Outside of a few exceptions, it's weird to prefer soulless and cheap CGI.

Akira is condensed enough compared to the manga as it is, and not everybody has untreated ADHD like you.

Effects like these were done with lucasarts machines, it's too bad they stopped using these, they produce great looking effects.

Weird how these threads happen often and you're always here to complain about them.
>a durr different user multiple people
It's always the exact same vernacular.

Akira was no where near as boring as most modern anime

> X was boring as fuck
>no X was not as boring as Y
You see why your logic is flawed?

No, Akira has a lot of hand drawn over cgi animation and I like it a lot.

While I don't think the characters are unlikable or boring, film drags for too long. Like I get it is good on a technical level during its time but story is really lacklustre and disappointing

>While I don't think the characters are unlikable or boring
Then you are either retarded or have no taste. Some of the worst characters I've ever seen, also I agree with your second part

What anime do you think isn't boring

>during its time
name a better animated anime from the 2010's other than redline

Kys moeshitter

pretty sure that shit was mostly CG bro

Hurr durr am I the only one who likes a superior method of animation??????

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I have never heard of someone that prefer CGI over hand drawn animation. CGI is tolerable at best and atrocious at worst.

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at best, CG is indistinguishable from 2d. Anime only usually uses CG textured that well very sparingly though and only high budget anime would have CG like that, a whole anime made with CG that looks 2d would be impossibly expensive

stfu bitch

Aren't you a special snowflake

Even non C.G digital anime looks bland (most of the time). Give me cel or give me nothing.

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one day they'll make fully cg anime that looks like the fight scenes in DBS broly, look at the DB video games, the technology is there

this plus the fact that every single decent CG animator in japan works with videogames means that any fully CG anime will most likely be garbage. I mean, isn't the main reason why Berserk and Ex-Arm sucked so much because they had to invent a whole new technology for it and couldn't polish the animation enough to meet the deadlines?

Make a fully C.G anime that looks like wings of mayonnaise.

even when it's ugly, experimental digital animation can be quite interesting

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Just think how much better it would have looked on cel.

check out the new CG gundam, forreal, anime CG is getting pretty close to being indistinguishable from 2d

what is this shit

This fixation on plastic sheets is completely degenerate.

>check out the new CG gundam
I am checking

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IDK if this is technically cel animation because they probably composed this shit on computers or some shit in 1998, but here's my favorite cel fight

No but it's weird to make a thread asking Yea Forums because the answer is pretty obvious.

no not that one the new new one, Cucuruz Doan's Island, hathaway was cheap trash

Almost all anime is still hand drawn.

fr fr sussin bussin no cap sheeeeeesh

Looks like all Jank c.g shit

I'm not saying it's perfect but the mechas look like 2d mechas, I'm saying CG definitely CAN be indistinguishable from 2d and soon it really will be in feature length productions

That's just sloppy animation, not CG. You can see the lines bend and change every single frame. It looks weird but happens a lot when Murase's style has to be rushed.

That's 100% CGI, you can see the model as clear as day.

one of the best fights in all of anime

No one in this thread has mentioned the upcoming TV series adaptation of the manga by Sunrise that will no doubt use CG.

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watch One Punch

no one mentioned it because it's never releasing, just like the pluto anime

If you go through a proper rip frame by frame you can see how wobbly the lines really are. It looks like CG because they tried really hard to make it look realistic but clearly failed. There are dozens of moments like this in his other works

CGI is shit. Looks floaty and feels out of place.

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Nice digits fuck c.g!

I notice this thread everyday and it always is the same topic.
Shut the fuck up you thread spamming faggot. Drink bleach and never fucking post here again.

Shame. Just like Zero Century and the Megazone 23 remake. The latter, among other AIC properties, is now co-owned by Toei and AIC so it's possible Toei is willing to provide funding. The former is still in limbo with no further news past the initial announcement possibly due to the Gainax association, the pandemic halting other productions, and hesitation on its success.

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I rather the I.P burns and disintegrates

For the most part it's probably both. Nostalgiafags who are stuck in the past and can not see that in their time there was a lot of crappy anime to sift through just like there is today. While there is those that will cherry pick bad CGI and only good Cel scenes to suit their argument when it fits them.

In your opinion it is.

>who are stuck in the past and can not see that in their time there was a lot of crappy anime to sift through just like there is today
We've been over this. Someone post the random charts