ITT: scenes women will never fully understand

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Haha le joke is that it's written by a woman

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>that stream tier shit quality
I don't understand it either


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Did Jean say that?

Women could never understand FMA

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Anything from Kurosawa strongest man.

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Funny, it's written by one, just like the OP's

Just because they wrote it doesn't mean they understand as well as its male readers

>calls the demon a coward
>fucking DS losers are scared to fight them 1vs1

Do men really think they're intellectually superior to women for 'understanding' a comic for children at a deeper level than them? Even though it was written by a woman...?

None of you care about anything past how fuckable the characters are anyway.


Only 2 of them have the ability to 1v1 upper ranks

It's not like the author always can understand his own work, see Isayama for example

>Written by a woman
Wow no wonder why it was overated garbage and had to use a Deus Ex Machina for it's ending. Glad everyone was able to see how overated it was.

Unironically true though.
Just because ONE woman wrote a based as fuck scene, doesn't mean women at large will understand what's going on there.

Pretty much any low/no stakes fight between men.

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Whatever helps you cope incel.

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holy cope

She didnt understood it

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wrong. if you talking about mistshit he still needed the little kid to save his ass

Dorohedoro is also written by a woman

This fight literally had an explicit "women will never understand" moment, it was great

Your basic behaviour is not such a magical mystery as you think it is.

Women can't understand

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scenes men will never fully understand

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uhh I can understand this
I read a sylvia plath novel so I'm a woman expert

You could simply not have sex if you don't want a kid lmao

>lesbian sex rates skyrocket

Women have a higher level of empathy and emotional intelligence, so if anything, they can easily understand.
On the other hand men have a higher level of autism, so is normal for many males to assume that since they can't understand other people, it must be same for everyone else.


I don't speak autism.

Doesn’t invalidate a thing

You will never know what it's like to be reduced entirely to a sexual object. You will never know what it's like to have your bodily autonomy be ridiculed because of societal gender norms. You will never know what it's like to have your love fade away and be stuck with two little shrieking, sniveling, pants-shitting reminders that you're permanently stuck with a shell of the man that stole your heart a decade ago.

Inc*ls will never understand.

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Counseling. Now.

That’s every man (male) here.

Seek help.

>what do you have to offer?
7 inch penis
superior hip flexors due to years of lifting
attractive personality because of 100 self-help books
apprentice of an apprentice of an apprentice of a michelin star cook

He lost rengocopekeks

The entire manga of Baki

Is that your isekai persona? When's the truck gonna hit you?


Wow, so that post was right. A scene men will never fully understand

I've never seen proof of the claim other than hearsay

>Tanjiro's last cope

Excessive day dreaming is bad for you.

Objection, hearsay.

Posting in retarded thread

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Men will never understand this page.

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of course I do
damn bitch won't let him play monster hunter freedom unite
i'm in a hunt you dumb cunt

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women could never

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That’s—that’s the joke.

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Why didn't Akaza die for the guy who gave him his strength? Yeah, he would have died from Sun burn but at least he wouldn't have been such a loser in the end.

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Dead people can't get stronger