Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda

I finished typesetting and proofreading chapter 13 in English, so I'm dumping. First time doing this, so please yoroshiku

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I don't know what this series is about, but have a bump.

>finished typesetting and proofreading
based, doing gods work

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thank (you)

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And that's the last of it. Will continue to work on the other chapters at some point, but I'm busy today. Special thanks to spicanon for translating.

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Tits and asses

Thank you cleanon, a trained monkey can translate, the cleaning and typesetting are an art beyond my ken.

Also that english -spaniard dude with the terrible mother did his part too.

I dont know if we want the letters translated as well?

Damn next chapter translation when


Sensei cuts her hair and kisses mc

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Bro why wouldnt you spoiler that?

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What is it about?

Read it for the plot

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WIP, probably late tonight or tomorrow (EST).
It should be quicker because next chapter is mostly dialogue, so much easier to clean/TS. But it's also 19 pages, so who knows

i didn't know this series existed until an hour ago but i am caught up to chapter 13 thanks to you op. this series is giving me dumpster fire romcom vibes similar to domestic girlfriend which means i've found a new guilty pleasure series

I've spilt gallons of cum to this manga. It's not even over the top ecchi, but the implied situations that it presents just hit the spot for me. Old translator dropped it months ago and it's good to see it finally getting the attention it deserves

Did the author do this because she was afraid that a Sensei with long hair was going to overtake the main heroine in popularity and therefore, gave Sensei a haircut in order to nerf her natural sexiness?

MC is literally made to be a NTR director

it reminds me of that one Orcsoft VN/hentai with the glasses with braids girl

I would've been more involved in the qc if I had known someone was typeset mexibros esp-eng translation.

Is this a translation from Japanese or a retranslation from the spics?

Considering they kept the spanish tl notes. Most likely the retranslation

Thanks op

That's a lot of tissues.

Are tissues really the best way to clean up your body after masturbating? For example, you know how mothers use baby wipes to clean up their newborn babies after they take a dump in their diapers? I always wondered why baby wipes couldn't be used for something else besides wiping the bottoms of babies like cleaning up your penis after you just masturbated. I just feel that the tissues you use for blowing your nose are much too fragile and thin to be used for cleaning up the affect effects of masturbation and baby wipes could be a good substitute for tissues unless we should all just use a regular old cotton towel that can be rewashed?

Don't you use flushable wipes? People often use those

>diablos señorita
As a spic, those shit jokes are the reason I stick to English scans.

Either highschoolers are wet as a waterslide or that much masturbation would cause a lot of chafe

Picked up this manga because of the translation threads and sensej, have a bump OP

Is this the same author as Dog and Scum?


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i swear some of the shots with long hair sensei reminds me of it

Deranged women in position of authority that crave dick are the best archetype ever.

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Thanks for putting it together OP. If I could nitpick about one thing: I think reducing the text size just slightly to fit more words per line on average would improve the flow when reading the dialogue.


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If the author has shit taste maybe

Would need to see her in dog outfit before I can give final judgement

>Their shameful experience:
>Special volume project:
>Yanmanga web requested “erotic experiences that you cant tell to anyone” from their readers, one of those tales will appear on the volume as well as a new illustration. Tales are always welcome at Yanmanga web. Send your best erotic tales!

Is there interest in these "That totally happened" story?

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Reminds me of tusecreto but gayer and faker.

thanks for the chapter dump boss

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That is such an awful beard.

The drawing style reminds me of Ah My Goddess.

anal with sensei

Patience is a virtue

Why not sex with both in both holes

>ywn find a girl friend casually chatting you that she's been masturbating a lot

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Those wipes aren't actually flushable and can cause sewage blockages which can cost tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to remove. Don't use them, or if you do, just throw them in the bin and not in the toilet.

Are the spic translations up to the raw?

Long and short hair on her makes me hard