Most nuanced, cool, likeable, interesting shonen protag of all times

>most nuanced, cool, likeable, interesting shonen protag of all times
>west hates him
why tho

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He called his mom a bitch, i mean who does that?

There's not enough time devoted to developing Jotaro's character in part 3
He comes across as just boring when he should be cooler


he was trying to protect her from his evil spirit
he's also 17
he also knows that his mom knows that he doesn't really mean it

Giorno is better

You are not wrong, but with each subsequent rereading of part 3, i like him more and more

he cares deeply for his family to the point of travelling across the world while fighting with his life on the line while losing friends to protect his mom, same goes for jolyne where he estranged himself to keep her away from stands. How he shows this care is "the problem" since he's severely autistic

Western manchildren can't relate to a real man like Jotaro. The Japanese admire him and see him as an ideal but the westerner seethes at the portrayal of a real man. It brings back memories of their fathers (the ones that have father's at least since most are fatherless) yelling at them, telling them to man up. That's why the westerners loves superhero films and baby protagonists like Deku, Naruto and Subaru. They relate to them because they're also a bunch of whiny crybabies waiting for someone to make them feel special rather than doing shit on their own. To them, Jotaro is everything they once strived to be but are now too cynical to aim for it and instead dwell in their own shit.

>the west hates him

....according to who?

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Jotaro was essentially an unbreakable wall, i never felt any tension in his fights because i knew he'd always powerthough his enemies (with the exception of rubber soul) unscathed.
We went from muscleman to bullshit tactics to muscleman again except now he's unable to lose, part 4 and 6 actually made him seem more like a human by allowing him to fail every now and then.

>trannys hate anime girls with huge bust
>tannoids hate anime boys with huge abs
it all makes sense now

vs D'arby arc is the antithesis of your interpretation of his character. I thought jotaro was lame until that arc. after that, I went back and reread all his fights within the context of him trying to outsmart his opponents and fell in love. Outside of a few early fights and vs Midler, you can tell that he is constantly trying to bring the fight to a spot that is favourable for him before he can start winning. Joseph also does this all the time, but a lot less subtle.

All in all, I find Jotaro to be a perfect blend of Jonathan and Joseph when it comes to fights

How to tell everyone you didn't read all of Part 3 without outright saying so.

Even the dog is more of a character than Jotaro.

That's not that big of a statement considering Iggy is one of the best characters in any Jojo

Jotaro is more fun if you imagine him staying up late to think of cool oneliners to say to the new enemies. You just know he practiced that bit with him writing the tab days beforehand.

Jotaro is liked now. Anime only’s once hated him because “not muh Joseph” but he slowly became beloved. A big criticism of part 6 I often read is how dirty Jotaro is done by that part.
Giorno is the jojo who the western fans all hate while the Japanese fans love him.

That's exactly what I did when I reread SC. He's definitely a silly 17-year old trying to look cool and only making it because he's tall and looks menacing.

Part 4 is best Jotaro, he genuinely felt like the mature version of part 3 Jotaro, while still keeping some of his stupid ass lines.

>hates women
yeah i'm thinking the most based jojo

I don't really consider the d'arby arcs as fights and more like conflicts, but you're right for the most part, the thing that makes me undermime Jotaro's fights is mostly because of the reveal that he was pretty much holding the fuck back in every event prior to DIO, which retroactively takes all the tension of 99% of his involviment in the story.
Granted, there weren't many ways Araki could've written Jotaro winning the fight without him just out-punching DIO so i can't really complain about it.

Prime Jotaro tanked (with his own body btw) hits that would kill most stand users, calling him a wall in an understatement.

>God I hope one of Dio's goons has a cool watch, I'd know just the thing to say to them.

>ten years later

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Giorno is a Christ figure.

He's probably the West's favorite, which is sad since most of the other jojos are better than him

??? I don't hate the mc but...It's just a brooding fighting dude?

>because of the reveal that he was pretty much holding the fuck back in every event prior to DIO
There was no reveal like this.

It wasn't outright said, but it's very in your face once you compare DIO Jotaro to rest of part 3 Jotaro.

>beats up his great great grandfather
wtf was his problem?

generally, if jotaro is in a position that he can already punch the enemy stand/stand user, he has already won. Real fight is actually getting there,
and enemy stand users go into the fight knowing this. Not exclusive to jotaro, but this mostly happens to him.

Yeah, Jotaro only becomes an ok character when his part is already over.
Getting Joseph sidelined was also one of the reasons I disliked him.

He has autism, please andasutando

I dont mind Joseph getting sidelined in SC, but him losing in a battle of bluffing and cheating against Barby was just bullshit.

Most fights in JoJo is them going "Oh fuck I can't just punch my way out of this shit, what do I do?". It's what makes the series fun for me.

I’m certain the only reason he went all out with DIO is because he is the only enemy stand user that Jotaro actually wanted to kill rather than retire, which makes sense since DIO is literally a vampire and would need to be put down. As well, its made clear Jotaro was just pissed off and wasn’t thinking straight during most of that fight, hence why he just went all out that entire fight


Joseph losing is fine, the problem here is that he was overall a terrible support.

Also he says in like chapter one that SP is pretty violent and he has to actively reel it in.

>Jotaro was just pissed off
Every time I remember that line, I can only hear it in Jotaro's Heritage voice.

Johnny is better, both Josukes are better, Jonathan is better

The only reason Jotaro didn't kill any of the people he fought up until DIO was because they needed info from them to track down DIO's mansion.

>both Josukes

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Jotaro was boring, especially after having Joseph as the last protagonist.

>most cool, likeable, interesting shonen protag of all time
wrong answer

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My problem with that fight is that the most basic baby hamon technique is being able to using it to keep liquid in a glass but Joseph couldn't use it to keep liquid in a glass.

he would 100% get caught

Besides Araki nerfing Joseph so Jotaro can be the star wouldn't everyone be able to see the hamon energy making it obvious Joseph is cheating?

How? Hamon is visual to the viewer but it isn't for anyone else. All he had to do was focus his breathing. He would have been fine.

There's multiple instances where hamon was used and normies had no idea what was going on. The lightning and effects are just for the viewer.

stands are an evolution of hamon. starting with part 3, joseph's hamon is visualized as hermit purple vines.

That's only a part 7 addition. Hamon isn't manifested as Hermit Purple vines Joseph can just channel hamon through hermit purple.

debunked by the man himself

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The OVA fight with DIO was tense all around. No loud sound effects for The World, and Jotaro had several expressions where he looked terrified, especially when he stopped his own heart with Star Platinum and the oil tanker was about to crush him.

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you're lucky if you have to ask yourself that question

My problem is exactly that: he just became a joke character because everyone in SC needs to be weak so Jotachad can come and save the day.

>some random interview
>"they would probably"
>never stated in the manga (related to the original world)
He's just making stuff up.

>starting with part 3, joseph's hamon is visualized as hermit purple vines
No. That would mean Joseph was swinging with Hamon in Cairo.

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This is from a jojonium interview. Which were released after part 7. You didn't debunk anything.

not true, Joseph has hamon active at all time per his fight with Dio, but he can activate Hermit Purple at will just as any stand user would

Lol, people dislike the Jotaro since his essentially living wall of muscle and autism who loses the title of the best developed character in his part to Polnareff. All this talk about masculine ideals and father figures is bullshit, since the Jotaro started presented as the abrassive deliquent literally due to lack of the strong father figure present in his life. Your supposed ideal is essentially smarter of the typical hood blokes who gone off the rails, because his father, jazzman, was traveling due to work instead of keeping him in line. Also, your talk about baby protagonists doesn't even make sense, especially Subaru whose whole story is essentially him doing his own thing. "Muh special powers, much help of others", dude we are talking about JoJo, Jotaro is literally bound by the destiny of his bloodline and gets uber special powers just for being born from his mother. He also would be death without the help of his jobros.

TLDR: your bait is shiny but shitty quality and I need some entartaintment.

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First episode of Battle Tendency has Smokey saying he can see Joseph glow when he uses hamon.

Fucking Caesar caught Joseph cheating when they played cards, he was never a master of cheating. He only tricked random thugs and cave vampires

no jojo character fits this description

It's not his fault that 女(アマ) was translated as "bitch"