Buyfag thread


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read the guide

any nimi fags

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of the starters shes the best, but that skin doesnt do anything for me

a shame

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More horse nendos.

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horsepussy mind

Always did prefer her with glasses, but yeah getting into GKs, especially 1/4 scale ones, is gonna be a lot of work.

Some day she'll get a bunny figure

also new tapestry

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Yes? I do like her. But would prefer her default outfit.

Not my favorite skin but I'm going to preorder instantly.

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Here! I'd prefer her default, retrofit, or wedding skin, but I'm still snapping that up.

This is the bote to watch, though.

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Boats boats boats. Alice Closet should get some figures sheeit

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I can't believe buyfagging is dead

I'm wondering if I should buy another detolf or just squeeze in the rest of my 20 figures. although that would mean waiting until a detolf becomes available at my local Ikea.

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nice toohoos

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thank you user.

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Does her character ever improve? Dick says yes but hearts says no.

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frame it


I have enough tapestries that I rotate them out every few months, framing them is not worth it.

Dear buyfag thread -- shill me a bootleg. Or just post a bootleg you like. Or even a bootleg you hate. I'm always amazed by the good and the bad of bootlegs

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why is ahoy at 5,500 yen

Because gsc is greedy. please understand

Have you considered just buying extra shelves?
Detolfs are pretty wasteful heightwise.

new detolf's have a different weight limit now I think if you decide to go for that route for your other figures

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rip gk user

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I have but the only issue is that I would have to dust my figures a lot more often than if they were in a detolf

i wonder if there is any chance that i can buy something from abroad if i live in Russia. none of the forwarders allow you to ship in here be it from Japan or from USA

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Not until the war ends. You can thank your leader for that.

Seems like hollow virtue signaling.
>We don't want your dirty blood money!
>Anyway give me all the dollars

boosty is having a problem with paypal, do you know what the problem is

I meant extra shelves for the Detolf.

PayPal has suspended its services in Russia, i think

boosty was a workaround since paypal worked on it

What a garbage render

Deltofs suck, you spend thousands on figures so why buy the absolute cheapest piece of shit to display them? Even Ikea's other glass cabinets look better

I want to hot glue it

Do you guys know of any display cases that are roughly 12" x 12" x 12"?

Not the biggest fan of her design but I love me MSGKs.

I mean the only reason why I'd even consider buying a detolf is because most other glass cabinets go for some unreasonable prices

It doesn't work that way.

Sure it does, I've put two extra shelves in mine.
There's plenty of instructions available online on how to do it.

Got my first-ever character figures today, and this book. Why would anyone buy an art book and never open it? Also, wow, these figures really are in much better condition than I ever expected. I think I scratched my prototype Saber figma already too. Dang.

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just pre-ordered this gappy hag

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Does ikea even have other glass cabinets that are glass on all sides?

not really, I'd say the closest ones would be the KLINGSBO and BAGGEBO.

Should I jizz on her?

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i liked her alot, after rewatching this recently the figure at first seems exaggerated but in the last scene you see her seducing rudy she has filled out to about this, its a little off but not by much

shading on the belly seems a little weird to me