Anime Code Geass Main characters According to Wikipedia

Lelouch vi Britannia,Suzaku Kururug , C.C. ,Kallen Kouzuki

Nunnally and Euphemia li Also have their own pages.

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Kallen is so much better than pizza bitch it's unreal

seems about right to me, what's the issue?

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Making a discussion about Code Geass and who's the most important characters in it .

friendly reminder that Kallen won the Lelouchbowl

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>who's the most important characters in it
1) Lelouch & Suzaku
2) everyone else
Alternatively, just watch the show.

The rest
That's how it goes.

What are the Tag should I add?

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But did sex ever happened between the two??

No one won and that's a good thing. Fuck I hate shipfags.

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Seeing C.C. in red is nice and welcome change.

"Farewell Euphy, you may have been the first girl I ever loved."


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Kallen didn't win shit, everything in that calendar is non-canon.

Unless you think Cornelia really did give her brother some "private lessons" some time.

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she did

she did


He need more then one girl.

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Best girl
loved her so much
10/10 would fuck a table for her

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Pft, Kallen was the harem member who would never win, only C.C. and Shirley had a real chance of winning the Lelouchbowl.

>Pft, Kaguya was the harem member who would never win, only C.C. and Shirley had a real chance of winning the Lelouchbowl.

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Kaguya wasn't even a real contender, Lelouch never had any kind of real connection to her (which is a shame considering I honestly would have preferred her to Kallen, though I could say the same with Milly and Shirley).

Kallen is the one, user

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All hail that you little kids Overlord.

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Yes, she is the one who lost by shooting herself in the foot several times.

Why did Lelouch's sisters keep molesting him?

They could tell that the inevitable bloody succession crisis when Charles dies would come down to Lulu and Schneizel and his sisters were fighting for first wife.

Remember that time Nina raped a table?
'Member Table-kun?

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The sole reason that code geass is an anime I really enjoy that I will never recommend to others.

>implying you wouldn't lick Table-kun clean of Nina's psychotic lesbian juices

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We have an official timeline now where Lelouch becomes Emperor and literally the first thing he does is declare Kallen as his Knight

What does Shirley have?

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You seriously want to take this as fuel for Lelouch x Kallen? It's literally a gacha, it only serves to create fanservice, not to mention that at this point in the story where this AU is at, Lelouch and Kallen haven't had a single romantic moment, remember Lelouch and Kallen barely had a relationship in R1, it was just Kallen having a crush on Zero. But to answer your question, Shirley has the honor of having made Lelouch blush, and besides that Lelouch himself in several official texts makes it clear that he does have feelings for Shirley.

>What does Shirley have?
A hole in her chest!

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If we take AUs as evidence, then it is canonical that Shirley was dating Lelouch in the timeline of the movies, although perhaps that works against her seeing that Lelouch still decided to propose to C.C. at the end of Resurrection.

got 'em

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If she didn't then how did you get that picture?


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>Shirley has the honor of having made Lelouch blush
So does Kallen. He was also made to go on a date with her by the council for the party.

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>not to mention that at this point in the story where this AU is at, Lelouch and Kallen haven't had a single romantic moment
You sure you want to assume that?

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Lol no

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Who gives a fuck? Lelouch a faggot.
Cornelia undeniably best girl.

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>never noticed the liquid before
well then

man I miss purpleeyes

Me too. I suppose it was better for him to go out on a good episode rather than run it into the ground like TFS did with DBZ.

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well, when he does announced as emperor of a new Britannia and having Kallen as his Knight of Guren, a few months had passed since escaping prison so they could of had spent more time together during in-between.

Didn't those guys stop before it was run into the ground? I remember watching their (pretty good) last episode of the Cell saga, and then their announcement they were retiring the series. Did something change?

Everyone hypes up the soup store but I think "We're dressing up like cats" is the one joke that gets me every time for the delivery of the line.

I agree though. T4S changed when they started the whole roleplay let's playing.
The final episode to FF7 abridged made me ignore them forever like holy fuck that was pretentious.

Wut. The Cell Saga WAS them running it into the ground.

See, I stopped bothering with FF7 abridged after 2 episodes. Could not stand their choice of characterization for Cloud and Tifa and most of the jokes were just not funny.

That's considered running into the ground? Jesus I have seen way worse examples. That point of series was still good for me. I'm smiling remembering "thinking of you, Goku."

Fuck, I never thought of it this way, but that makes a lot of sense.

Cornelia going all dere dere around Schneizel makes sense too, in light of this. She and Euphie were prepared to roll over and show their pussies to whoever wound up on the throne, and they bet that it would be either Schneizel or Lelouch.

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You know it's pretty bad when no matter how much I love the game, I could not tell you a single thing I liked or remembered about the series post midgar.

Aerith was probably the best part of it all.
And, I do recall post death the series going full "let's tell our own inspiring, heroic but funny story!" which pissed me off because they ditched any humor that made it interesting

Maybe its because I love that game so much that I just dropped it and never looked back. But nothing about Cloud or Tifa felt like they were actually parodying them, just making up their own idea, which just was not funny. I could tell I just was not going to enjoy it at all and wasn't going to force myself to sit through that garbage.

max compatibility

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I wont argue against you, I mean, I think only ShinRa employees were proper parodies. You missed nothing and I envy your ignorance.