Daily Ran and the Grey World Storytime!

Come on in and join the wonderful world of Ran Uruma, growing girl and magical wunderkind!
Watch as she runs into, often times literally, a varied cast of humans, sorcerers, people in-between, and embodiments of ancient insatiable and all devouring evils.
Buoyed by fantastic art, this is a fun exploration of a magical world and a great story about family, growing up, and relationships of all colors and shapes using a varied set of perspectives and a substantial cast of characters.

Daily, starting between 1:30 and 2:30 PM EST.
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Chapter 18.
Today we finish off volume 3.

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Hibi Time.

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Ran really needs to learn to be more cognizant of her surroundings.

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Otaro being Otaro.

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I don't know what at all about this could bother Hibi.

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Nice little fashion show for all of us.

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The Boy makes his entrance.

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Bad touches are very common in this manga.

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what a fucking cunt lmao

It's not molestation if it's done out of love.

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All 5 of Ran's braincells finally kicked in to use.
Its in his nature.

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Otaro is fighting the good fight against excessive exercise.
It's too dangerous to allow.

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Despite it all, there is some real love there.

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Tamao Time.
We're going to learn some big stuff today, so pay attention.

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Its a really brilliant method.
A few minute break and we finish the volume extras off.

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what's her problem?

Greatest Teacher Tamao

Extra 1
Problem? I don't see one.

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Beauty is worth the suffering.

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Thats a fun little skit.

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Extra 2

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Don't steal Tamaos.

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Every time we see her, she has more moles.

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And a big reveal!

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Volume End Page.
Credits to the translators and page editing teams.

There goes Volume 3.
A more focused volume at least in topics handled, dealing mostly with the various relationships and budding romances of the cast.
But still having a few divergences and subplots that broke it up. The hair story to me was quite fun specifically.
I hope you all had a good read and enjoyed it fully.

As for the question of the day, lets go with - have you ever worked to turn a weakness into a strength? Like Tamao and learning about magic better than its users.

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I thought Lady Shizuka was the only person who managed to tie with Lord Zen in battle but for some reason, Lord Zen got into a fight with Tamao, too, and lost all his magic powers for a month?

Tamao probably just kicked him in the "magic" nuts

I will never understand why the brother, who is supernaturally strong and is established as having no problem beating people up, doesn't beat the shit out of Otaro and even kind of acts afraid of him? Makes no sense except to keep Otaro's powerful badboy image intact.

Underestimating the other side is a good way to lose.

Otaro is different than most to say the least.

I'd say that there's a gap between a school yard fight with other teenage boys, and beating an adult who is very wealthy and vindictive.

Otaro is just a rich playboy, the brother is a super strong werewolf who can run faster than the wind.

spoil me, will Outaro discover Ran's secret?
I know she ends up with Hibi

Its more like, he beats Otaro, Ran hates him and Otaro takes Jin to court and tries to send him to prison for as long as possible.
Its not that Otaro is strong, its that Otaro is a motherfucker and Ran's only friend.

Everything but the gay kiss

I can't believe Otaro has a best friend from elementary school