My favorite dynamic of One Piece is Zoro and cute girls

My favorite dynamic of One Piece is Zoro and cute girls

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What character would cause the most butthurt if he/she joined at the end of the arc?


Let's not start the thread like this.


Big Meme with another amnesia
Unironically Carrot


I unironically feel he's the safest.

Kozuki Oden

In the end, how strong was this Luffy?

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>We could've gotten Kaidul instead of a certain someone
I wish I could switch timelines

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I would be genuinely happy if he joined.

Coomberbait > edgelords

Honestly, I just want to see a timeline where Yamato got as much push for Nakamafaggotry as Caribou if he were male.

Carrot would cause the 42% to jump into the 60s.

>tries to stab Aokiji
>Aokiji easily avoids it
>has to get saved by his crew

>Gets laser'd by Kizaru for fun
>literally doesn't do anything
>no really, he doesn't do anything
>Kizaru just fucks off because he doesn't want to put the old man down so soon

>Akainu kills Ace
>rageboosted Whitebeard tries to stomp him, gets half his face blown off instantly (fucking retard)
>finally lands another blow on Akainu
>doesn't even perma KO him

I spit on his grave.

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new world has been so fucking boring.


You guys should really do a Luffy OP next.

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Do you feel personally attacked by this image?

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>Not 5/6

Real missed opportunity

It's ok Yamato will be male when he meets Ivankov

the will of the d is about niggers and their big black haki coated dicks

>Some fags here actually self inserts into Orochi

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If by some chance Yamato doesn't join how will yamatofags react

I literally skipped Thriller Bark so I have no idea who any of these characters are or what their story is

The treatment of Cindry made the most mad I ever was. Hogback should have died painfully.

They'll be about 20% as annoying as the celebrating anti-Yamatofags

Smiles to protect.

>Yamato actually joins Straw Hats
>Ivankov turns her male
How would Yea Forums react?
Would Yea Forums even like Yamato if she actually was a guy?

We're going to get both Carrot and Yamato to attract the furry crowd and you will like it!

The fate of Cindry is one of the most tragic (if not THE most tragic) stories in all of OP.
Thriller bark is also easily in the top five of best arcs overall. Highly recommended.
Unless you like Marineford. If you are a Marineford shitter, you may not enjoy this masterpiece.

You ever seen Naruto and Bleach's halls of anal devastation?

Thriller bark is good if you are not a Sanjifag

They'll become carrotfags

You call that thing cute?

we all do agree that impel down is the best arc in op.

Of course not, unless she looked like Law or Ace.

Honestly if she doesn’t get in I’ll certainly be disappointed but I assume that Oda will have it happen in such a way where it’ll be reasonable and logical. Of course she could not join for a reason I find ridiculous as well but I’m not inherently against the idea of her not joining

I just want Vivi to join since apparently Alabasta got Im'd. Is that too much to ask?

But I'm a huge Sanjifag and TB is in my top 3.

Most of people here would be hogbacks

This. They get them for shipping. We get them for Yamato. I expect cuckgen, twitter, tumblr, Yea Forums, and reddit results.


Go die jerk

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This has no subject, im reporting this thread

Did you like when Sanji admitted to being jealous Absalom sexually harrased Nami in the showers?

No, it's kind of filler like the sea train. Nothing is achieved. Franky and Robin wound up back captured. Ace wounds up taken away.

Man this post is certainly an oof

I like Vivi, but she would need a huge power boost before she could join. She was dead weight even back in Alabasta. Give Vivi a Logia, you cowards.

>I skipped thriller bark but I know these obscure characters are from that arc

No, but there are people into FTM.

Zoro kun, who's this bitch ?

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Ethereal pussy.


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Alright you got me
I know who Hogback is or at least that he's an underling of Moriah but I have no idea beyond that

>threads been up for 15 minutes
>still no ecchispamming or le cunny

I just wonder what type of dynamic he would have with the other crew members. Like chopper is prolly scared to death but also falls for his schemes very easly.

Yeah it was funny because I know being a horndog isn't Sanji's entire personality, it's his character flaw.

How could you hate the doom and gloom cute goth Lolita?

Zoro watched Law defeat Tashigi in half a second without any effort and immediately changed his interest to him kek

Caribou would honestly be a better addition to Law's crew

Do people that talk about Caribou joining Luffy or Law's crew even remember he actually has someone already he reports to? He mentioned it on Fishman Island about :"his person would love to know this information!!"

I don't know leave me alone

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Oh wow, i would love that. But law is a doktor and the room is technically not sterile with caribou in it

Jealous? He was pissed Absalom stole his dream of eating the invisible fruit and spying on girls. But then he accomplished that same dream because of the raid suits invisibility cloak and he saw nami naked in wano

Shut up troon.

Generals are actually against the rules
Announcing your report is against the rules

He was talking about Big News Morgan, just like Apoo was.