New Uma Musume anime announced

Confirmed not TV series, probably will be distributed through the streaming platform ABEMA. Airing date unknown.

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Haha, imagine if it was a Shitflix exclusive...

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I don't think this picture is conform to the franchise's guidelines user, you're making the horse owners cry.

Shitflix is finished and there's probably not enough blacks and trannies to fit their airing quota.


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Perfect. Oguri best uma.

you are not on /vg/, retard

Horse yakuza will never surrender their property to gaijins.

I want to fuck a horse!

You wouldn't fuck a horse.

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>they added commentator lady


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The Dirt GOD is more important.

netflix is bleeding subscribers, nips won't do it unless the gaijins pay for everything

NTR with NTR!

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I can see them letting prime video also stream the new anime since prime video japan had season 2 airing right.

>Confirmed not TV series
The fuck this means?

I thought it's gonna be about Kitasan Black sama and her knuckle

>Hosoe Junko
>CV: Hosoe Junko

It means they won't air it on traditional nip TV at midnight like most anime, and will probably air it on the streaming platform they own instead. Think of it as their own Netflix originals.

That's because it's literally the real person.

Isn't that like a really bad business decision?

Copano Rickey is so cute

not as bad as using all the money they earned with uma to buy the world cup streaming rights

The series is popular enough to allow them to take risk. The platform is free anyway so it will give them exposure and potential subscriber. We're talking about the company taking the game's profit to buy the FIFA world cup broadcasting right in order to air it on their platform FOR FREE.

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For Uma, it doesn't matter. It will get lots of views. It'll also likely get a delayed airing on TV anyways.

Yeah I just find it funny that they credit her as a cv when she's playing herself.

Will Top Gun be in it?

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Need Uma belly buttons. Specifically Uma's with outie belly buttons.

No, she's busy shilling her dad's new movie.

I'm not up to date with Japan's viewing habits, but don't a lot of people just watch things through streaming services anyway? Do a lot of anime watchers still have tv licenses or whatever they're called?

I need a story about those three

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CBT at least showed up in the latest Cinderella Gray chapter

No need for 5 threads

Next you're gonna tell me there's a horse with the initials LOL

Unless those threads are for Spy x Family.


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>No one has mentioned the bait and switch from Diamond and Kitasan
Fake fans

more autism when

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Never play all your cards at once. They're probably still trying to get rights for Duramente.

Of fucking course.

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this isn't S3

I just don't care about it because I didn't want a dia kita season anyway. I'm happy they moved away from Spica.

would you really fuck this horse?

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You'd be surprised.

I only fuck fast runners
is this horse fast?

what was that one race with "Don't tell my wife" and "My wife knows" or something like that and they both get 1st and 2nd.

I really really really liked the second season, my favorite "sports" anime in a while

I prefer this for my meme names.

Second season was just tragedy porn. First season was peak.

Actually, better video and the meme horse won in this.

There's a horse named Onyankopon running in the nip classics right now.

Thank you, I've been thinking about it as "misery porn" in my head for a while. Unfortunately for many people suffering = good.

>Second season was just tragedy porn
I know, it's fucking great, right? I have to admit it's been so long since I watches S1 that I hardly remember it, I guess I'll rewatch just to compare at some point.

Yes, and I would marry pic rel

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Only retards wants Kitasan, their gen story is boring as shit.

>Unfortunately for many people suffering = good
I'd say it's more of a case that stakes and drama make for an engaging story-telling, but way to be super reductive about this all, user.

I couldn't finish S2 because of all the tragedy. S1 is great.

What's its skin color?

>Earnings 1,876,843,000 yen

You are soft pansies. If S2 was "suffering porn" then Ashita no Joe will destroy your bungholes.

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What a stallion.

Yeah, this number is so big, because he's, like, just won. It's boring as shit.

That user's either talking about the fact that the real horse just kept winning, or the fact that Kita's campaign is really fucking empty because she doesn't have any actual rivals.

I could get maybe 20 episodes into Joe because the plot was so fucking retarded. I hear it gets much better but fucking hell.

He's also Eishin Flash's son.

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Yeah, it's literally whatever. Sakura Laurel who got the new manga is the actual suffering porn, I wonder if they have the balls to actually go that way or will soften up everything and just do an upbeat story.

>Teio cant run!
>oh wait she can
>Teio cant run again!
>oh wait she can!
>Suddenly, it's McQueen who cant run ever again!
>oh wait, she can!
Sorry, I'll take S1 any day of the week