Bully mc with the jocks that you fuck around with

>bully mc with the jocks that you fuck around with
>suddenly mc becomes a rich ceo
>ditched those losers and now does everything to make him fuck and even impregnate her

Do whores really?
a shame she is best girl!

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Whores are whores. What's there not to understand?

Btw I like this whore.

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Sounds like chinese women novel.

Oh, so this is where your image came from.

That's rather gay of you, user.


You guys are fucking losers with shit taste in anime

You know she let Akira have a Go at her.

Does she even stay in the running?
MC is a retard and early on kicked one of the few girls that actually care about him and wasn't used goods.

what kind of sorcery is this?

>Does she even stay in the running?
She does and she's the most entertaining character for sure, in fact last raws are focused on her. I want to see how far she's going to go to not suck old producer's cock

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She's a slut but she's one of the more honest girls.

She's actually one of, if not the most loyal girl to him. She knows her place and doesn't question MC's decisions. MC realizes that and utilizes her the most in his schemes. Meanwhile every other girl does some retarded shit every once in a while and the childhood friend is secretly a manipulative cunt. It's stupid

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Yeah, because she and MC know exactly where they stand, her plotlines are more about maneuvering herself into a position of advantage, and that's interesting to watch. Unlike childhood friend who has her mysterious motives, the mega thot who is a bitch, or the good girl who is just good.

mc is a fucking pussy holy shit

Best girl is the one who got kicked and came back

She did nothing wrong in fact she should've bullied him harder he's such a pussy he may be a faggot.

I just want someone like her in my life, is that too much to ask for

Aki > Miyu > Seira > Manami > Nanako >Nagisa

>have sucked his dick
>already fucked him
Yeah, yamada has this in the bag, other girls never stood a chance

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Got his virginity too. Or at least that's how I interpreted that cut to black

Both his virginity and the pure image he had of his childhood friend were shattered that night when he realized she's two faced. I thought they'd make more of a deal of him fucking really but I'm guess they need to move the plot

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People unironically like this shit series?

The ecchi scenes are 10/10 and yamada is a very fun character, everything else is really shitty i admit but i doubt people care either way

The fact that you lovers know their names is sad

The ecchi fucking sucks. It's nothing but fase to black crap. Why would anyone care for implied scenes?


>Not knowing the names of the three characters that have 80% of screentime and are mentioned every chapter

>Harem where the mc has sex with all the girls
Finally, a harem anime that isn't shounen

>caring to learn the names of one dimensional characters in a trash manga

None of the sex is shown and only implied. You'll get more sex out of shit like DomeKano than this

I don't have the relevant page on me but Nagisa called him out for having sex with other women before her and Aki was the only one left alone with him the night before.
Nagisa definitely mind-broke him though, poor guy.
Looking up their names is easier than typing 'Childhood friend's over and over.

Because in every other harem, the mc is a beta perma-virgin and never touches a girl

Dude you need to do more searching. You're still looking at early 2010s late early 2000s harem series. Shinmai, HxH, World's End Harem, and much more have long since had sex in them. Plus they actually go into detail for the scenes.

>Harem series
>Its about gold diggers trying to outkeikaku each other to get MC's dick and money
It so entertaining holy shit

The only ones he's fuck is yamada that is always the one taking the initiative and the other whore, I'm miku will be the first girl he's willingly going to fuck

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Yeah it was a good series

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>I'm miku
Hi miku

Is it sad that I know more about this shit series than the so called "fans" of this series. I don't even like this series and even I know this is wrong.

That's fucking retarded
>girl is a bitch to you
>you win the lottery
>"ooo user I never realized how your blubber actually makes you look like ryan gosling"
Who the fuck would fall for that?

>Who the fuck would fall for that?

she lost her v card to the mc she is best for me now.

>Come back
Based Miku

>start reading this
>"out of his 100 kids, you're the ONLY boy"
>btw how do you feel about fucking your half-sisters :D
How the literal fuck was he not chosen to be the designated heir early on? What a retarded story.

Only guys who haven't been treated badly by women would fall for that, the type of guy you imagine is far too embittered from bad experiences to be fully trusting of any girl he knows doing a sudden 180.

>Who the fuck would fall for that?
He doesn't, that's the best part. Seeing her degrading herself to fuck him is the best part

Even as a shitpost that's completely retarded, since I already established I don't fuck around with golddiggers.

The dude kept fucking other mistress but kept getting girls, the old dude probably didn't want a boy from a woman with many illness and it's not like he completely abandoned him since he still sent him to a top tier academy

Sorry, speedrunned the series

>father is a billionaire
>can't even get you non-whores

>University chick
>Grade schooler
>Livestreaming e-thot
>Two sluts from your class that signed up last minute
His dad's fucking with him with these selections.

So he's just taking advantage of her to see how far she's willing to make a fool out of herself? It sounds stupidly risky to let her get involved in your life anyway, since she either causes you to impregnate her on lapse of judgment, or goes off the deep end for giving her too much leeway and then cutting her off once she realizes she is not gonna get anything out of it.

>MC is a retard and early on kicked one of the few girls that actually care about him and wasn't used goods.
She come back, stronger than ever.

A good girl won in this one. Not best but definitely good.

Why would you even care though? Whats the appeal to this series when all the ecchi is blocked even in the volume version? That's like enjoying softcore porn over regular porn

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Both or them are using each other really, she's a somehow famous jk model but even her knows that she'll have to suck producer's cock to climb or end up doing JAV shit if her career doesn't take off. Marrying him will give her access to more contact and being the wife of an important dude will make old fuckers not want to fuck her. He wants to use her to know what the other gold diggers are up to and then discard her as revenge from all the times she bullied him with the other wannabe chads in school

Dude spent the early chapter getting played every 5 seconds and them the author remembered that he's supposed to be smart way too late. Now he's acting like the MC is a genius all of a sudden

The issue with this is randomly some of these girls will just fall for the MC. Do Japs honestly believe having money will randomly make falls legit fall for them? Is this why their birthrate keeps declining. None of them understand women.

That's better than having him continue being an idiot.

>slut is a "good" girl
>One of the girls actively tries to backstab him, for no reason
I guess there are only so many ways you can make a story about "hey this kid is a loser like you, but suddenly he's rich and has a bunch of chicks that want his dick". Would have probably made more sense if he was 'playing' against the other 99 kids (all daughters). But I guess 99 way incest might be too much.

Stupid Japs don't realize these sluts would make more money than him if they just become vtubers, streamers, or just make a only fans account. For a country that live on the internet they sure don't know how it works. Why create a story of money hungry thots in 2022 when hot thots barely have to lift a finger to make money nowadays. One of them is even a streamer already.

It doesn't help that this felt like it was created solely because Hanayome was a small following. This is the Justice League to Hanayome's Avengers

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