A Story Where The Hot Guy's Arm Fuses With His Shower-head by @odadouma

Full oneshot: imgur.com/a/hPCUhbm
Artist: twitter.com/odadouma
TL/TS: twitter.com/RS_honyaku

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Just hide it and say you got in an accident what the fuck? What kind of dumbass openly shows that.

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>your favorite manga gets dropped
>this gets translated

silly manga, i like it

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That was an entertaining read

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I thought the Japs weren't into acid

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This is gonna end like Edward Scissorhands, isn't it

well, girls do love shower handles

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does that mean he's pissing on himself?

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>confuses lettuce with cabbage
I understand. I could never remember which is which.

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That first page is the closest thing I've seen to The Metamorphosis.

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Does he use an activated-gel cleanser?

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You missed a page before this.

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Whoops thanks for spotting
Yea Forums connection sperged out halfway

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Yup, this is kino.

>Ultra Beam but with hot water

>Be like water, my friend

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>'Love'... That's a word weak people like me have no business with...

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He must be stinky now

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Lookin good Joker

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>there are people in this thread who never played around with the jet nozzle on their shower head or garden hose
Reroll your childhood.

Based egalitarian

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Skipping a whole training arc, what an asspull

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I don't think that's possible.

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Anything is possible with the power of LOVE

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Holy shit dude, get to a fucking hospital.

Now this, is applied physics.

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It is, you're just not gonna knock somebody back with it.

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Good night user

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Why does he wear the glasses?

This is giving me sakamoto desu ga vibes

Silly and cute oneshot, thanks for the dump!
>MC's name is Asagaya
>He grows a Morning Glory (Asagao)