Liar Satsuki Can See Death

Chapter 45. Sae heard Satsuki was stealing her grades, her girl, and her suicide record and she's not about to let that slide.

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>two bull dykes hunt down their meek femme prey

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This damn girl.

Top mom is back.

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>Tsurezuregusa (徒然草, Essays in Idleness, also known as The Harvest of Leisure) is a collection of essays written by the Japanese monk Kenkō (兼好) between 1330 and 1332. The work is widely considered a gem of medieval Japanese literature and one of the three representative works of the zuihitsu genre, along with The Pillow Book and the Hōjōki
I'll save you the trip to wikipedia. It's commonly covered in Japanese high school lit classes.

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Miho death #4, Ami found Komachi's spirit animal, Satsuki ignoring someone in mortal peril; just another peaceful day.

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Also, I'd put a comma after the 'well' in the last bubble.

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Rape correction

Thanks. I before E rules, they'll get you.

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She's such a great bitch.

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Some cool framing, and a body in a place Satsuki won't see. Next chapter's on the 18th.
There's some extras too.

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I forgot to explain how you lose shiritori last time. Kind of important, but I just assume everybody gets how shiritori works anyway.

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Prez was right.
She really should be 6 feet under.

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Thanks OP.
Mostly a set up chapter.

Is Miho secretly smarter than Satsuki?

She has the street smarts

Lastly, I plan to start releasing daily chapters of Shi ni Aruki, the previous manga from Satsuki's author, a week from now on the 11th.
I really wanted to start right after this, but my schedule would be extremely tight and something about this chapter doesn't put me in the mood to work myself to death.
Things will get a little weird around the release of Satsuki and Suit chapters—I might take 1-2 day breaks—but we'll figure that out when we get there.

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>smarter than Satsuki
Not a very high bar to set.

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I guess Sae will be doing bad again the next day and Satsuki will visit her at home, I don't see much of a conflict happening on this arc, Satsuki is just going some harem maintance.

Time to get reading.

It's kinda funny how Satsuki design still wasn't that defined at the start, meanwhile Komachi barely changed.

Another one that changes a lot from his first apparance is prez.

hooray! i just caught up too


Satsuki just needs to push her harder so that the corpse appears earlier at school, then knock her out. Problem solved.

It's well past the point of letting Mihoe die.

Smug mom, want to slap her

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>actual bullying

Looks like doctor daddy needs to make a house visit. His patient isn't cured yet.

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>Imagine seeing this animated
>Imagine the thread going insane because of it

It feels like a breather arc, but if Satsuki doesn't get a chance to see Sae's corpse she's fucked. This isn't a situation she can brute force. She needs the social skills to recognize Sae's in serious trouble and ease her out of it somehow. This should also be 3 chapters before the end of volume 5, so even if this one's fun and games, expect something serious to happen by chapter 48.

I can't believe sensei is pregnant with Satsuki's brother on his belly

Maybe she will actually die and usotsuki will somehow blame herself for being omniscience.

*for not

Is it gay?


Hyped but don't overwork yourself. I still think it's insane that you took on a massive backlog of chapters by yourself, and then decided "fuck it, I'll do it again" because of the crossover specials.

Thanks, user. I enjoy this and 'happy island lesbians' as you called it.

Work hard, not smart!

Not anywhere near as gay as Satsuki. I'm not posting it on /u/'s recent releases thread at least. But there's a pretty goggleable pairing. Ryouko might have a thing for autistic JK x tomboy. I've seen Japanese yuri fans recommend it with the caveat that you need to have read Satsuki first and be in the mood for something more extreme.

>I still think it's insane that you took on a massive backlog of chapters by yourself, and then decided "fuck it, I'll do it again" because of the crossover specials.
Yeah me too. I do like Shi ni Aruki a lot and can't wait to be able to talk about it, but I wouldn't be translating it if not for Satsuki.

Thanks op.

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character development soon

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Someone call the student council president, there are bullies to kill.

Did they learn nothing?

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please no

You can't get slapped if you don't get caught