Why did their victories cause so much discord?

Why did their victories cause so much discord?

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>one does not belong

who is it Yea Forums?

Kill yourself, narutard.

You just spoiled two series endings for me! What the fuck asshole, use a spoiler tag!

Hinata definitely. The real uproar would be if Sasusaku wasn't endgame considering it's by far the most popular het pairing both in Japan and in the west. Narusakus raged for a while after The Last, as it was expected, but that's it.

>You just spoiled two series endings for me!
three of these ended more than 6 years ago...

Yotsuba. Yea Forums wanted Nino or Miku to win.

Yea Forums wanted Hinata to win. Anons found the final arc so shitty that they believed Sakura would win just to be the cherry on top of the shitfest.

Definitely Sakura, and for at least twice more time than any of OP

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Sorry anti-Chihirobros. I bombed the Kaminomi official heroine poll with my programmed script and let Chihiro win. In detail, I kicked Senri lower than other heroines. Then Chihiro also really won in the main story. I seemed to enjoy that. But it was an old past passed thing. I recalled that a bit. I confessed with love to you.

The only one I will be eternally butthurt for is Naru over Motoko. But that's too old for nu Yea Forums

I mean Naru was always the main girl.
Only Mutsumi had a chance in her own mini arc and even then Akamatsu was really clear on who would win in the end.

Few manga have sencondary characters winning the bowl because it would either be tedious or underhanded due to a lack of character development

I know but God damn was Naru a shit.

Fuck off.

Naruhina was a good decision despite it being a last minute one because Sakura a shit, but even Kishimoto clearly fucking hated sasusaku, considering he wrote a whole arc cucking Sakura and making it clear Sasuke was a complete deadbeat who didn’t contact them once for all of Sarada’s life.
Monkey’s paw victory for that ship, for sure.

Motoko was almost as violent as her but yeah Naru's "Tsun"-side was worse.

>yotsuba doesnt belong
The fuck are you smoking? Even if she wasnt the favorite to win, toubun threads were some wild shit back then.

>but even Kishimoto clearly fucking hated sasusaku

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Only Ichigo Orihime made me seethe

Holy fucking newfag. Yea Forums loved Yotsubest and her victory, as did Japan and most of everyone else actually.

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I don't use discord


>no Fuki appreciators

Not agreeding with him, but that's a cover from a novel, not from the manga.

This, just because some waifufags/manga haters spam complain doesn't change history.

>. Yea Forums loved Yotsubest
I was there in the threads. You had just as much seething and every 5toubun thread to this day still has people bitching about Yotsuba winning.

That's mostly screeching from a loud minority of nindrones. But then again it's likely you're one of these revisonist nindrones yourself.

no fucking way

I was pretty fucking happy that Chihiro and Yotsuba won. Don't care about the others.

You forgot Historia x Ymir (they possessed farmer when he impregnated Historia)

I was surprised that there were still Narusaku fans after that fake confesion thing.

too many self insert tards who wanted their waifus to win

sakura didn't win, wormfag

haha, get fucked

sakura end isn't even canon, nobody cares

they must be women, no man likes sakura

The absolute copium & salt from this former Narusaku-fag. Literally 99.99% of Naruto x Sakura supporters were retarded loser males who self inserted as Naruto.

basically this Naruto Hinata was badly implemented but it was good that it happen. Naru Saku fags are fat land whales threatened by a pretty trad asian girl and the guys are beta simps that think being the nice guy will the girl after she was damaged goods

Sakura fans are still seething over Hinata to this day. I haven't seen anything like that in any other fandom

Insane delusion. If you wanted Sakura to end up with the worst character of the series then you weren't a Sakura fan. It's just Narutofags who dropped NaruSaku vs Narutofags who remained true believers. Both should ideally just kill each other.

Didn't hinata mellow a doujin artist heart?
It wasn't all bad

Chihiro bothered me because his relationship with Kanon was the most compelling for me, but I'm over it.

Basically Sakura and Rukia are the woman self-insert character and they got cucked so hard

>Sakura wins the most popular character with women

Basically this. True Sakura fans wanted her with Sasuke. Hell they preferred her with Kakashi over Naruto.

The only women who shipped Naruto were the fujos who shipped Naruto with Sasuke. The hardest pill to swallow for the retarded children who self-inserted as Naruto.

Mikufags are loud but a minority. Same for Ninofags except ninofags cant even come up with a real reason to like their shit waifu. In fact, literally everyone who liked another girl was united in their conviction and fact that nino didnt deserve to win, even if their girl lost. It was hilarious how universally despised nino was outside of her cult of autistic simps

Where's chi-chan?

Chihiro's victory was kinda dumb but honestly the manga went to shit way before the finale. Typical case of a fun premise that just crashed and burned, Hayate no Gotoku was similar except stretched for an ungodly amount of time after losing itself completely.

You mean a small few samefags wanted a Yotsushit end.
>cheering for the least relevant quint who does nothing for 90% of the manga and wins.

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Nice revisionism, nindrone. Yotsubest had the support of the majority evidenced by the strong sales even after she won.
>does nothing for 90% of the manga
Literally describes Fillerno except it's closer to 100% if you don't count the times she was doing her usual laughing stock clown thing.

Speed Reader. Look for new glasses for the next one.

>but a minority.
She's literally the most popular quint.

I'm so fucking sick of MCbowls. I'm so fucking sick of MCbowls and winning losing winning losing winning losing.

Sorry but your schizo delusions won't change the fact that Yea Forums was a Nino/Miku board.

Retards actually believed Rukia was going to win?

honestly don't know it was shown that Ichgo's relationship with Rukia was no different than that of his own sisters, he clearly had a thing for Hime or moreso her having a thing for him lead him to choosing her, Rukia was always meant for Renji in the same way

But hurt because Nardo pined for Sakura and most people hate Sasuke as a character, similar situation to Bleach where there was literally a pivitol moment viewers should've known it wasn't going to work out but didn't get the memo.

don't know don't care

Absolute bullshit ending and anger is justified by people that hate the ship as even taking away Angel/Demon canidates to keep the power sway in check there were and ORGY of his previous conquers to choose from but for some reason he is shipped with the girl that initially used him to try and hook up with a more popular guy. It feels really disgusting that Keima is pair with a girl he originally found was just jealous of her friend and also seeking another man previous to just making them work.

People said back in the day that Keima choosing Chihiro symbolized an embrace of normalcy and reality.
But come on she's not that bad looking in fairness, I like Shiori too, I have a thing for awkward short haired girls.

I haven’t read or watched any of these.

I don't see the point in getting invest in a series especially a romcom where the name of the show has the girl that is going to win in the title. Takes away the fun of cheering for "your girl"

and rukia wins a better man than ichigo

its just salty self inserters who deserve to be btfo

dont read trash manga then