in this thread we discuss the subtle intricacies of

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I sleep

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season 3 when?

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season 33 when?

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the time is nigh for the rising of snek

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Imagine snek getting hundreds of episodes

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That snek looks very smart.

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>Urine has Wolf's mask

>Dropped Stitch on my Devil

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I watched the first 2 episodes of this and it's kinda funny but I also feel I already saw all the jokes.
Does it get better? I can only assume they will introduce more characters which has the potential for more funny situations at least.

It grows on you

Just keep watching or skip to season two. It has a different feel. I would just read the manga though. Just pick any part to start. It rarely matter and the start is a little slow.

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Fair enough, they are very short episodes so I might as well watch a couple more and see how I feel.
I guess I just had a hard time caring about 5 characters introduced right off the bat but now that they are getting more individual screen time it feels better.

The audacity of snek is what gets you

I started watching it because of this general and am now a full-fledged snek devotee. It grows on you.

Gaze upon this adorable demon.

I'm gonna do it now

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needs more Per-cute

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disgusting and vulgar display of plebiousness, typical of low-class devils

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What intricacies? She's a dumb lower demon that constantly gets her tail handed to her by a mere human.

A truly cultured determination.

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>She's a dumb lower demon
She is upper-class as in aristocratic and that is undeniable.

the last time she had class was as Persephone's student

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Shut up cow and control your woman.

For me, it’s Medusa.



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she's on her way to hear The Word, what a good girl

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Snake ass

>control your woman
Do you feel in charge?

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What do you call this kind of bag/pack?
I see it in anime all the time, wondering if it had a name


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The most refined of taste.

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Just finished this. Reminded me of Magipoka, but funnier

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for me, it's the minotaur

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