Itsuka-chan is so cute when she's scared.

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By me.

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What is she scared of?


I can't believe she would fuck itsuka's dad instead of nagomu

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5 children with Mitsuru!

Why so dead? Did the last epsiode filter everyone?

Can't wait to see the cake's reaction when the jk wins, since she's obviously best girl.


I mean, tbf, trannies are disgusting.


This just goes to show that women become snakes by the time you get into highschool.

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sh'es gonna end up marrying the mc right? isn't this some woody allen type shit

Them prepping for 3P

Why is it so boring

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Go away, Shamicuck. Your show airs later.

it's just so fucking weird how she's not called out for doing this softcore stalker thing. you really can get away with anything if you're a good looking woman, huh? it was fine for the festival but she stays in the town now and works there

>she sees your mochi

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>sh'es gonna end up marrying the mc right?
No, and neither will the other one, nor will Itsuka accept him.

cool monk

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tag yourself

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great chapter today. thanks op

That guy wasn't trans but a crossdresser.

I thought this would be a wholesome show about parenting but it's just a harem?

What the hell was the dessert last week the tranny gave to the guy? I was trying to follow along to learn about them but i couldn't tell what the name of it was?

Harems can be wholesome tho.

What are their respective age?

Man, there is something about women to women interactions written by female authors. They feel so real, I could feel the tension.

Thanks for another comfy episode.

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Remember when a Mexican tried to start a forest fire?

Never forget..

Who cares? Crossdressers are just trannies in denial.


Fuck off discord tranny. Just let people wear skirts in peace.

The only guy she'll marry is the MC's good looking friend.

Yeah. Good thing JK will win. The MC has good taste, right?

Too old, too young and just right.

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Based JK enjoyer.

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>Too old, too young and just right.
Who who and who.

Are high school age girls really attracted to failed musician losers who are over a decade older than them?

Translation status: give up.

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That fire looks too pompous.

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If they did a huge favor to them, yes.

Women liking older men is common. As long as you take care of yourself, are stable and are decent your popularity will rise with women as you reach your 30s.


>failed musician losers
Those are very popular, only second to rich guys who can buy their love.

ngl i was a bit disappointed when they revealed that their friendship was purely surface-level, was hoping to see them genuinely get along with each other
here's hoping that that comes later on

They only just met.

>she stays in the town now and works there
Stars aligned.


my only thoughts after i finished this ep is why are women like this

that's true but it also feels like one of those things that'll be kept as part of the status quo throughout the story, more than happy to be wrong though

Why can't women be like this for me?

you guys talking about women! are you including grandma?

Post the GILF

How can we stop By Me?

After 5 episodes.
Nothing happens and it isn't even comfy. Dropped.

What an awful episode. This anime must’ve been made for 80 year olds.

Just reached this part. What the heck?

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Itsuka learning the harsh reality of women's world...