Thick eyebrows thread

What makes thick eyebrows so appealing in female characters?

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The more you have, the more you have to lose.

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Because eyebrows are the most underrated facial feature and why women who trim them and try to minimize them as much as possible in an attempt to look "feminine" should be sent to camps to do hard labor

They're like fluffy hair but on the brows.

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Made for browjobs.

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they're something that only looks good in art imo, looks weird irl

This character made me make the thread.
Her eyebrows are not over-the-top thick, and that adds to the charm.

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They're sign of a best girl.

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Not as good as her sister. Perhaps second best character.

>Her eyebrows are not over-the-top thick, and that adds to the charm.
Slightly thick eyebrows are great. I personally love them better than thick ones.

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Hey, fuck you buddy, Connely is a goddess.

When eyebrows are thick enough, they can be styled in a wide variety of ways, it allows for creativity and unique looks.

What would something like this look like on an actual human?

Do thick eyebrows imply a thick bush down there?

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H-how...? Is that even possible? Can you cut brows in half?

Sir, that is obviously a penguin given human form.

I don't know but I fucking love them.

I will be saving this image.
God bless the artist.

>normal eyebrows

Looks like a man

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In current day alot of women have fake ones or just not have any at all so it's nice to see in anime , the same phenomena applies also with fit women

Flesh fangs are disgusting. Imagine a real person having fleshy growth on her top lip.

I thought it was an askew :3

that's one scary human
And it's science proven it's more attractive

>dude anime girl would look like shit as 3DPD imagine lmao
Oh shut up user.

>muh real people
brain rot

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here's a better one. Thick "," eyebrows. You know the one

Shushubros, our time has finally come.

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flesh fangs are retarded because she looks like she's flustered or expressing some sort of embarrassment 24/7 even if she has a neutral face. It might look fine when she opens her mouth but when closed it looks retarded

My wife

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It works for Aoi though.

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More expressive

Why is no one watching her show?

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I dont get why anyone would think this piece of shit is beautiful lmao

>No one posted Ebino

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Thick eyebrows are an evolutionary signal for good sex.

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They may not be thick like Mugi's but they're of a unique design.

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A masculine trait on a feminine body is some interesting contrast. Same as futa.

Big eyebrows for a big girl.

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Would Noa's eyebrows be considered thick?

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Fujiyama a cute