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She is back

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Fembaru is always hot.

>"We want to recruit the divine generals to our caused."
>"Oh! That sounds reaaaally good, I'll help you out!"
>Madelyn is anhilated

>t. Reinfag

Latest chapter:

fucking hell, i at the very least hope that her entrance was well orchestrated

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>t. Reintard

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It wasnt. Needless to say her conclusion is very forced and introduces a variety of plotholes. Also, all the tension just loosed from this arc.

I literally only care about Subaru

I like how the artist for this portrayed Emilia as the fucking devil because that’s literally what she is. Bitch goes ‘I’m the witch of glaciation teehee, I turn people into popsicles uwu” and thinks that’ll make people less scared of her.

Stay away from Subaru-dono you faggot.

These fuckers are quick

hail to the queen

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Queen Felt!

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Which characters in arc 7 have been more irrelevant than Rem? I can't quote any besides maybe Holy, Utakata and Kuna.

Rem is still pretty relevant because you can't stop bringing her up.

>t. Rem

You can’t be this retarded

How do you think he'll try to explain it?
>She just had other people go get the shit
>Dragons flew south to attack so they crossed then
>Dragons rested on the way there so they had time to catch up
>It's not the physical Emilia but an ice projection
>She has a teleporter on her side

What if it's all of those combined?

>Tappei: *Raughs* Emilia is a fast runner! Can you blame her? She found a use for her strength.

What would it take to redeem Emilia's character? Arc 3 Rem-level suffering?

>Arc 3 Rem-level suffering?
You mean getting brutally messed up by witch cultists and dying multiple times? I'm sure that would be nice but honestly I think what Emilia needs is a brutal reality check, this whole wishy washy nice attitude of hers is going to cost her one day.

I don't care about waifufaggotry I want the CLOWN to fight the sword autist

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Having to face consequences for her actions would be a good start.

Suffering is Subaru's job. Why do you think that his suffering has been inhuman from Arc 3 onward? He's suffering what Emilia should have suffered along with Tappei's sadism

Would be interesting to how a serious Clown does against him, considering how in Wrath he was in sad clown mode so he didn't really put much of a fight up.

It's not that suffering would lead to redemption. It's that redemption would inevitably lead to suffering.

As someone who only occasionally passes through these threads: is fembaru actually a thing in the WN? I keep seeing it posted here, but I can't tell from the outside whether its just a fanart meme or if it has any kind of basis in canon.

Come to think of it, this was something that happened to me before with Haruhi. There was so much are of Kyonko, with such a consistent character design, that I figured there was some kind of alt-verse arc or what-if that got published, but it really was just all fanart.

It's a thing in an alternate universe of the WN written by the author. In the WN main story, the protagonist likes crossdressing and pretending he's a girl.

>is fembaru actually a thing in the WN?
It appears that Fembaru has become real through Tappei making a genderbent IF on april fools day and we get closer and closer to confirming whether or not Tappei browses these threads we just need someone to kiss Petra or for baby Rigel to get abducted by one of his aunties now.

Is Subaru suffering too much? Arc 6 and 7 have been fucking with him physically, mentally and spiritually to never before seen extent, with him almost getting his identity stolen and memories fucked with

Got it. Well, that explains that then. Thank you, user.

I have nothing I can reward you with save this video.

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All characters have to face consequences when they fuck up, RbD aside, but not the case with her.

Yeah, this arc isn't gonna be any good.

I remember being hyped when picrel happened. What went wrong?

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don't worry, the Emilia camp are here to make things better!

For there to be tension in a story it would need to have interesting events that readers actually care about

Yea, for example we could get a moment in the story where Subaru needs to choose between kissing Petra and being arrested by Reinhard or kissing Beako and being respectfully maimed by Frederica.

39 Replies and 64 posters... am I being autistic or does that not make sense?

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I don’t think there is “redemption” as Emilia has already wasted 6-7 arcs, you can’t make people just start liking her now.

But what I hoped for a long time ago was for something to not go her way. A wish she had to not come to fruition. Losing the election or being rejected by Subaru. It doesn’t have to be a “I hate you” type of rejection, I was thinking something smaller like Emilia tries to kiss Subaru and he pushes her away without thinking which causes Emilia to freak out and have a character moment where she considers being rejected. It doesn’t mean they don’t divorce or whatever but puts some distance until they resolve it (via character development).

got a link to chapter 60?

Like she rushes up to Subaru and tries to confess and Subaru pushes her away and asks where the fuck is Rem (a repeat of the Arc 3 carriage scene but in reverse)

While I'm not as bothered by this development like a lot of people, I can't deny that user last thread had a good point. The longest running conflict of the arc was the broken relationship between Rem and Subaru and her inability to completely trust him. With no one to vouch for himself he's had to prove his trustworthiness to her through his actions and was making actual progress. With Emilia here now though, along with potentially majority of the camp, they can vouch for him which can lessen the impact of Subaru doing it on his own merit.

I’m hoping for some sort of fuck up that separates Rem and the Emilia camp. Like Emilia’s invasion starting a full blown war in Gural with multiple generals coming to stop the invasion

Not translated yet fully.


What do we need to do to enjoy this? How do we collectively lower our IQ so we can be excited over this? It’s not Tappei, it’s us at fault.

>Subaru now has to fix not only his fuckups but Emilia's retarded mistakes as well
Bravo Tappei, 11/10 writing!
Would stab you 28 times for that!
Just consume, don't think.

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It would make sense though. Emilia and Co talked about how difficult it would be, a full blown war with Groovy and the Ironman would be the difficult part.

As the shadows are happening at the same time as the snowstorm of Emilia, this will demonstrate Emilia and Satella are different, helping Emilia's bid

There's still the issue of eating Petra's eyes, unless Puck takes the fall for that.

Tbf it would seem like an inevitability and not necessarily only Emilia's fault in that case, as with Madelyn we have seen that the Empire wouldn't hold back in burning Guaral to the ground so long as they get rid of the rebels. So if they still stay in Guaral for even a longer while after defeating Madelyn for some retarded reason then it would be totally logical for the Empire to send even more firepower to get rid of them once and for all.

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so we're nearing the end of arc 7 right

Tappei said we were half at the beginning of this batch. We're a bit more than half then

No. Tappei said we’re half way but Emilia being here solves most of Subaru’s problems so nobody knows that the fuck is the point

This arc was so refreshing with the complete new cast, it’s like starting from zero, and now it’s come to a end.

this arc has been trash so far honestly. the very beginning was good but once the shudrach got involved it turned to shit. I won't even mention the fucking crossdressing part. No mystery, just shonen battles. It's arc 5 all over again

Does it? Nobody really knows where Subaru is even if they just pinpoint towards his location, and that he's with Cecilus means that Abel will have to face him eventually. As it's right now Subaru is the one that needs to be rescued.

she isn't. not confirmed yet. maybe it's just satella or capella

Halfway through according to Hackpei, he probaby ham-fisted Emilia with no warning to steam-roll through most of the plot-points that would have otherwise taken longer, assuming he wasn't cornered in the first place even.

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Imagine coping this much

Chaosflame dragged too long and Moblia being sent to Guaral kind of ruins the tension, because the idea of Madelyn attacking Guaral while Subaru and Vincent were away wasn't bad on paper but now with everybody else in there the stakes are lower.

crossdressingshit, chaosshit and deux machina mobillia

>the hunter and stargazer shit is not a mystery
This alone is more mystery then all of Arc 5

Kill the dark haired, dark eye traveler or a great calamity will occur? How did it know? Who else knows?

What the fuck happened in Chaosflame. Is that not a mystery?

I'm just trying to save hackpei with his hackwriting