Dragon Ball Super

What are some of the best transformation scenes in Dragon Ball?

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Reminder that Cell is NEVER coming back.

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I will enjoy your eternal seething when he does come back. Your tears will be delicious.

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What, you think the movie will have him? Just how DELUSIONAL are you?

SSJ(Yes FUCKING J)3, bar none.

SHIT gang

Max power Roshi.
Frieza's 2nd form.
Majin Bejita.

CHADerpy, little BITCH

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Cell will return on July 2019. Geekdom told me so.

Why is this significant?

Pan turning into Bee Queen

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Just about to watch this episode, what a coincidence

Even if THIS movie doesnt feature him, he will be garantueed to be in one in the future. His return is inevitable.

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>His return
is never coming.

What does that even entail?

This one.

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He did it.......He transformed into the ultimate jobber.


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>Even if THIS movie doesnt feature him, he will be garantueed to be in one in the future. His return is inevitable.

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>Those moves
Why is she such a slut? Does Gohan approve of this?

>Piccolo gets big power boost
>Arguably the strongest character in the show after fusing with Nail
>Immediately gets outpaced by saiyans again and jobs to form 3 Frieza
Why does Piccolo always get 5 minutes of strength and then get rekt immediately after?

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is really coo


the byootifull

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She hangs out with Bra too much. Vegeta's daughter is a massive slut.

not funny

>The buildup
>The anticipation
>That fanfare


Hope you like kissing eggs

>Pan hanging out with Bra
Never happens tho

I like Dragon Ball Super.

Movie will focus on JOBhan and filler villains? Literally no one cares.
Piccolo and Broly? The only canon and relevant thing in the movie, Broly's plot carries over to the canon manga.

Not that we saw

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Bejita is just that much popular, there's only one spot for being Goku's rival, so nobody else can compete with him in terms of power. Broly is more like a second Beerus in the sense that he doesn't hang around with Goku and the others, so he doesn't overshadow them.

Based GODellbro.

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>Goku only reaches up to her stomach area despite being older

Bejita’s movie next.

>canon manga
keep coping toyopaco

God there is NO topping the classic super saiyan line look. Fuck God, fuck Blue, fuck UI, and fuck UE. I wish there was some legitimate reason for them to use regular SS forms over the new god shit besides "holding back for fun" or whatever dumbass reason it is.

No one with pale skin or an IQ above 100 cares about Nudogly

Jiren and Feces. Nothing else matters,

Because nobody cares about Piccolo except niggers. And I don't mean liking Piccolo, Piccolo simply doesn't have enough of an audience to warrant importance.

Bejita's SSBE takes the cake for me. Gohan SS2 second place, it was brilliant and objectively the best probably, but I just don't like Gohan. Third place, maybe Vegito SS1 (in Kai).
For Goku's UI Sign introduction it depends a bit how much you consider part of the "transformation scene". The introduction was damn cool but also nothing really special. BUT the start of the battle and the KA KA KA KACHIDAZE was incredible. Goku basically blinking towards Jiren in an instant with a kick attack, Jiren still dodging it, Goku being somewhat surprised, and Toppo+Dyspo only reacting to Goku's presence AFTER that instantly told you how strong that form was. Very well done. If you consider this part of the scene it's at least as good as Vegito's in my book.

Most of the rest is pretty generic if we're talking about the JP dub. All the scenes just have in DBZ just have the same shitty gloomy godzilla tunes playing that are utterly soulless and don't hype you one bit. Likewise SSG+SSB weren't hype at all they just kinda happened.
I will say Vegito's transformation in Kai is amazing though. The music massively improves the scene by changing it from KiKEKchi's shitty happy-go-lucky bubblegum tunes he played in that scene (what the FUCK is wrong with him?) and instead used music that truly showed how badass Vegito was.

Pan Bee porn is something else...

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inCell is never coming back

>canon manga

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Isn't Dabura, the King of the Demon World just as powerful as Cell? Piccolo > Cell confirmed.


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Nappa and Raditz are never coming back.

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Pucker up those lips now

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Only those with the smartest IQ care about DBS CHADly.

Piccolo also beats Broly right after that fight.

Piccolo lost to Dabura.

Regardless of whether he ever comes back, he's still the best villain with the best arc. The perfect fighter with the perfect balance of selected genetics.

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As strong as Perfect Cell, not Super Perfect Cell. Dabura's a chump.

>Broly gets all the attention with just 2 frames of footage

Really goes to show how absolutely NOBODY wanted this moeshit gag movie

They didn't even fight. JOBura spit on him like a chud mutt POS.

nah, they say that but he's a cuck.
Cell is stronger.


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Cell comes back but he's completely spotless now. Would you like it?

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Yamamoro would be extremely happy.

Sounds like some Celltard cope. Kneel.

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No. Prepare to obliterated for your insolence against his perfect design.

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no since he'd come off as not what he actually is.

Why remove the spots if it's fucking CGI?

of course, anything to stop the knockoffs

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You don't like Vegitto's fanfare from the original score? Why? It perfectly suits OP fusions which are like circus acts. Gotenks was literally playing to an audience while fighting.

Also Mystic Gohan is a favorite of mine. The supernatural effort spent lifting the sword + the hours of meditation while elder Kai read manga. Mystic Gohan is the form that BTFO the copers who think you have to be a Saiyan to get fired up. Elder Kai painted their rage transformation out to be degenerate.

Mystic Blanco Gohan > Mastered SSJ2 Bejita

its not going to stay CGI after this movie, dingus...or will it?

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>or will it?
I hope not.

TFS Nappa returned and he's now a successful movie producer

>Some jobber demon who's already fallen under a creepy little wizard's power because he's a weak willed cuck
>The perfect lifeform who has to be utterly obliterated to truly die, else he comes back stronger
Reminder that it's entirely possible to tell Babidi to fuck himself if he tries to put you under his control. Dabura is just weak.

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>it doesn't count because one character used his special technique

Dabura wasn't under Babidi's control. He joined willingly because he's EVIL.

He is not wrong Dabura used haxs to stop Piccolo not his brute strength.

Piccolo > Dabura = Cell

If you apply that logic to everything most of the battles doesn't count then.

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Reminder that Babidi called for Majin Buu instead of using his shield that tanked Making injured Majin Bejita's final explosion.
No is denying that Dabura beat Piccolo.

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>Obeys his every command
>Refers to him as master
>Only time he even slightly rebels is to try and kill Buu when he sees how dangerous and uncontrollable it really is and that it would be Babidi's downfall
Seems pretty damn under control to me. Even his rebellion is driven by his wish to serve.

And then people wonder why they don't show what the 3 Saiyans are doing or why they won't use forms in the movie, Son Jobhan would be completely mogged.