Pick your daughter

Pick your daughter

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I'd marry three of them.


First row middle was the only one I liked though I haven't watched the moe series to the right

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I'd marry four of them.

Do I get to save Rin or is she doomed to get dicked by me?

I choose this one.

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genki lively girl at the top is the cutest
she was even voiced by a real little girl!


loli from Usagi Drop

Don't know that girl in the middle.

Lickable belly button

Dunno about the rest but no way am I raising a kid who can read my mind.

Why not?

She's in Renge and Yotsuba tier.

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Renchon definitely, but Yotsuba is so damn lovable with her energetic innocence. I just barely started watching SpyXfamily so I can't really comment on Anya yet, don't know the other two.

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I'm not a grooming fucked up man so no usagi drop, renge too autistic, esper will read my thought about sexing her and yotsuba is too pure I'll take calligraphy loli.

I'm surprised there are Non Non Biyori fans who don't know about Barakamon.

Ren-chon. Clearly the most intelligent and full of potential out of the group and definitely would want to raise her as a genius.

There's so much anime and I have only so much time in the day, would a Non Non Biyori fan like this? I'll add it to the list

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It's gotta be Ren-chon for me.

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But I don't want to be a father.

yotsuba and no one else, if it's marriage then everyone but yotsuba, she'll always be my daughter and i'll make elaborate plans to murder any boys who try to do some funny business

bottom left so I can fuck her

I'm not asking you

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Do I get akari if I pick the white space?

If you liked NNB because of the comfy rural setting, probably. If you liked it because of cute girls, probably not.

My precious daughterfu

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NNB fans prefer their male characters to be mute.

I want to coat Renchon's face with my cum.

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Already got one.

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Rin as the first daughter, Anya as the second one. Renge as the abortion.

Imagine the sex..

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>old man

Mary Hunt as the eldest daughter, Mikoto Minagi as the middle daughter, and Ren-chon as the youngest.

I hate children, so salaryman it is!

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Raspberryable tummy

Definitely renge she is cute and probably on the spectrum like me

I choose any of the three from the opposite side of Renge's village

Ok, I liked both so I will watch it thanks bro

I'd watch an episode of them all playing together

I need something like this. A crossover anime with all the daughteru/imouto characters in one. It's going to be heaven.

I bet Yotsuba blows better bubbles though

Non non biyori girl. I'd pick Anya, but she can read minds, and if I can't hide my degeneracy, I can't be a good father. Bunny drop girl can fuck off. fucking gross ass pervert.

I pick this one

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already did

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i pick her

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>not MM11 Roll

She hasn't been in an anime yet.

I hated the rural setting

Adopt Naru and marry Miwa

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Naru, easily.

Char is so delicious...

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For me it's White Square-chan

you want your daughter to have an unrequited lesbian crush on your wife's unrequited lesbian crush's daughter?

Who wouldn't

I choose her

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My daughter in the right, other anons can have the other two.

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On my dick